Nocte Bellator: Night Warrior

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Chapter 11

Chance had just asked the woman behind the counter to go get who ever owned this shitty little bar. Maia was still taken back by how kind Chance was being. She didn't meet his eyes, scared he may see her internal panic at the thought of having to tell whoever owes Chance of all people a favor to give her a job. Especially at a bar. This bar.

Her aunt was going to murder her when she found out.

If she found out.

The less her aunt knew the better. Maia swallowed down all of her emotions and put on her best face. Despite not finding Sutton, which she hadn't decided if it was a good thing or bad thing, this was the perfect opportunity. She couldn't believe she didn't think about it sooner.

Working at this bar would provide her the opening she needed to get close to Chance, spy on him, ask around about him. Without him ever knowing the Bellator, as he liked to call her, asking around about him.

"Chance." An older man with jet black hair and wrinkled forehead said grabbing her attention. "Been a while." He said shaking Chance's hand. "What can I do for you?"

He smiles, his teeth straight and white. A dimple forming on his left cheek. In all this time she'd known him, she had never seen him smile. "My friend Ivy here is looking for a job." He says patting Maia on her shoulder. She resisted the urge to back away from his touch and instead smiled sweetly at the man.

"Ivy." He says turning and giving her his full attention now. It sounded strange to hear someone call her Ivy after so many years. It was her given name. The name her family gave her before her whole world was destroyed. "My name is Jack, the owner of this fine establishment." He says now reaching out to shake her hand.

"Pleasure to meet you." She says a bit nervous.

"So, you have any experience bartending?" He asks getting straight to the point.

She stutters a bit. "Uh, well, not exactly." She giggles nervously, and she is immediately embarrassed by the sound that came out of her. "But I'm a quick learner." She recovers.

Jack looks to Chance, an eye brow raised.

Maia looks at Chance too. His face now serious. His smile, no longer lighting up his face. She's instantly reminded of the kind of person he really is. This whole nice guy act he's been putting on for her is just that, an act, a charade. More than likely because he thinks she's an easy lay. She holds back her eye roll at the thought.

The two men are quiet for another moment before Jack turns back to Maia. "Fine, I'll give you a chance." He says and Maia releases a breath. "Can you start next week?"

"Thank you, and sure of course. Next week sounds great." She says maybe a little too eager.

He nods to her. "See you then." He says. He goes to walk away but not before side eyeing Chance on the way out.

"Well this calls for a celebration. Don't you think?" He says turning on the charm again.

As much as she would like to stay and try and learn more about him, she still needed to find Sutton. She thought for a moment to ask him if he had seen her but he didn't want to put Sutton on his radar.

"Oh, well I appreciate it and thank you so much for getting me this job but it's late, I really should get going back home." She tells him, nervously picking at her manicured finger nails.

"No problem." He says waving off the bartender who was patiently waiting to take another drink order. "Can I take you home?" He offers.

"No." She says a little too quickly. "Thanks though. I think I can make it."

He nods understanding. "Well let me at least walk you out." He says standing from his bar stool and lending her a hand to hop down from her own tall bar stool. She, not for the first time, cursed her petite stature.

He leads her out the same back door they came in. As they step back outside there are more people gathered than when she arrived. All with a drink in hand laughing and mingling with one another. All the loud chatter and music thats now playing is almost overwhelming to her senses.

She pushes it all away the best she can though. "Well, thanks again." She says to Chance.

"Hopefully I'll be seeing you around." He says giving her a wink before turning to head back into the bar.

Maia turns her back first, before he can notice the blush that crept up her cheeks at that small gesture.

She curses herself for her reaction and decides a run home would be the best way to distract from her involuntary blush.


Chance takes his seat back at the bar. Not long after sitting a knuckle of scotch is placed in front of him. He takes it nodding in thanks to the bartender who gave it to him.

He takes it down in one gulp. Savoring the burning sensation that goes from his throat down to chest and belly.

Remi was beginning to feel his buzz kick in from the beer and now the scotch he just downed. He decided with his compromised state of mind maybe it was time to pay his tab, and Ivy's, and get home.

He waves down the bartender again. And she immediately saunters over her long wavy blonde hair flowing as she walked.

"What do I owe you?" Remi asks, digging for his wallet in his back pocket.

The woman leans over the bar her hair tickling his forearm, her mouth cupping his ear. "Meet me in the back and I'll show you."

Remi could already feel his dick begin to harden from her offer. She gives his ear lobe a nibble before slowly backing away and sauntering through a back door.

Remi waits all of a minute before standing from his bar stool and following her. As soon as he walks through the door she catches his eye. Gesturing with her pointer finger to follow her, she kicks off the wall she was leaning on and leads him to a back pantry room. They must keep what little food they serve back here. Not that he cared in his drunken state at the moment.

He didn't give her a chance to change her mind. As soon as the door closed behind them he was on her. Taking her mouth in his. His hands quickly worked to take her shirt off. He pulled back from her plush mouth only long enough to get her shirt over head.

He admired her transparent lacey black bra before cupping her breasts. His mouth then found her jaw and she released a soft moan of pleasure. Her fingers worked to unbutton his jeans and before his hazey mind could follow her hands her on him and he let out his own groan into her neck.

She stroked him up and down, working him in all the ways he liked. He was done waiting. He pulled his wallet from his pants retrieving a condom he had stashed there. A condom he thought he might need for Ivy. But the woman currently stroking him now would do as well.

He rolled the condom over the length of him and then pulled down her short shorts along with her underwear in one fell swoop. He swiped his finger over her slit, smiling at her wetness. He held back his wince, from his still aching shoulder, as he lifted her long legs and she immediately wrapped them around his waist. He kissed her softly and then pushed him self deep inside her. She let out a scream and he took it in stride. Pulling almost all the way before slamming back into her. He kept with this hard rhythm until she screamed so loud he thought the whole bar could probably hear them. Then he felt her shaking from her own orgasm. With that he pounded harder, faster until he felt his own release coming. He let out a groan. He pushed deep into her, one, two, three more times milking every last bit of his own orgasm.

He could hardly see straight from the booze now. But he slowly pulled out of her, puting her down, she stumbled a bit. He rolled off the condom and throwing unceremoniously on the ground.

She unexpectedly kisses him, swiping her tongue along his lips. "Thanks for the payment, Chance."

He didn't know how she knew his name. He didn't really care either way. He nods and pulls his pants back up. He goes to leave the way he came but she stops him.

"Don't you want to know my name?" She asks, he turns to find her stroking her still throbbing clit.

His favorite kind of sex, was the sex he just had. No talking, no names, no strings attached. Just heavy breathing, moaning, maybe a little bit of hair pulling. He didn't need to muddle it with names and shit.

"No." He says buttoning the top button of his pants and walks out the door, without a second glance back.

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