Nocte Bellator: Night Warrior

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Chapter 12

Maia made it back to Sutton's apartment in record time. Convinced she was able to outrun her momentary lasp in judgment. She hurries up the stairs and doesn't bother knocking this time.

She swings the door open with haste. "Sutton!" She screams urgently, while bargain further into the living area.

Moments later Sutton rounds the corner from the kitchen.

"Maia?" She asks. "What's going on? And where have you been?"

Maia doesn't answer her questions immediately, she practically jumps on her friend. Relieved that she is here and whole and unharmed.

"Hello? Maia?" Sutton says a bit confused, but still holding Maia just as tight.

"I've been so worried about you." Maia finally says. "Where are YOU been?" She asks pulling back from her embrace.

Sutton pulls her over to sit on her plush couch. "Luca said you were looking for me." She explains. "I've been working, investigating a story." She tells her.

Maia let's out a breathe. So she wasn't looking into Chance after all. Maia wasn't sure if she should be relieved or sad that she wouldn't get her best friend's investigative talents to help her with this. But after the stress today had wrought she was beginning to think it was for the better.

"What were you investigating?" Maia asks anyway.

"There was a recent take down of an underground cage fighting ring." Sutton tells her.

Maia perks up at that. "That sounds like a good story."

"Yeah and the weirdest part is my sources say that Chance was seen there fighting the night the whole place was busted."

Now she really has her attention. "He was?"

"Yeah and he was arrested in the chaos but out of everyone arrested he was the only one released with no charges." She continues.

This was nothing new. Chance had a lot of money. It didn't matter that it was dirty money. Money was money. He could probably pay his way out very easily. This was more than likely was he always did. Maia tells her this.

"Maybe so but witnesses had said this was not his usual fighting ring he attended." She says. "People are suspicious he was actually working with the police to bring them down."

"Why would he do that?" Maia asks confused.

"Don't know." Sutton says. "Money? Maybe this fighting ring was interfering with his usual cage." She pauses thinking for a moment. "Either way people are angry and they may be out for blood."

Maia didn't know how to process this news. So she responded with her own news. She explained how she thought Sutton was in trouble and followed their last lead looking for her. And everything that transpired after that. Leaving out how Chance may have caused her body to blush like a little school girl.

Sutton was slapping her arm repeatedly now. "You bitch! You think I'd be so stupid as to go back to that place by myself!" She yelled. "What were you thinking?!"

Maia did her best to block Sutton's half hearted attack on her arm. "I was scared! I thought you were in danger!"

Sutton stopped her slapping. "I know you're not... like the rest of us. But you're not invincible, you shouldn't have gone down there alone either." She says. "And I know you think Chance is up to something big but I don't think now is the right time to be bartending and trying to infiltrate into Chance's life."

Maia understood her friend's concern but there was no other time. Chance would find her again and try to harm her or her friends and family. Maia would never sit back and hide from him until the time was "right."

"There is no right time." Maia tells her. "Now is the only time. It may be dangerous and it may not be easy but at least the only person at risk will be myself. I hope you understand."

Sutton's pout was telling. "I'm not happy about this. But just know you're not alone."

"Well that's good because I'm going to be using you as a cover a few nights a week for the foreseeable future." She says partly cringing. "If my aunt finds out I'm working at bar she might actually murder me."

Sutton sighs, shaking her head. "Okay, fine." She says. "But only because you owe me dinner." She says with a small smile.

"Thank you." Maia says grabbing her hand and squeezing. She didn't know how she got so lucky to have Sutton in her life. She didn't care how, she was just glad to have someone she could count on as not only a best friend but as a sister too.

"Okay now get your shoes off and give me your back pack." She says.

"Why?" She asks a little confused.

"Don't tell me you weren't about to ask to stay the night here and go home in the morning?"

They share a look for a moment before bursting out laughing.

"Yeah, I was." Maia concedes, still giggling.

Sutton pushes off from the couch and pulls a blanket and pillow out of a nearby closet.

"Here." She says handing her the pillow and blanket. "Its late so I'm going to sleep. Please do your best to get some rest as well. Some of us actually need the sleep and need to wake up early in the morning for work."

Maia places the pillow on the arm of the couch fluffing it to her liking. "Okay, okay, I promise I won't wake you if I can't sleep."

"Alright, I'm going to sleep. Good night and I love you girly." She gives her a small wave before retiring to her room.

Maia decides to try to sleep too. After the day she's had she was sure she actually could. Swinging her feet up on the couch and under the blanket she lays down closing her eyes.

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