Nocte Bellator: Night Warrior

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Chapter 2

Maia Bradwell stared down at her nearly empty plate. The dinner she'd just eaten made her taste buds scream for more. But her stomach said there was absolutely no room left. Not even for another bite and definitely not for any kind of dessert, which she knew Sutton would certainly suggest they get.

How she stayed so thin after she ate like she was a three hundred pound man was beyond her.

"So Luca was telling me this new place opened up a few streets down from here. I can't remember what he said the name was but we should all go and check it out some time." Sutton says making conversation.

Luca, Sutton's brother, lived for checking out every new place that opened around here. Majority of the new places that opened up around here didn't stick so he made it his business to scope out all of them before the closed up shop and the next one rolled into town.

Maia nods her head, letting the soft breeze of the outdoor patio blow some of the stray hairs out of her face. "Yeah, definitely." She agrees but she's distracted.

The sound of two men laughing, cutting through the indistinct chatter of the other dinner guests grabs her attention.

She zeroes in on the sound, which is coming from just across the street.

The two men are dressed rather metro. One of them wearing a pair dark rimmed glasses. Maia almost didn't recognize him.


Sutton turns around to see what has caught Maia's attention.

"Not those two again." She says with an eye roll. "Maia, seriously?" She asks. But Maia already has her bag ready to follow after them. "Can't we just finish our dinner? They don't even look like they're doing anything other than perhaps going on a date with each other."

Maia returns her attention to Sutton, but only for a moment so she doesn't lose sight of them. "Now, you can't really believe that, can you?"

Crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair she says, "Fine, but you're buying next time."

"Deal." Maia promises and she quickly sneaks out the back door of the restaurant into the alley where she is able to slip off her impossibly high heels and dress and slip on her stealth suit.

The sky was bright tonight but under the cover of the night she could still go unnoticed if she was smart. And she was always smart.

With one last look at the bright stars she threw her hood up over her high pony tail and pulled her cowl over her mouth and began scaling the side of the building with ease, she pulls herself onto the flat roof just in time to see Chance waving goodbye to his friend.

Ducking low and following him from the high ground she watches as he looks over his shoulder and turns down a nearby dark alley that connects two streets.

Gotcha. She thinks to herself.

She goes to cut him off at the other end of the alley, scaling down the building back to the sidewalk. When she hears approaching foot steps, she tenses waiting for the perfect moment to ambush him.

Just a little closer...

Maia makes to run down the alley at him but as soon as she turns the corner he's not there. She could have sworn--

"Bellator!" His voice booms from every direction causing Maia to turn in a circle in an attempt to find where it's coming from.

She takes a few steps into the alley but ultimately decides to hold her stance, readying herself for a fight.

"Don't call me that." Maia says with deadly calm.

"But it's a term of endearment!" He says. Maia keeps still, only moving her eyes to survey her surroundings.

"Enough with the pet names, Chance. Why don't you show your face so we can get this over with. You and I both know you and especially your little friend weren't just taking a stroll around town tonight."

"Little?!" He says surprised. "Don't let him hear you say that. You might hurt his feelings."

Maia sees something flash in the corner of vision. But in the instant she sees it she feels the small sting in her neck. Her hand quickly goes to pull the small dart but she immediately feels whoozy and it falls to the ground.

The small clanking noise it makes as it hits the ground sounds so far away.

"Oops.." His voice calls out echoing off the narrow alley. "I think he must have heard you."

The ground swayed under her feet and her head almost felt too heavy for her shoulders to carry but she was still stronger than both of them. She could still take them.

A force suddenly knocked her feet out from under her, causing her to land flat on her back. She wasn't on the ground for long though. She quickly got her feet back under her and turned around just in time to block the next swing coming straight for her neck.

"What's this shit you're trying to inject into my neck?" She nods to his arm that's holding yet another dart.

"I like to call it, Macaria." He says leaning in so close she could almost feel his breathe on her face.

"Pretty." Maia retorts. Her head was already clearing from the first dart. The strength returning to her body.

She doesn't let him get any closer. She swiftly grabs the his arm with the second dart and twists it behind his back until she hears a pop. Chance screams out in pain dropping the dart. She then gives him a boot to his back. He skids at least a few feet, almost completely out of the alley to the open sidewalk.

"What are you two planning this time?" She bellows.

The only answer she receives is another pinch in her right shoulder.

God damnit.

She quickly pulls the dart from her shoulder throwing it at the brick wall. Her blood beginning to boil.

The loud revving of a motorcycle startles her enough that she has to lean on the wall for support.

A single bright head light shines directly in her eyes, blinding her momentarily.

But a moment was all it took for that motorcycle to whoosh past Maia, allowing who ever was driving that death trap to slam her in the throat knocking her on her ass.

She hears the motorcycle skid to a quick stop. "Come on, Chance! We have what we need!" His friend says.

Maia looks just in time to see the silhouette of his arm pulling chance onto the motorcycle and speeding away.

For a moment Maia just lays there in the alley. Focusing on her breathing. It takes a few minutes for her body to regain its strength yet again and for her body to also metabolize whatever they injected her with.

She pulls her sorry self from the ground and goes to walk back home but the dart he had dropped the one he failed to inject her with still laid on the ground.

She bent over her back still a little sore and very carefully picked it up. Examining the small dart, no bigger than a her pinky finger. There was a very small amount of liquid in it.

Looking at it, she wondered exactly they were looking for. He said he got what he needed. But the Macaria as he had called it didn't even work. It barely subdued her.

But she supposed it did subdue her long enough for them to get away. But they wouldn't next time.

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