Nocte Bellator: Night Warrior

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Chapter 3

That fucking bitch.

They pull into the garage. Julian cuts the engine and puts down the kick stand. Remi swings his leg over and starts for the house. They barely make it through the door when Julian starts.

"I thought you said it would work!" His friend is already yelling.

Remi is holding his bum arm as he walks over to the nearest mirror to examine the damage.

Yup. It was definitely dislocated.

That fucking bitch.

"It did work." Remi says trying to think of the best way to put his shoulder back in place.

"Barely!" He says throwing his hands up.

Remi's anger rising was a direct result of the searing pain in his shoulder. Julian's whining like a teenage girl wasn't helping either.

"Would you just shut the fuck up and help me." Remi says as calmly as he can muster.

Julian walks over to him and without notice grabs his elbow, pulling down and then quickly swings his arm up at a ninety degree angle. There's a pop but Remi hardly hears it over his accompanied scream of pain.

"Fucking ass hole." Remi remarks, rubbing his sore shoulder. But at least the pain has dulled and is tolerable.

Julian gives him the middle finger. "Yeah, you're welcome."

Remi waves him off and walks past him to the living area. As soon as he plops himself on the couch, he regrets the way he threw himself down. He lifts his shirt to see the start of a blooming bruise in the center of his chest. If he was to look at his back, he's sure there be a matching one.

Julian throws himself down on the nearby recliner, toeing off his shoes.

"It didn't work." His friend repeats.

Remi shakes his head with a sigh. "It did work." He says. "Just not to the degree we were hoping." He pauses. "Do you know what this means though?"

Julian sits up intently listening.

"It means we've finally found it." A small smile spreading across his face. "We finally fucking did it." He says again. "We just need to make it more potent for next time."

Julian gets up from the recliner and heads to the kitchen. Remi can hear the fridge open and the clink of beer bottles. When he returns, Julian is now smiling too. "And before you know it we will be living even richer than we already are." He hands him one of the beers. "Cheers, brother." He says clinking his bottle.


Remi knew he probably should have just gone to sleep. But where would the fun be in that? Julian stayed and finished his beer and polished a couple more after that before announcing he was going home to sleep. Like Remi should have done.

However the dull ache in his shoulder had turned to a constant throb. And his back was beginning to feel like someone was stabbing him over and over again with every toss and turn he made in his king size bed.

So what does he do? He comes down to the underground fighting ring. What better way than to distract himself from the pain than with more pain?


His usual ring wasn't up and running tonight but it didn't take long for him to find another one. With all his technology that's he's bought and set up over the years. He can practically hack into any surveillance camera, phone, electronic, you name it to get any information he needs.

Hell, even hacked the footage outside the jewelry store just to be sure he couldn't be seen leaving earlier.

They were very subtle, he doubted anyone would ever notice the rings were gone or by time they did it would be so long after they would never connect it to either of them.

Or if they did... Well they would pay every lawyer, cop, who ever they needed to bail themselves out.

Remington Chance was untouchable.

The low rumble of the crowd travelling through the dark, dank hallway was his cue that it was his turn to fight.

A gruff man opens the door with a loud whine. "Its time." He says.

But Remi is already grabbing is fighting glove which are looking worse for wear. He slips them on securing the velcro at his wrists. He gives the man a nod. "I'm ready." He tells him rolling his neck and stretching his injured shoulder.

He follows the man out the door. The rumble of the crowd becoming ever closer, the way a thunder storm rolling in about to drench him.

As soon as the man lead him into the arena it took Remi's eyes a moment to adjust to the bright lights.

He didn't look back as the cage was closed behind him. He only looked forward to his opponent. A stocky man. Definitely more muscle mass than him. But he would never be as fast as Remi.

Remi was strong. He took good care of himself. Tall, toned, lithe.

He took a confident step forward, setting up his fighting stance. He knew this brute would take the first swing. All he had to do was wait.

The man not so subtly came at Remi. Swinging one of his meaty fists right at his face. Remi easily dodged his fist. As soon as he reoriented himself he had to quick dodge his knee coming straight for his groin.

So they like to play dirty here. Okay I'll play.

With a quick flick of his thumbs his fighting gloves dispersed small but sharp spikes along his knuckles.

Temper flaring he took his first swing. But the man caught his fist in his hand. The spikes of his glove penetrating through his palm.

He immediately dropped his fist, cradling his now bleeding hand.

He looked up at Remi his face so red hot, it looked like a cooked tomato.

Remi blew him a kiss and winked at him, causing the crowd to roar. At that he thought the man's head might explode. He charged, aiming straight for Remi's middle, but Remi was faster. He smoothly stepped out of the way. He would tire himself out, hopefully before Remi did.

They danced around the caged arena. Remi didn't know for how long, when suddenly the whole place went dark. There were screams from the crowd. People were panicking. Pulling Remi's attention from his opponent for only a moment. His opponent took advantage of that moment grabbing his bad shoulder and kneeing him in the gut and then punching him square in the jaw.

Remi must have blacked out for a moment because next thing he knew, he had a flash light shining in his eyes.

"Sir, are you alright?" Someone asked but he couldn't see past the flash light in his face.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine." Remi says a bit irritated. Swatting the light from his face.

"Well, good because you're under arrest." They say. "Get up and put your hands behind your back."

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