Nocte Bellator: Night Warrior

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Chapter 5

Maia hadn't slept much the night before. She couldn't stop thinking about the dart she'd retrieved and what purpose Chance would want it for.

She rolled over in bed looking at her clock. It was only six in the morning. With a sigh, she threw her blankets off and swung her legs to hang off the side of her bed, giving up on sleep.

She pads quietly over to her vanity in the corner of her room. Sliding open the drawer where she stashed the small dart in a vial. She hold it between her thumb and forefinger, level with her eyes, examining the liquid in the dart that she can now see is fluorescent green in the morning light.

Maia had never understood why her Aunt was so adamant about keeping her identity hidden.

Even before they had moved to earth from her home planet she insisted they stay hidden. Change their names.

Her aunt was not especially thrilled when Maia decided she wanted to use her abilities to try and make this world a better place to live. But she couldn't just live in hiding anymore. And hiding from what exactly? She didn't know. What she did know though was that in the ten years since they fled her home she needed a purpose for her life.

Her abilities weren't much where she came from but on earth she was considered super human. Much stronger and faster than the average humans that live here.

She was also a highly skilled and trained fighter before her home was destroyed. Maia's aunt made sure she kept up with her training when they arrived on earth. She always had the hope that they would eventually return home. See if anything was salvageable or if her whole world was really destroyed in the blink of an eye. But her aunt always said it's not worth the risk of going and then possibly being stranded alone with no where to go.

But that was how she had started feeling living on earth anyway. Stranded and alone.

It had taken Maia a full year to convince her aunt to enroll her in the local school. It was the best thing she could've done for her when she finally agreed.

At the tender age of thirteen she was about to spiral into a deep depression from loneliness and grief that losing her father and mother, friends and home had caused.

She met Sutton on her first day of school. She lived just a few houses away and met at the same bus stop. She was new to town too, which made them fast friends.

Sutton has since moved into her own apartment. Still not far thankfully. Maia would like to get a job and do the same but she can only push her aunt so far. So here she was twenty two years old, still living with her aunt with no job. Her aunt wouldn't have it any other way. Maia knew she was just protecting her. She didn't know from what. But as she sat at her vanity eyeing the tiny dart that had actually weakened her, for the first time, Maia thought maybe she was right.

Which was the exact reason why her aunt would never know about it. If she found out, her aunt would never allow her outside again. She would probably make them move actually. And Maia didn't think she could bear the loss of the only home and family she had gained since losing her first one.


Around eight, Maia decided to stop sulking around her tiny space and make her grand appearance in the kitchen where her aunt was cooking breakfast.

"Good morning auntia." Maia said, giving her a peck on the cheek. "Breakfast smells amazing, per usual."

When they moved her aunt had chose the name Tia which means aunt in spanish. When she asked why, she always said it seemed appropriate. So Maia merged the two calling auntia over the years.

"Thank you." She says as she starts plating all the food she's cooked. "I made eggs over easy, with bacon and cinnamon french toast."

"Mmm." Maia hums, her stomach starts grumbling.

Since coming here, her aunt has become an amazing cook. Maia always thought she should open her own restaurant like the many that are always continuously opening and closing on the strip. She just knew if they'd opened their own place it would never close. People would come from everywhere to eat her food. But her aunt never would. She always said it would draw too much attention to them. So instead she worked as a line chef at one of the most successful restaurants in town. If Maia had to guess it was probably so successful because of her aunt. But it pulled on her heart strings to know her aunt could be so much more but held herself back because of some unknown entity that they had to hide from.

Maia seats herself at the dining table and her aunt places her breakfast in front of her. "Thanks auntia."

"You're welcome." She sitting in the seat adjacent to her with her own plate of food. "What are you doing today?"

Maia drizzles some syrup over her french toast. "Sutton is going to pick me up soon. She wants me to go with her to get her hair redone." Maia cuts a piece off and takes a bite, her mouth watering.

"She wants you to go with her to get her hair done?" She questions.

"Yeah, she said it usually takes a few hours and she doesn't like to have to sit there alone with the foil in her hair." Maia shovels more of her breakfast in her mouth.

Sutton of course did actually have to get her hair done sometime today but she was also an investigative reporter. Which made her the perfect partner when it came to Maia's vigilante justice. She was always on top of what was going on in regards to anything crime related. But Maia had a special need for her investigative talents today. If anyone could figure out what Chance was up to, it was Sutton Harper.

Maia finished off her breakfast. Standing she grabbed her dirty dishes and brought them to the sink to wash them off and put them back in their designated cabinets.

"Breakfast was delicious auntia but I have to go get myself ready for when Sutton picks me up." She says and heads to the stairs that lead to her room.

"Okay honey, have fun today and be careful!"

"Okaaaay." Maia draws out. She always told her to be careful like she wasn't ten times stronger than everyone on this planet. Everyone needed to be careful of her if anything.

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