Nocte Bellator: Night Warrior

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Chapter 7

It had been two days since testing the Macaria. And since getting his ass whooped by that sloth of a man at the fighting ring.

Looking in the mirror the bruise along the left side of his jaw and face had turned into a purple so deep it was comparable to an eggplant. His green eyes stood out in contrast. His mother's eyes. He shakes the thought from his mind.

Remi ultimately decided it was best to stay in and let his body heal from the ordeal. He could take the rings and pawn them another day. Besides he had more work to do on the Macaria. Ensure that the next time he used it, it was strong enough to put the Bellator out of commission.

He brushed his damp, sandy blonde hair back before doffing his towel and throwing on a white v-neck tee shirt and his favorite pair of jeans. Grabbing his sling for his still healing shoulder, he headed down to the basement.

From the outside no one would ever know what his basement contained. When some one first opens the door to the stairs that lead to the basement, it appears to be any other finished basement. Bright lights, a mini bar, billiard table, flat screen tv and a sectional couch with two recliners. It was a dream bachelor pad. Too bad the only person to ever come over to his home, that was far too large for just himself, was Julian. He had the occasional one night stand, because he had needs after all, but he never brought them home.

Once he made it down the stairs he walked past the billiard table and the mini bar to the coat closet. It was filled with more coats than he knew what to do with. He's probably never even worn any of them. Remi swiped them all to the side revealing a small button. He pressed it and a whoosh of air released opening a hidden elevator. He stepped in without a second thought, letting the doors close him in.

He made his slow decent down, until the elevator finally stopped and the doors hissed again before finally opening and releasing him in to his lab.

He passed over the laboratory though to sit down and check out his surveillance system. Anytime Remi or Julian committed any sort of crime he liked to keep tabs just make sure no one was coming for them.

What could he say? He liked to be prepared.

He turned on the police scanner, sifting through the different stations trying to listen in and see if there were any goings ons, while also hacking through any security systems.

The stereo static was deafening. Frustration growing he began rolling the knob back and forth.

Why the fuck wasn't his scanner working?

For how much money he spent to get these systems up and running they should never be down.

He turned the knob to the scanner slowly when he thought he heard voices. Finally, it was working. Turning it back to where he passed over the voices, he picked them up again but it was very quiet. And the voices sounded like they were speaking in a language he didn't recognize. Remi swiveled in his chair to change around the sound system so he could hear better. Then swiveled back trying to get the station just right.

He'd never had this much difficulty with the scanner. And he'd never picked up anyone speaking another language. Let alone one he didn't recognize. Once he got the settings just right to where he could make out the voices he quickly turned in his chair to turn on his recorder, so he could record the sound for later analysis.

Realization hits him as he is taking the recording. The damn feds had probably finally figured out some way to jam his frequency. For all he knew they were spying on him right this very moment. They could've hacked every single camera and corrupted his whole system by now. He quickly finished the recording before shutting down his whole computer system.

"God damnit!" He screamed, pounding both fists on the key board.

Sitting back in his chair and taking a breath he plays back his recording trying to understand the gibberish coming from it. With a sigh he turns it off. It's useless, he doesn't understand any of it. He sits forward again starting the process of rebooting and re-encrypting his systems. He won't be able to decipher the recording until he can run it through the system. Unfortunately this reboot will probably take days. And once its up and running, it will probably be days before the recording is translated.

Remi pinches the bridge of his nose, letting out a frustrated sigh. He supposed it was better he found it now. With a few clicks and speedy typing he had the rebooting starting. Now all he had to do was leave it until it was finished.

He pushed himself from his chair going to his lab to begin fine tuning the Macaria. He threw on his lab jacket and pulled a pair of latex gloves from the bow on the wall.

It was essential he kept his skin on skin contact with the Macaria to a minimum. It may not have been lethal when injected into the Bellator but if it made contact with him, he assumed it would not bode well for him.

Not that he'd ever tried it. He just didn't want to take the chance. Hence the gloves and the lab coat.

Lastly, he threw on pair of glasses to protect his favorite inherited asset from his mother and got to work.

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