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How can a normal teenager such as himself get caught up in this situation? Despite fully aware he was living in a futuristic city, it was the standard for the term normal in today's society. But many forces arise to overthrow the so-called peace this era has prospered. Now, 13 year old, Renver Lynnes is forced to join a strange group of individuals, who possesses powers that only few know and many to think of it as a myth, in order to save his mother and protect his home. Along the way accepting that his life will never go back to normal.

Scifi / Action
Age Rating:

ᴀ ᴛᴀʟᴇ ғᴏʀɢᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ᴀɴᴅ ғᴀᴅᴇᴅ

Have you ever visioned when you were a child that once we've step foot into the future, we finally reached the paradise we longly seek ?

A metropolis for human kind...

A place where people can live free.

A place where we can live at ease.

Where the world is far from destruction...

Humanity finally treating this planet as home ?

Sadly, it never happened...

As the years passed, the earth slowly deteriorated. The one to blame is none other than mankind. Their attempt in reaching the so-called future they dreamed off, only led to the recreating the Apocalypse.

There were no flying cars as one would see ,only pure destruction brought on by the hand's of man.

64% of the world has now turned into a barren wasteland unfit to live. This place was now called the Atrophy Continent.

An unforgiving wasteland where the chances of survival in living were close to Zero..

Different species have become extinct, but there are also those that have evolved for the sole purpose of survival. Some turned into monstorous beasts that were thirsty for blood. Some tower above others, there are those that hid beneath the depths of the ocean, those that fly high in the sky, and those that rule the plains.

Like the gruesome behemoths found in fiction books, they have become an enemy to humanity.

Anomalies as most call them.

The human race took a different path for survival, they have decided to create their own safe haven away from the Atrophy Continent.

Floating islands high above the ground , man-made islands that dominate the seas , and hidden cities beneath the earth.

A military organization was made to serve as a formidable fortress against these behemoths.

The Thanatos Legion.

Their job was to protect cities from any threat that may come. They keep the peace within the cities. But most of all, they lay down their life for the sake of humanity.

They possess weapons far advanced than the standard militia possesses. The government had chosen to center the time in inventing weapons for the Legion and the shields of the cities, rather than progressing in technologies for gadgets , mobiles, etc.

While the Legion was taking great leaps in progressing, the ordinary citizens were left behind taking baby steps. They still had to be careful to not destroy what home they have left.

But Legion was there to reassure humanity of their fears...

Everyone placed their faith in them. They owed their lives to Legion's dedication.

Yet there are still factions who are against to their regime....

As the world changed, many secrets started to unfold. Secrets that only few have discovered.

Whilst people believed the powers brought on by Science have both gave benefit and caused destruction to the human race.

There is another source.

Hidden far away, deep within the planet...

There is something far much stronger, a force so great.

A source that if fallen to the wrong hands would eventually wipe out humanity.

Power that could cause even destruction worse than what time immemorial has brought before.

A Power that is so strong that many crave for it...

Its enticing secrets hard to resist.

Even the purest of hearts are easily tainted with its effects...

Many pursued it, but only a few managed to wield it.

But with a terrible price to pay.

Casting themself an eternal curse, never to be broken.

Worse than death...

Worse than living...

It was pure torture fallen upon...

One day one shall rise and claim it.

One day the world shall change once again, mold it into his liking.

For that is what salvation is...

But the salvation he has been fighting for will be his downfall...

Warriors, hidden in plain sight.

Hidding in the shadows...

Hidding themselves among the crowd.

They move...

They fight for what has been entrusted to them.

Use what has been given to them.


Be what has been seen in them for a long time.

Warriors, far greater than Legion.

Yet, at the same time could never earn the respect and recognition by-standers give.

Their stories, forever kept a secret but never forgotten among their fellowmen.

Their contribution...

Their efforts...

Their resolve...

Their peculiarities...

They shall ward off what ever He has in stored , what evil He may bring ...

They will be there once He rises.

They will stop Him.

And they will make sure you to seal Him forever...

Even if one has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Then all shall see who will be triumphant in the end...

All will see but for now, the present is what one must await.

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