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Born from the shadows and ash of Mount Megma a new warrior name Oxo is born to help his people from the warlocks in which they are in war with in Crimson Valley, they have fought for many centuries but this time the sydion race is saved by Oxo. After the intense fight with Lord Enessian who is one of the noble warriors Oxo is saved but thrown into a portal and now he lives in an unknown dimension and right now is only major job is to protect the sacred mystic stone that lives within him.

Scifi / Action
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In the darkest planet called Obsidian they're is a major war going on in Crimson Valley both the sydion clan and the warlocks have been fighting each other since 110A.D as the war went on,back over in the land of Ash a powerful shadow Lord name Shadoxo lives deep within Mount Megma and in there he created a new sydion warrior from both the shadows and ash with with a powerful sacred Obsidian stone.

Rising up from the ocean of lava he awakens and this shadow being bows before his master then Lord Shadoxo told him to rise up by the name he now gave him.

Shadoxo: from here on out your name is Oxo and you will be the keeper of the planet's source of life and power they're for your last name will be Guanmi-shi but for now go to your comrades and help them they are in war with the warlocks fighting over in Crimson Valley.

With great speed he ran up the rocky walls then leaps out and lands onto the ground before dashing off to Crimson Valley.

Over at Crimson Valley however the second in command general called in Lord Engressian who is a high leveled soldier who is born in a victorious noble family once he had appeared onto the battlefield the sydions are being massacred like crazy.

Lian who is the top class warrior and the one leading the sydion army he fights well for awhile but once Engressian displayed great power that is when the tides have turned.

The few that managed to escape they watched from the distance Engressian complimented him for being the only one to last this long but Lian got his butt kicked in severely and before Engressian can lay the finishing blow out of the blue he is thrown back by a very strong attack once he had hit the ground Lian sees a new warrior that entered the battlefield.

Lian has never seen this guy before but unlike the others this one is very strong and his ore almost made him drop as he felt his strength and energy being drained out of him and with out a word Oxo fought with Engressian, Engressian is surprised to see how capable this new commer is and Oxo shows no sign of fear.

Engressian did everything in his power to take down who ever this is but it seems like nothing is working its like fighting a ghost.

Oxo doesn't say anything but with only one hand a blue flame appears and releases a fireball that is the size of the sun this attack spread far and wide and the remaining sydions hid deep within the ground.

All the warlocks that was there on the battlefield became ash the valley now looks like a dead land the impact of that attack made the the 3 lands felt it and made the leaders go and see what had happened but by the time they got there no one is around.

Mean while over at Blivion Hill out from the shadows Engressian crawls into the pond of healing his body is severely injured from the attack that the mysterious shadow did half of his body is almost unusable and now he lays in the pool of May.While healing up a being from the shadows appears and speaks to him he tells Engressian to not look and stay still the unknown and sinister voice gave him a purposal inorder to defeat the unknown shadow.

The purposal is that if Engressian joins him as his own warrior he'll give him the power to wipe out all of the sydions Engressian thought about it long and hard once he made his choice he apologized to Lord Aklo then he tells the sinister voice that he accepts after hearing that he tells Engressian to meet him over at Mount Lynix the one place that not even the sydions would go there.

Over at Ashland Lord Shadoxo trained everyone to be better both physically and in power as for Oxo he's over watching everything as he does so out of no where he hears a woman's voice.

He searched around to see who it is but everwhere he looked he couldn't find the wonan.

Over at Mount Lynix Engressian arrives and standing before him infront of the entrance way he sees a statue that he doesn't know but he can feel that its some how alive.

Cloaked man: don't stare for too long it sucks out the souls of those who become intrance of its power, follow me to the circle.

At the circle he stands in the circle as the man disappeared within the shadows not long from now out of the shadows the same voice that spoke him stands before him and just by his appearance alone Engressian felt chills running down his spine and his ore his beyond him.

sinister voice: do not fear no harm will come to you but if you are ready for transformation I must say that this is an unpleasant experience.

Engressian: even so I must do this it's the only way to wipe out those damn sydions I'm ready.

sinister voice: very well.

The shadow creature began to enchant words in latin Engressian doesn't know this language they're for he doesn't really pay much attention, the bone circle glowed red as it shook violently once the ground underneath his feet turned completely red it shot out a beam into the sky.

Engressian is stuck inside the beam and he began to feel changes within his own body but the changes feels both intense and painful this transformation lasted the whole night and when the moon turned orange it became daylight and it's finally over.

(he passed out)

To Be Continued...

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