Captain Meteor #2

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Eric Starz discovers his new found power as he battles the Wykin's and their general Voltro. Voltro will try to destroy earth with a meteorite but can Eric stop him in time...?

Scifi / Action
The Dragon Tamer
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Chapter 1

Captain Meteor #2

The Galactic Knight:

B a t t l e F o r E a r t h

By: Michael Wydock

“Previously during the mission.... I have been haunted by the dreams. Ever since I was a boy, my mother was abducted by aliens. My father tried to stop the invaders from taking her but ended up getting himself killed. I have suffered ever since then. In my early twenties, I started having those same dreams again that turn into nightmares. They were interfering with my flight training and got turned down by General Mars Condor. But then a mysterious man in white came to my apartment with an opportunity, a way to provide for my new family. He represented the National Space Program, the N.S.P. and offered me a job as a pilot for their ‘save the human race’ mission. I accepted, but it turned out to be all just a lie. Once up there, we encountered the same aliens that abducted my mother all those years ago lead by their emperor. They were responsible for killing the last N.S.P. crew and it looked like we were next on the executioner’s block.....”


Eric Starz was sixteen years old, a sophomore at King Darkoss High. It was the day of Prom and he only had one girl in mind to ask out. One of the most prettiest girls in school, Marina Styles. Marina was drop dead gorgeous with a smile that could melt the hearts of any boy. She was into science just like Eric was. Every time in science class, she would pick Eric to be her lab partner. She would smile at him everyday, flashing those pearly whites. Hours flew by as night had fallen onto the city. Eric was all dressed up in a clean suit as his adoptive mother stuck a rose pin onto his jacket and hugged him. But before leaving, he took a piece of paper and wrote Marina a love letter in the form of a poem.

Marina was dressed in a sparkling blue dress as she waited in the auditorium of the school where prom was taking place. Balloons and banners were everywhere as the lights were dimmed down to set the mood. Eric walked up behind her as she looks up at him. She stands up as she smiles at him. Eric smiles back as he gives her the letter. She reads it as happy tears filled her face. She looks up at him again and smiles big. She puts the letter in her pocket as if she would keep it forever. Both of them were happy.

They looked deep into one anothers eyes as their lips drew closer and closer. But before they could kiss, a loud explosion filled the room as the roof of the auditorium exploded. Everyone took cover as the strange horned aliens reigned down from the sky. Their ship hovered overhead as their emperor came down with them. Their clawed feet thudded onto the stage as they fired their blasters, slaughtering every human they could find. Eric watched in horror as the aliens shot down his friends and classmates one by one.

As Marina ran up to Eric, she was shot in the back as he cried out in pain. The emperor looked over at him as Eric stared him down through the smoke. Eric ran up to the emperor with an expression of rage in his eyes. Eric leaped toward him as the emperor caught him by the neck. Eric struggled as the emperor grinned with his three fingered hand around his neck. The emperor snapped Eric’s scrunny neck and tossed him aside. The emperor shouted out as his face started to melt revealing the skull underneath.

Eric awoke screaming. He shot up from the bed he was lying in. He was shirtless and bandaged up. He looked at his hands and realized that his entire body was blue but he was not at all cold. He noticed the bandages on his waist and realized that someone must’ve patched him up. Whoever it was didn’t want him to die from his wounds. He observed his new surroundings. It was as if he was in a medical room filled with strange sci-fi tech. He hopped off the bed and walked toward the only mirror that he could find in the room. Reflections tell no lie, his skin was all blue and his hair green. His ears transformed into pointy elf ears. He also had something attached to his forehead like some sort of jewel. He touched the jewel.

“Do not take it off.” Said a mysterious voice. Eric backed away from the mirror as he was startled by the voice.

“That jewel is what’s keeping you alive.”

“Who are you?” The door shot up as Eric turned to face whoever was behind that door. In the doorway stood a strange looking female alien. Her skin was silver like that of a wet seal. She did not have hair but floppy ears like a blood hound. Light blue markings went down her arms and legs. She was dressed in a blue sleeveless top and a blue skirt. Silver bracers on her arms and legs. A silver belt with a single green gem in the center of it and a silver collar with patterns etched into it. She calmly walked up to Eric so elegantly as he just stood there with his jaw slightly dropped. She took a bow as she introduced herself.

“I am Shelia Gortex, princess of the Krystinites.”

“You’re a....” She walks closer to Eric and wipes a piece of crud off his shoulder.

“An alien? I know. Well to you I am but to me you’re the alien. I never even seen a human before. We’ve never even been outside our own planet ever since emperor Moltroid conquered it.”

“Moltroid...?” Eric thought back to where he found that hunk of junk in the middle of the desert back on earth. The hologram of the mysterious alien woman said something about that. It said ‘Hurry before Mol....’ before it cut out. Mol could be referring to Moltroid. Now that that got cleared up, it was a matter of figuring out who Mortana was.

“Ah, it would appear our guest is fully recovered.” In stepped in another alien but this one was different then Shelia, maybe even another species. He appeared reptilian with fins where his ears should be. He had one bionic eye as well as a metal arm. Wearing a sleeveless white lab coat and a pair of grey trousers. He only had four fingers but two toes on each foot. He also appeared amphibian-like.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Dell Nova, the royal scientist of the Gortex family.” He proudly addressed himself as he reached out for Eric’s hand for a firm handshake. Eric shook his hand, feeling every scale on the backside of his hand with his thumb.

“It was I who revived you as Shelia was the one who pulled you out of the wreckage.”

“Wreckage? Were there any other survivors?” Shelia spoke up.

“There was no one else in there aside from you.”

“My guess is that they must’ve abandoned ship before it crashed.”

“They must still be alive somewhere.” Realized Eric.

“I need to find my crew. I need to get back to the ship, maybe there’s a clue there to where they escaped to. Where’s my suit?” Dell handed Eric his suit and puts it on. The suit was completely fire proof in case something went wrong on the ship.

“The wreck is miles away. It would at least take you a day to get there on foot. Take this with you.” Dell showed him a type of cycle craft. It had no wheels on it as it appeared to be hovering over the ground. This was the very same vehicle that Shelia used to get Eric here.

“This is the Trident Hover Bike. She’s fast and she’ll get you there in half that time. That jewel on your forehead also acts as a remote for the bike. Just put your hands on the handles and the jewel will channel your thoughts into the machine.”

“Wait, let me see if I understand. So all I have to do to make it go is just think it?”

“Exactly. Your brainwaves control the vehicle so as long as you have that gem on your head.”

“Weird. It’s much better then using a key though.”

“I’m going with you.” Shelia spoke.

“I can take you to where the wreck is.” Eric nodded as he got onto the bike. Shelia hopped on the back as she wrapped her arms around Eric for support.

“Alright, let’s go.”

“Just take it slow Eric.” The garage doors opened up side by side as the bikes engine roared and took off. Dell waved as he watched them getting smaller and smaller. The speed on that bike was incredible, it must’ve took off with a speed of 50 as it built up to max speed going 650 mph.

“So who is this Moltroid guy?” Eric asked.

“Emperor Moltroid, leader of the Wykins. He had conquered and enslaved many planets. We’ve been fighting him and his army for so many years. My people had suffered his wrath and rebelled against the Wykins. Moltroid is a true monster.”

“What about that green one with the scorpion tail?”

“That’s his general and right hand man Voltro. Voltro is a completely different species. He is of the D.O.T.U race. The Wykins and the D.O.T.U.’s have been enemies before but had made a truce with one another and now they’re allies. Moltroid saw the true potential that the D.O.T.U.’s had and combined forces with Voltro being appointed as Moltroid’s general. Voltro is a very dangerous creature, I advise you to stay away from him.”

“I’ve already seen what he can do. He killed one of my crew members. That bastard’s gonna get his.”

“I’m sorry Eric.”

The Lieutenant Crash Site

They arrived at their destination in less then thirty minutes. Shelia pointed towards the crash site.

“There it is just up ahead.” Eric saw The Lieutenant in ruin. He commanded the bike to slow down and stop as he and Shelia got off. Eric looked up at the massive wreckage of the ship.

“There’s no way she’ll be able to fly again. She’s beyound repair.”

“She...?” Shelia questioned. Eric looks back at her.

“Well back on earth we call ships ‘she’. I never understood why though.”

“Weird.” They went through the gaping hole from the ships side. All of the tech within the ship was damaged. It was dark inside the ship as they walked deeper into it.

“Can’t see anything.” Eric complained.

“Here, allow me.” Shelia walked up beside him as she gently touched the gem on his forehead. Upon touching it, the gem lit up acting as a flashlight.

“Hey, that’s pretty damn handy. Thanks.” Eric stared at Shelia as she stared back into his emerald green eyes. Before anything else could happen, there was a sound that echoed throughout the ships corridor. Eric looked in the direction of where the sound came from. It sounded like something trying to get out of a tough spot. They both walked toward the source of the noise. As Eric turned a corner, he could see a red light peeking through the pile of metal sheets and rubble. He rushed over to help whoever was trapped. It was the robot.

“M.A.I.R.A.!” Eric helped her stand up. Her metal cone was destroyed but underneath was a pair of mechanical legs.

“Mr. Starz. It is good to see you unharmed.”

“Eric!” Shelia called out. As she approached them, M.A.I.R.A.’s defense module kicked in as her robotic arms transformed into machine guns.

“Threat detected! Alien of unknown origins!” She fired as Shelia quickly took cover behind the wall.

“M.A.I.R.A. STOP! Defense protocol override!” He commanded. The robot stopped shooting as the machine guns retracted back inside her arms.

“She’s a friend.” Shelia peeked out as she approached the machine. The robot scanned the alien princess.

“My data banks say that she is of the Krystinite race. A peaceful race who mastered both elements of ice and telekinesis. Descended from an ancient tribe known as Crysolites.”

“Remarkable.” She gushed.

“I’ve seen robots like these before. But I didn’t know you had them on your planet too.”

“M.A.I.R.A. What happened to the crew?”

“Before the ship crash landed, the remaining crew members managed to escape within the escape pods. However my tracking sensors are broken and I am unable to pin point their exact locations.”

“Great.” Eric turned to Shelia.

“Shelia, do you think Dell can repair her tracking systems?”

“Yes, Dell can fix anything.”

“Excellent. Let’s look around some more for resources and then get her back there so I can find my crew.” The three of them continued down the darkened corridor as they looked around. They came across the bridge of the ship where the main controls were. Eric approached the very same chair that he sat in when Shelia found him. He put his hand on the chair as his eyes turned from green to white. He could see himself trying to steer the ship from when it was struck after exiting out of the wormhole. He could see his fellow crew members.

“Go, abandon ship!”

“But what about you Eric?”

“Don’t worry about me! JUST GO!” His fellow crew members ran for the escape pods as Eric was trying hard to save the ship. The escape pods launched with his crew members safely inside them. The ship was nearing the ground as Eric took his hand off the chair and his eyes went back to normal.

“What the hell was that?” He asked himself. It was like seeing past events.

“What’s wrong Eric?” He turned to Shelia then turned back at his hands.

“I... I saw them! It was like, I was looking into the past.” Eric turned his attention to a photo of his girlfriend he kept on the consule. He grabbed it and stares at the picture. As he looked at Marina’s picture, a small tear rolled down his blue cheek.

“Who is that? She looks beautiful.” Shelia complimented.

“Marina Styles. She was my everything. And now, I’m probably never going to see her again.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small round object. It was a gold wedding ring with a diamond on top of it. He was planning to pop the question to her but never got the chance to.

“I should’ve never left her!” He closed shut his eyes as he tossed the ring aside. It rolled and fell in front of M.A.I.R.A.’s robotic feet as she picked it up. M.A.I.R.A. walked over to Eric.

“I will keep this in a safe place for you Mr. Starz.” She opened up the compartment built into her chest and places the gold ring inside. Eric could feel his hand bubbling again, warning him of incoming danger.

“What’s wrong with your hand Eric?”

“We gotta get out of here now!” Eric took Shelia’s hand and ran as the robot soon followed them out of the ship. About five Wykins were waiting for them outside the ship.

“THERE THEY ARE! BLAST THEM!” They opened fire as the three of them took cover behind the wall. The hover bike was just out of reach. If they could get to it, they could escape unharmed. Shelia used her telekinetic power to lift and throw a huge chunk of the ships debris at the Wykins.

“GO!” Shelia and Eric ran for the bike as the robot used her machine guns to give them cover. Eric hopped onto the bike as Shelia grabbed on.

“Alright, new plan. I’ll bring Dell back here. M.A.I.R.A, hold down the fort!”

“Understood.” Eric drove off as they zoomed past the Wykins. One of them talked into the communicator in his arm bracer.

“General, we found them but they escaped.”

“STOP TALKING AND GET AFTER THEM YOU FOOLS!” Three of the Wykins hopped onto their bikes as the other two gave them cover from M.A.I.R.A’s rapid shots. The three Wykins caught up with Eric and Shelia in no time.

“Eric, we’ve got company!” Eric saw the Wykins closing in. Eric saw a small stream with a waterfall and alerted sheila. Shelia thought quickly and used her ice power to create an ice ramp. They picked up speed as they went airborne off the ramp. It was a long way down to the bottom as one of the Wykins flew off the ramp right underneath them. He was now in front of Eric as they both safely landed on the other side. As soon as they landed, Shelia used her ice power again to create a barricade as the two Wykins crashed into it and fell into the abyss.

“Does this thing have guns?” Asked Eric.

“It sure does.” Shelia used her mind to unlock the guns hidden in the bike and shot the Wykin in front of them. The Wykin lost control and crashed as his bike exploded. Eric sped right through the smoke and fire as they made it back to the Krystinite city alive. Eric and Shelia drove back to Dell’s workshop.

“I see you two made it back in one piece.” As Eric was getting off, Dell noticed some holes in Eric’s suit.

“Yeah, but we ran into the Wykins. They know where I am now.”

“I’ve got just the thing for you.” Dell lead Eric to an armory where he was working on something very special for Eric.

“That suit is not going to protect you from any of their weapons. So I took the liberty of forging a set of armor just for you.” Dell presented Eric with a suit of armor. A white metallic breastplate with two black pauldrons that slide upward. Two arm bracers that look bulky and two white boots to complete to look.

“This is armor forged from pure Alterinium.”

“Alterinium? I never even heard of such a thing.” Dell laughed.

“Well most people on earth never heard of it. It is commonly found in this region of the galaxy. Alterinium is a rare material that is 99.9% indestructible. Only I know the secrets to shape and forge it.” Eric puts on the armor which suited him perfectly.

“And now onto the weapons. This will be your weapon for close ranged attacks, the galactic sword.”

“This is just the cross guard.”

“Press that button.” Eric pressed it as the blade sprung out. The blade was glowing pink as if it was made of plasma.

“Whoa, this is so cool! It’s like a lightsaber!” He said with excitement.


“It’s a Star Wars thing. A movie from my planet.” Eric pressed the button again as the blade retracted back inside. Dell approached him.

“Your right bracer contains a compartment that can store your sword. There’s two options to use the sword. You can either take it out of the compartment and use it as a two or one handed sword, however you want. Or you can leave it attached to the bracer as it can act as a wrist blade.”

“That’s amazing.” Eric puts the sword back in his bracer.

“And this is for your long ranged attacks, the Krystinite Issue One Standred Blaster.” He hands Eric the gun as he gladly accepts these gifts.

“This blaster can shoot through even the toughest metal and the galactic sword can cut through anything.”

“So bad ass. Thanks Nova for all these gifts.”

“Just doing what I can to help you on your journey.”

“Speaking of which, I need you to do one more thing for me. Can you fix my robots tracking systems?”

“Where is your robot?”

“She’s back at my ship when we were attacked.”

“I see. Well take me to your robot and I’ll see what I can do. Just let me grab my equipment and we’ll be on our way.” Dell went into the back room to fetch his things as Shelia approached Eric.

“I just wanted to say good luck.”

“You’re not coming with us?”

“No, I’m setting this one out for now. I need to get back to my duties as princess. And my fathers probably worried about me.” She chuckled. Shelia reaches for Eric’s left arm and lifts it up.

“Your left bracer contains a communicator in case you need to..... For emergencies.” Shelia looked deep into Eric’s eyes as he looked back into hers.

“Thanks Shelia.” She smiles at him as Dell came out of the back room. Eric walked away as his hand slipped out of Shelia’s. He hopped onto the bike as Dell hopped onto his own. They both drove away as Shelia watched them disappear into the horizon.

Aboard the S.S. Dark Hawk

Voltro received word of the whereabouts of Eric Starz. He entered emperor Moltroid’s throne room to deliver the information to him. He took a knee as he bowed before his emperor.

“My lord, the human who had escaped has been found. His ship had crash landed on the planet Krystinine.”

“That human you speak of, the one whose skin can change color back at Starboune. He.... Reminded me of someone. He was familiar to me.” He grinned as if he knew exactly who it was. They have met before when he first invaded earth.

“I believe his name is Eric Starz, the offspring of that space witch! No doubt he knows where to find her.” He turns to Voltro.

“Find him and make him talk! We will find her one way or another! If he does not comply, threaten to destroy his home planet!”

“I shall go at once my lord.” He bowed before leaving Moltroid’s sight.

The Lieutenant Crash Site

Upon returning, M.A.I.R.A. held her ground but she was badly damaged. Judging from the bodies, backup came for the Wykin’s.

“M.A.I.R.A.!” Eric stopped the bike and rushed over to her. But she did not respond. The robot was serverly damaged from the Wykin’s. She was offline. Her metal coverings were filled with holes and was scotched from the heat of the Wykin’s blasters. Circuits and wires have been exposed and were showing. One of her arms had been completely taken off. Dell observed what happened.

“Looks like more of them came.”

“Can you repair her?”

“Yes. But the tools I’ve bought will not do much now. We need to get her back to my lab. As for your ship, I can fix her up too but it’s going to take a long time. It won’t be cheap either. A ship this size, you’re looking at about two million zenos. Maybe more then that.” Eric stood up and turned to him.

“Do whatever you have to. I have to find my crew.” Just then, his communicator went off. He answered the call. He could see who was calling him through the screen but it wasn’t Shelia. It was Voltro.

“We meet again human.”

“VOLTRO! How did you get this number?”

“Never you mind that! I’ve called to make you a deal. There is a massive meteorite that is set on a course to your home planet you call earth. Unless you can tell us the whereabouts of Mortana, I will spare earth. What is your answer human?” Eric put two and two together. Mortana, Jane. It all made sense to him now why the Wykin’s abducted his mother so long ago. His mother was Mortana in disguise. But the Wykin’s was once again on the search for her which must suggest that she did manage to escape them and is now somewhere in the galaxy.

“I will never tell you where she is!” He lied. He did not know where she could be. Voltro sighed.

“Very well human! Earth is doomed and it’s all because of you!”

“I will stop you!” Voltro laughed as the communication ended.

“Are you insane? Voltro will surly kill you Eric!” Dell shouted out. Eric turned to him.

“I have to try something. He will pay for killing one of my crew members!” Dell sighed.

“Alright. I do have a spare star ship you can use to get to that meteorite. You’re going to need a drill and a bomb to destroy that thing.” Dell pressed a button on his communicator to call his ship. His star ship came to them in less then sixty seconds. Dell then took off his communicator and gave it to Eric.

“I am just letting you borrow these things for now so don’t wreck my ship! The tools you’ll need are already inside. Now go and save your planet!” As Dell took the robot back to his lab, Eric hopped into the star ship and jetted off. Dell’s ship had a radar built in so he could easily find the meteorite. While he was flying towards where the meteorite was, Eric tried to contact the N.S.P. to warn them of the danger. He got through to them but it was a faint signal. The technicians and engineers down there were wandering about the strange signal coming from space.

“Sir! I’ve got something!” The mysterious man in white approached him.

“Can you boost the signal?”

“It’s very faint but I can try.” A faint voice was coming through the static.

“This is -kzzt- Eric Starz -kzzt- Do you read?” The man in white spoke up.

“Mr. Starz! You’re alive!”

“You -kzzt- Sound surprised. Listen -kzzt- A meteorite is coming -kzzt- After I’ve destroyed it -kzzt- I’m coming for you next!” Eric ended the communication. The man in white’s jaw slightly dropped.

“Orders sir?” He said nothing at first. He just stood there frozen.

“Sir? Orders?” The man in white was frozen in place realizing that Eric must’ve figured out their scheme. The mission was never about saving the human race by searching for another planet. But maybe it was about saving them from annihilation. Either way, Eric was pissed that the N.S.P. lied to him and his crew. And he was coming for them. But not before destroying that meteorite. Eric makes it to the meteorite and lands the ship onto it. He starts pulling out the equipment as he hops out. As Eric began drilling, Voltro showed up over the slope and looks down at him. He grunted as he crushed a small pebble in his clutches. Eric looked up as he see’s Voltro.

“I’ll give you one last chance human! Tell us where Mortana is!”

“Never!” Eric pulled out his blaster as fast as an old western gun slinger and shoots at him. Voltro jumped toward him missing the blast as he whacks Eric with his tail. While he was down, Voltro leaped again as he tried to sting him with his poisonous tail. Eric rolled as Voltro’s tail went through the rock. Eric tried to shoot him again but Voltro slapped the blaster right out of his hand. Voltro went in to sting him again but missed as Eric rolled underneath his tail, cutting Voltro’s stomach with his blade.

“AH!” Voltro’s blood was not red, but yellow. He looked over at him as Eric stood his ground.

“You’re just full of surprises aren’t you?”

“You’re about to find out I’ve got more tricks lizard breath!” Eric took the sword out of his bracer as he extended the blade.

“Come at me!” Voltro slashed at him with his sharpened claws as Eric dodged. Eric swung as Voltro got behind him and kicked him in the back. Eric crashed against a wall of rock as he looks back. Voltro went in to sting him again as Eric ducked and his stinger went through the rock. Eric swung at him but Voltro leaped back. As Eric swung again, Voltro bent backwards and missed the blade by an inch. He then used his tail to lasso Eric’s arm and threw him aside sending Eric flying through the air. He landed on his feet as he slide and stopped himself. Voltro took Eric’s blaster from the ground and shot at him. Eric used his sword to deflect the laser blasts. Eric was in a tight spot. But then he realized something.

“The jewel will channel your thoughts.” The jewel on Eric’s forehead can channel his thoughts so it might be able to also channel his thoughts into power. He had to try something. He tried hard to think as the jewel began to glow. His skin turned red and his hair went from green to white. A red beam came out of Eric’s jewel as it hit Voltro’s hand. The blaster flung out of his hand as he looked at Eric with surprise. Eric threw his sword as Voltro dodged it. Eric used his jewel’s power to give himself speed. Eric sped as fast as lightning behind Voltro. Eric grabbed his sword as he plunged the blade right through him. Voltro screamed out in pain as Eric yanked the blade out and Voltro’s body fell onto the ground.

The meteorite was entering earths atmosphere, Eric had no time to plant the bomb now. He had to think, how was he gonna stop it now? Then he sparked an idea. A kid was throwing stones into a pond in the park of Paradise City when he looked up into the sky and saw the meteorite. Eric could see that the massive rock was getting closer to the ground. But now that he knows what his jewel can really do, he had to try it. Everybody in the park panicked as they saw the meteorite. Eric flew in front of it as he stuck his hands out in front of him. He was going to try to catch it.

The meteorite pushed Eric back as it hit him. Eric tried his best to gather more strength to stop it. The people down below saw the man in the sky trying to stop it. The meteorite begins to slow down as a woman ran and grabbed the kid. The woman being Marina Styles as Allen Holster was with them. Eric thought hard giving himself even more strength. Sweat and tears were rolling down his red cheeks. The meteorite slowed down even more as Eric’s feet touched the ground. The meteorite stopped as Eric gently puts it down onto the ground. Smoke rises from the massive rock as Eric was exhausted trying to stop this thing. He fell to his knees as he sighs in relief. His skin turned back to blue and his hair green. Everybody in the park witnessed this man’s extraordinary power.

They cheered loud as Marina Styles looked at the man. Eric stood up and turned as his ponytail blew in the breeze. Marina’s eyes widen as if she knew who it was.

“Eric?” She approached him. She couldn’t believe it as tears filled her eyes.

“Marina. I told you you’ll see me again.” He smiled. She leaped onto him for a massive hug as Eric was so happy to have Marina in his arms again. Allen walked up to him as so did the boy, Eric’s son.

“Is that my boy?” Eric walked over to him as he took a knee. The boy never saw a man with blue skin before, he was scared. He must’ve been around eight years old. He hid behind Allen’s leg. Marina spoke to him.

“It’s okay Johnathan.” She called the boy.

“He’s your father.” Little Johnathan peeked as he slowly approached Eric.

“D-Daddy?” Eric was so happy to hear that word. He expressed great joy. Allen was starstruck, he didn’t know what to say.

“Eric? Is that really you?” Eric looked up at him.

“What happened to you buddy? Why do you look like that?” Eric smirked and giggled.

“It’s good to see you to Gooper.” As they were catching up, a green three fingered hand rose up from the smoking rock. Voltro stood up slowly. The people saw it and screamed. Eric looked over. Voltro had survived Eric’s blade. A black cadalack came up to the park as men in black suits and black sunglasses came out of the car. They pointed their blasters at the alien creature.

“FREEZE, DON’T MOVE!” Voltro didn’t care what these men in black said. He leaped down and attacked them. Voltro managed to kill some of them with his stinger. Eric got up and ran up to him. Eric used his wrist blade to try and slice him, but Voltro dodged. Voltro used his tail and lassoed Eric’s leg. However Eric swung his blade and cut off Voltro’s tail. Voltro cried out is pain as Eric used his jewel beam to pin Voltro onto the rock. Smoke surrounded Voltro as he was burnt and fell onto the ground unconscious.

“Get him out of here!” One of the men ordered. The men in black approached Voltro’s body and lays him on a stretcher. They took Voltro’s body away for experiments. One of them approached Eric.

“We’re taking you in too.”

“Sorry, but I’m not going anywhere.” He attempted to arrest Eric until Marina stopped him. She placed her hand on his shoulder.

“This man just saved our lives. Let him go.” The man in black sighed. He looked over at Eric.

“You get a pass this once. But if we catch you here on earth again, we will bring you in!” Eric said nothing. He called his star ship as it came to him. All of the people stepped back as the exhaust from the ship spread. Eric walked back to the ship as Marina followed.

“Eric wait!” Eric looks back at her one more time.

“Do you really have to go?” Eric placed his hand on her arm.

“My crew and mother are still out there somewhere in the cosmos. And I won’t stop until I find them. But I will protect earth from up there if I can.” Eric held Marina’s hand as she looks at him. They kiss one last time before he heads off back into the cosmos. He looks over at Allen.

“Hey Gooper, you take good care of them ya hear?”

“Loud and clear captain.” He salutes him. Eric’s hand slips away from Marina’s hand.

“I love you!” She shouts. Eric looks back at her.

“I know.” Allen speaks before Eric leaves.

“So you’re going to be the protector of earth now huh? What do we call you then?” Eric looks over at the meteorite that he stopped and thought of something.

“Call me ‘Captain Meteor’.” Eric got into his star ship and flew off as they said goodbye to him one last time. The men in black pulled out a device that could erase one’s memory as one of the stopped the other. He looked over at him as the other one shook his head ‘no’. The men in black got back into their cars and drove away.

Back in the N.S.P. building, the man in white was shaking as he took a sip of whisky. He heard a noise in the dark as he reached for a gun on his desk. Captain Meteor came out of the shadows as the man in white grabbed his gun. The captain grabbed the man by the collar as he smacked the gun out of his hand. He pinned the man in white onto the glass with an expression of rage and anger. The man in white was scared.

“You thought I’d forget about you?”

“M-Mr. Starz. I’m relieved to see you alive.” Eric threw the man in white down. Eric circles around him.

“You lied to me! This was never about saving humanity! You sent us up there to die!”

“P-Please! If ‘he’ finds out you’re here we’re doomed!”

“He? You’re talking about Moltroid? I’ll worry about him myself!” Eric knelt down to him.

“All of those astronauts died because of your lies! Well I came here to tell you that that cycle ends now!”

“It came from over here!” Meteor heard the voices coming from the other side of the door. As he was distracted, the man in white went for his gun. When he aimed it, the captain was gone. He vanished like a ninja. The men broke down the door to the man in white’s office. They found him lying on the floor in the dark with a gun as they helped him up. One of the men stared at a symbol that was drawn onto his wall. It was a meteorite flying across a moon. The symbol told them that Captain Meteor was onto them. And he will be back.

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