Space Rockers: Dangerous Prospect

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The intrepid space mining crew of The Calista are told to halt their operations on the outskirts of the solar system and head for a rogue asteroid that had been once tagged by the corporation for future prospecting. Reluctantly they were forced to do as instructed and made their way to the large rock floating further out than most in that sector of space. What they discover, buried deep within, will change everything they've ever believed. This is no ordinary rock. But they are no ordinary crew... the danger, the unknown, the adventure of the dig--it's what they live for. They're not just any asteroid mining team, they're the SPACE ROCKERS.

Scifi / Thriller
Jeff Walker
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Prologue: The Future Belongs To Corporations

The 22nd Century…

The Allied Mining Guild Of Earth managed to obtain full outer solar system rights from Earth Core United to begin various operations on outlying prospects around and beyond the Oort Cloud. With that authorization, corporations were now able to reap the benefits and financial means to expand their already increasing empires.

The ECU kept a greater portion of all incoming profits from the AMGOE, the inner system dominated by their authority, and kept the corporations on a tight leash for nearly two centuries. But with this new agreement and legally binding contract, the numerous businesses could now flourish, and reap profit margins like never before.

Biohazard waste moons, deep space exploration, and scientific research facilities had begun to launch of this new era; it was only a matter of time when the mining sectors would move into new sectors of space and continue their operations.

The diversity of new elements, metals and water sources was now limitless. The evolution into specialized mining organizations was inevitable. They created three identities as a result:

Davenport Industries dealt with comet and ice extractions, known as ‘Ice Pickers’, would collect, purify and generate a new sources of water for many ECU colonies.

The Takshimi/Walker Corporation, known as ‘Juicers’ (or Gas Makers) were assigned gas and plasma refineries as they orbited worlds and nebulas that could fuel Earth’s increasing need for future propulsion and energy needs.

And then, there was the Aeon/Thornbolt Corporation. They were the asteroid miners; refining plentiful ores, processing nutrient rich soil, and any carbon deposits they might find. They were given contracts and prospecting rights with higher wages, hazard pay and the backbone of the AMGOE, and while many mockingly called them ‘dirt diggers’, they (however) preferred to call themselves––Space Rockers.

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