Bella Ciao Earth

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A group of people find themselves om a different planet. Now they must face the problems in order to make that place livable. But what happened to Earth??

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Chapter 1

Who could have thought this day would come. Once the liveliest places, were now just a land with 10 people. Wait! But who said all 10 were Humans??

Walking with hand in hand, or maybe hand in tentacle. Families had no guarantee who they were talking to. Humane question, weird reply. Well no one said it was one of those most teen-awaited apocalypse times where aliens took over the world. No, no that is too cliché for me. But something was wrong. 10 billion, maybe 10 million or now 100. Who knows only 10? We repeatedly told them not to do this, but they wont take it seriously and now look at the sufferings. They had so much believe in themselves. They thought nothing could go wrong. Putting 10 billion lives at risk was much more safer for them, than sitting in their living room, having a cup of coffee. They thought they could ruin this dwelling and quietly escape. Oh no! That’s not how this works. They should have known better. This is what happens when we think we have surpassed all intelligence. Was climate change that bad? This was not needed no it was not. But Bella Ciao Earth.

“We can make this work, I promise” “curse you! You shall suffer!”. This outrage was justified. What do you say to people who are responsible of kicking you out of your home? This wasn’t just one family. These were the families who had been kicked out of Earth. These monsters! Dealt with boredom this way. They deserve all this. They could have found a solution to the problems, but not this way. Have you ever missed your home when you shift to a new home? This was similar, just not same. It was about missing a planet!! They thought they had 8 chances? No! We only had Earth, but they thought they could start a new life, a new chance, a new attempt. Oh, no no! Jupiter is not yours. Tween to teens, tees to professional scientists, all are ready to destroy aliens, when the very thrilling apocalypse happens, so what do they think, they wont be fought or defeated? In the usual circumstances, everyone would like to take credit for an innovative idea, but this time no one wants to be the master mind of planning the teleportation of life on Earth to Jupiter! Why? Take credit for your messes. 2080 did bring out some major injuries of Earth but that in any way did not mean that we could just fly off into space and settle in any planet we wanted. Come on people! This is no ice cream flavor that you can get by just pointing at it. Out of 10 billion only 10 made it to Jupiter? Where were they? This was out of everyone’s mind. Even those geniuses who thought they could teleport life to different planets.

Wondering where they went was just a side activity, after dealing with creatures living on Jupiter. Like no you cannot make a contract with people who differ with you in anatomy, living, literally EVERYTHING. Who says they cant use our intelligence for their benefit. It was like presenting yourself to a hungry lion. How many tasks on the list? Finding out the millions of lost people, going back to Earth, saving yourself from the creatures. Some, very adventurous people looked at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to wander around this new planet, some had a full plan of settling down on this land. “Wasn’t Earth spacious enough for them to ruin it, peacefully?” “We are civilized people! Don’t let them take away and ruin our land too” “Don’t worry, this won’t happen, after all what can 10 ordinary people do in front of us?”

Meanwhile, those 10 ordinary people had become 10, enormous looking powerful things. How? Well when way of living differs, then body’s reaction to things shall also differ. The water, Jupiter creatures could control, had a totally different effect on humans. Oh and in all this mess, our extremely genius scientists could never forget to take a sample of that water to test, when they reach back to Earth, if they ever could. There was only one way out of this planet. Nevermind, there was no way out! Now only settling down here was possible and for that we had to forget about those people who were lost in the space. These creatures could not be defeated by the usual use of force and power. The only way to defeat them was to destroy their ultimate source of thinking. It was not what you would suspect. It was like a huge Arduino. It was like the human brain converted in digital and expanded. Smashing was not the way to destroy it. You had to think of something beyond its imagination and that was not easy! It was more of a Brain challenge. Could 10 human brains compete 1 outsider brain? Humans, who never united on Earth had to face this challenge together. They had to study ways of life on Jupiter and come up with an idea greater than that. “ One problem Jupiter has not solved yet is the disease caused due to thin-skin layered bodies. 7 layers of skin protecting us is the only upper hand we have. WE must lnow how to use this.” “Yes that is a very good idea. We could portray on one of their creatures how multiple layered skin modifies life, but we have to be careful not to make their standards higher than us.” All humans started working hurriedly and full of hope on making a human skin sample. They had to use their own skin but if it would result in them gaining a planet, then a little peeled skin never hurts nobody. 3 days, only 3 days later the skin sample was ready and demonstrated on the creatures. This idea obviously overcame their thinking and their master mind was destroyed. This shows how quick solutions are produced under pressure and determination. If only, they had worked this hard to face Earth’s problems, they wouldn’t have ended up here.

Finally, humans got another chance, another attempt on life, hopefully they will not give this up.

10 centuries later

“You know, I have heard that we did not always live here.” “What? Haha, who told you that. It is such a ridiculous rumor.” “No, she is right, even I have heard it” “Yeah, so um whatever I will never believe in this, my Jupiter was always mine.” “Anyways, lets go work on that teleportation machine!”

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