A Different Plain

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Perception Two

Perception 2:

The race of Umbra had been working tirelessly to support their wellbeing. A wellbeing not of their own but of their master. A cruel destructive figure known only to them as the “one-who-brought-them-movement”. This entity demanded sacrifice. It demanded the purification of a base material found in many geological structures around the universe. It drove them to dig on many different planets, some lush and life sustaining and some almost doomed. It drove them and made them believe they needed to dig to survive.

She knew this because she was summoned by this entity. Summoned not as a human but as a blanked of protection for the Umbra race from the creatures that dwelled the planet. She no longer possessed a body, and the end of her life seen only moments ago could have been light years in the past.

She was consciousness and she protected. She watched the Umbra dig, watched them extract the darkness from the ground. A fluid almost as devoid of light as themselves. She witnessed this practice for eons. Time to her was not meaningless. She sensed other creatures on the planet. Creatures of less malicious intent. Great beasts the size of ancient trees burdened with long snouts toiling daily in search of their next meal to sustain their humongous metabolic systems. Small creates, almost invisible to the mind, milling around with heads attached to their scaled backs, looking for vegetation in the dead landscape. The landscape was robbed of any color, existing under a sky of faded purple.

She felt a deep longing when she looked at the sky, a yearning she could not explain to her own consciousness. This feeling of emptiness came about more and more as she sensed the monsters that she was protecting the Umbra from.

The trolled ones walked on legs like some others in the universe. They were over ten feet tall and possessed a deep seeded blood lust, a yearning for destruction. They knew the Umbra was there, knew some alien lifeform had infiltrated their stark and unattractive planet. They wanted to kill, wanted to attack, and maim. The knowledge was given to her a deeper level, a feeling of intuition. And she tried to communicate with the Umbra, tried to warn them, but all attention that she could draw was that of the evil one; “he-who-brought-them-movement”. He meandered through his slaves as they dug. And he always looked up at her. Especially when she sensed the monsters.

He seemed to say; “Be still stolen one. Your presence alone will give us more than enough.”

And he was right. One day, too early to say if the star had risen and too late to say if the moons had sprung, the monsters attacked. However, they did not even make it to the first line of Umbra.

She could see them running, great arms lunging in gasps next to their meaty bodies. Refined teeth snapping in mouths that already anticipated a meal. But that was all. One moment they were a unit, intent on demolition, and the next they were going insane.

They tore at themselves and at their fellows, greedily ripping off arms and legs alike. Screeching in high tones as they fell to the ground. Their doom had come swiftly and through all of this she could see “He-who-brought-movement” smile up at her. He thanked her with his eyes and with a look of pity waved her off.

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