A Different Plain

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Perception Three

Perception 3:

She remained chained to the land long after the Umbra and their dark Devil left. The few living beings that inhabited the planet were soon swept away by the unwavering march of time as the planet’s star faded to deep crimson and its moons were eaten up by the star’s hunger. Thoughts and expectations were normally blessed practices she knew nothing of, but still that longing remained when she looked at the sky. It was not deep purple any longer, more a filthy dark red.

Then one day the light shone again, only for a brief while. A billion flickers of good and grace fell upon her and she saw a vision of purity. There, walking along the barren hills of the mined-out landscape was an angel dressed in light. Her hair twinned to her knees and her eyes danced with concern and compassion. When she spoke, her voice sounded all around, the beautiful melody of a nightingale.

“You’ve been enslaved long enough. Me and my kind have seen many like you. Thrown to the darkest corners of the universe. Go now and be free. Where you want to comprehend your reality will be your choice.”

The angel touched her unformed body and she was catapulted into eternity.

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