The curse

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The curse

For a long period, Ruth's family had a great loss of their beloved ones from generation to generation. At some point Ruth's family thought it was a generational curse.

Ruth was a great believer, a young woman who spent most of her time on her knees even through those losses. Where you'll find Jessica, Ruth would always be there, right beside her. Their bond is unbreakable, like a finger and a nail plate, they were inseparable. Jessica started having stuffy nose, muscle weakness, dry skin and painful joints.

With time, it became worse. This left Jessica feeling helpless.

When Jessica became sick Ruth took care of her, never left her side, day in day out. Ruth is a strong young woman, but as strong as she is, watching her mother in pain and misery took a toll on her. Ruth has not slept for days watching over her sick mother.

One morning she prepared a bath for her mother before they could go to the nearest hospital. But that morning was just a different one, her mother's condition was worse than before.

Jessica that morning woke up in an inexplicable pain. There was nothing more painful tha

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