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The cute part2

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Continuation of the curse part of

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The curse

Ruth looked really troubled and scared.

The nurse comforted her, "You might not have it, but we need to test your blood first before we can give you the BCG vaccine. Just for precautions, from now onwards you must avoid a prolonged physical contact with your mother to prevent getting the disease" she said as she drew blood from Ruth.

Ruth looks at her mother as the nurse took off, she stared at her for a long time that her eyes began to ache and she rubbed them with the heels of the palm of her hands. She took a breath that trembled with barely restrained emotion, then she rested her chin on her hands.

She looked away as she prayed. "My lord, my God, you who never changes. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful friend, a sister and a mother Amen".

As an hour passed, the nurse came back, "Sorry to interrupt Miss Green, the blood results are out and you don't have it. I'll give you this BCG vaccine, it will help you with the prevention of contracting the disease" said the nurse as she injected Ruth. She walked towards Ruth's mother, who's laying on the bed, she began to educate Jessica about her condition as she hoped that Jessica will comply with treatment.

Jessica stayed in hospital for 2 weeks as the doctors and nurses monitored her condition. Because of her painful joints and muscle weakness, Jessica was on bed rest for days. As soon as she felt better Jessica began to mobilize, nurses said mobilising will help her to gain her strength back and also prevent muscle atrophy and joint contractures.

Day in day out nurses administered antibiotics, Jessica was always curious about everything nurses do. They told her that Rifampicin antibiotics help to prevent micro-organisms from developing resistance and help with fighting and treating the bacterial infections, as she asked what they were for.

Before Jessica left the hospital she learnt that there were 3 types of leprosy, namely; tuberculoid leprosy which is mild and self-healing, lepromatous leprosy, which is severe and present in face, hands and feet which Jessica had, and borderline leprosy, which presents with skin lesion.

Slowly but surely Jessica began her road of recovery as they continued observing her. Everyday Ruth would come and visit Jessica. She was happy that Jessica was equipped with knowledge about her condition before she left the hospital. Ruth showed her gratitude to nurses, Jessica's recovery set a light and happiness she haven't experienced for days.

Jessica complied with her treatment until she fully recovered.

Now Jessica is back home, narrating all that she had learned and everything that happened during her stay in the hospital. Jessica also stretched the point of what they all thought the disease was, is apparently just a curable disease that they didn't know about and if they acted before, Ruth's grandfather wouldn't have died.

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