The Aftermath

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A young girl, named Sonya, is plunged into a Science Fiction nightmare. Surrounded by supernatural beings, will she make it out alive or will she perish at the hands of mentally ill, Grant Kane?

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1

Sonya awoke completely disoriented and dizzy upon what appeared to be the floor of the cabin. Thick black smoke burned her throat and emerald eyes as she lifted her head to gaze around at her flaming demise. Fire lapped the walls and rollover flames fanned across the ceiling in a beautifully horrific display. Was this Hell? Her head spun, making her nauseous. Her shoulder twisted with excruciating pains as she attempted to crawl across the cabin floor to the door that was straight ahead. To her, a mere few feet seemed like miles. She moved slowly, but as quickly as she could manage, one knee in front of the other, one hand in front of the other. The pain in her shoulder from a gunshot was nearly paralyzing as it shed a continuous stream of blood. It had soaked the sleeve of her black shirt and dripped down her hand onto the wooden floor in a small trail. The whole right side of her face throbbed from an empty pistol whip. It was so damaged her right eye was nearly swollen shut. Her nose and lip also both leaked crimson.

Suddenly over the roar of the raging hellish flames an eerie creek could be heard above her. Before she had time to move out of the way, a piece of timber came crashing down upon her legs. The floor became speckled at once, littered also with wood splinters, for the beam had fallen at an angle and busted through the floor. Her scream sliced through the thick air and it was here that she was sure she was meant to die, for she had been rendered immobile.

Just then, the door slammed open, revealing a heavenly light beyond. At first she thought it was one of her attackers returning to finish her off, but the way the figure moved was different. It was strange the manner in which it looked as if it had simply glided over to her very side. By now Sonya could feel no pain. The fire that had burned once in her eyes was leaving as she began to surrender her struggle for life. Her breath began light and her vision dark as her heart beat slowed dramatically. The roar of the flames and the creeks of the cabin fell silent, bringing only silence to her ears.

From her unexpected slumber, wherever she was now was too peaceful to panic. The bed she lay upon was covered with white silk sheets that flowed onto the chestnut floors. The room was bright for the balcony doors to her left were open. The parted curtains were also white silk and swayed halfway across the room in the breeze. She could see the beautiful blue of the sky beyond and was beginning to wonder if she had been brought to heaven. Directly in front of her was a white marble fireplace. It was framed with gold and set a calm theme in the room. Finally to her right were two single white doors and a set of white double doors.

She noticed the double doors must have been a closet and that the closest single door, lead to a bathroom. It was open and she could see the gleam of the marble sink beyond. There were no door handles. Instead there were buttons next to each door. Everything looked so futuristic. Her head whirled. Where was she? Also where were her clothes? Her black long sleeved shirt and jeans had been replaced with a blue sun dress. She quickly got out of bed only to gasp and scream in delight and horror. Her legs! Her mind was in a state of panic as she collapsed back on to the white silk sheets. She observed them carefully, poked them with her fingers and felt their warmth. She pulled her dress up past her thigh and inspected them for stitches or scars, but there wasn't a scratch to be found, in fact, her birthmark was still in tack on the back of her thigh. She then put a hand upon her cheek searching for the place in which she had been struck with an empty pistol out of desperation. There was nothing to be found.

She hopped out of the bed once again and slowly headed to the bathroom, still unsure of her legs across the wooden floors. Once her bare feet were upon the white tiles, she gazed in the oval mirror above the sink for a long period of time. The mirror's light shined brightly upon her face a result of motion sensors. Nothing appeared different about her. Her skin was still light and her cheeks still remained their usual soft pink. Her lips were a slight darker shade of pink in comparison. They were no longer busted to her amazement. Her calm dark green eyes were free of their usual circles from her restless nights of worry. Even her curly brown hair was neat and kempt. This had to be heaven. She had no aches or pains from the situation she had been in, but knew very well that it hadn't been dreamt of nor imagined. She walked from the bathroom and to head towards the second door.

She pressed the button beside it and the door slid open to the side. Into a long corridor she waltzed, amazed at its length and how many other rooms were along it. With such height the walls made it feel less trapped. The paint was cream colored and the doors were wooden. Above her head upon the wall, futuristic scotches lit the way. In the center of the corridor Sonya noticed there were small black round objects upon the ceiling which she assumed were cameras. She had no idea where she was to go, for not a single person was in sight. She ended up pacing the soft red carpeted corridor twice. It had yellow lines which crossed, forming diamond shapes, and it was fragranced with carpet freshener.

She wondered if it was polite to knock on the wooden doors or not. When all hopes seemed lost her eyes fell upon a little girl who had appeared feet away from her. Perhaps she had come from a room? The beautiful little girl looked to be at least ten years old, and took off in freight in the other direction. "Excuse me!" Sonya said politely darting after her. Her legs felt stronger than before, but the young girl was still very quick and hard to keep up with. The way the girl moved was almost ghost like. Was this a part of Sonya's imagination too? It sent shivers down her spine, but she still chased after the girl in hopes she held some answers for her. "Please! I don't know where I am!"

Her streak of white blonde hair streamed behind her, and she made an unexpected turn into a room somewhere towards the end. Sonya was too far away to see which door exactly it was that she entered and slowed her pace. She hesitated before she opened the second to last door then quietly pressed the button to open it.

Her eyes slowly moved from the chestnut floors to a very stormy scene ahead. A man who wore a black vest over a burgundy blouse with loose, black dress pants, stood before a woman. Sonya couldn't see his face, only the back of his short, blonde-haired head. As for the woman, she had long, straight, black hair, darkened brown eyes, and messy rouged lips. A pile of clothes were clearly beneath the man's feet that stood before her. His spiked cufflinks stuck out at his sides with his hands on the woman's sun kissed, yet purple splotched legs that were wrapped around his waist. Sonya was sure the woman was going to look up and see her at any moment from her sitting position on the desk, but she appeared intoxicated for her eyes were glassy. Quickly without any further observations, Sonya took to her leave, hoping she hadn't been noticed and wishing she could forget the whole thing.

It was definitely the other door. She pressed the button and began to run into another room, but in it was a winding staircase that she nearly tumbled down. She grabbed onto the black iron railing to catch herself then continued down the stairs with a bit more caution. Small lights lined the edges of the stairs like those of a movie theatre. They almost seemed as if they went on forever. At the end of the stairwell she found herself in a new setting that appeared to be a basement. She stopped her chase as the young girl disappeared into the darkness of the room. Once her eyes adjusted, it was clear what was before her.

She could see the perfect outline of a man's figure that only stood twenty feet from her, a towering six feet six inches. Sonya saw with horror as the man turned his attention to the girl, for his eyes flashed in the dark like that of a wolves. She wanted to scream. She wanted to run, but suddenly she felt his eyes on her.

The man knelt beside the girl, tilting his head with a questionable gesture as he put his hand under her chin. His deep mysterious voice was barely audible and obviously what was said wasn't meant for her to hear. With his hand still under the girl's chin, he moved her gaze towards her. "This is my niece, Fay." He dropped his hand from Fay's chin, and she rested her head against his chest, wrapping her arms around his torso. It was quiet for a long moment. It seemed as if they were having an undetectable conversation. Before Sonya knew it, the little girl had gone and now the man stood once again. His eyes locked on her. Or was it her?

"Son, please show our guest around." He nodded once. Obviously there was someone behind her. The man turned his back to her and vanished from sight deeper into the darkness. Why were the lights off? How could he see where he was going? The knot in her throat began to leave.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." His voice chimed low, but lively. Sonya turned to face him. He stood beside the lit spiral staircase with his back against the frame, giving off a memorable silhouette. His arms were crossed and his right foot was propped up on the frame as well. "Shall we?" He gestured toward the stairwell.

As they climbed their ascent Sonya continuously eyed the boy suspiciously. He was only a few inches shorter than her, about thirteen or fourteen years old. The boy had a peaceful look to him. His features were soft and welcoming, but his stifling blue eyes so bright, were like ice. His short black hair intensified them, but complemented his pale complexion as well as his black button up and grey dress pants. He smelt of faint cologne, a soft and pleasant fragrance.

He quickly got a side glance at her with his dark circled eyes. They were so dark she thought he was wearing makeup. "What are you looking at?" he questioned not in a completely rude manner. Sonya looked down. She wanted to ask him so many questions, but she didn't know where to start. "Sorry. You probably don't know what's going on right now," his eyes fell upon her. They seem to have liquefied. She could tell he wasn't used to visitors. "My name is Conan. That was my father Malachi, and my cousin Fay."

"It's nice to meet you…" was all she could really reply at the moment. It still didn't feel real that she was there.

He smiled his perfect smile revealing his radiant white teeth as he raised his left eye brow. "Let me show you around the place. You'll be staying with us for a few weeks while you recover." Sonya looked down at herself, but she was healed. Wasn't she? Before she could even ask, he spoke. "Other than physically, you need to recover mentally. My father is an amazing doctor who knows best."

"So why were you in that old dirty abandoned cabin anyway?" Conan asked her randomly as they went about their way, finishing the stairwell. They went back down the lengthy red corridor to another stairwell on the opposite end.

"I didn't think anyone cared," she told him.

He swiped a side glance at her. "In a restricted area that was clearly private property?"

They turned to their rights and walked in silence for a few moments until Sonya spoke up again. "I've always gone to that abandoned cabin since I was a little girl. I believed it was my club house and after all these years I never thought anyone cared. So even as an adult, I kept going just to get away."

They then walked into a nicely furnished living room. The floors were wooden and above a dual sided fireplace was a flat screen television. Sonya noticed this had to be the only room with a television in it, she didn't find that the main attraction though. A large picture-more like a mural behind her of the entire Mansion was painted on a huge canvas. She got one last look at the mural and a glimpse of other furniture, such as a brown velvet couch and recliner, and followed him out of an adjacent door. "This is the main living room." Conan pointed out. The wooden floors went well with the black and silver theme. There was a black leather couch and a black marble fireplace, which served as the other side to the dual fireplace. It had a silver framing, but black wasn't the reason she liked the room. It was the magnificent piano. Its glossy black paint gleamed in the light from the enormous chandelier above.

Conan sat down at the piano and she followed, sitting down beside him. He started with some simple keys.

"Do you play?" he asked with a smile, seeing her enthusiastic face.

"I haven't in years, but I loved to play when I was younger." She smiled back, remembering her mother had taught her. She missed her and as a little girl she had taken much after her. She loved to garden, cook, and help Kimberly out around the house. She could always remember and imagine the fragrances of the candles her mother used to burn, and would never forget all the children she helped her mother watch, for she ran a day care center many years ago. Unfortunately she had passed away from diabetic shock. As for her father, she had never known him. Her older brother Keith was left in charge of caring for her. Up until this point, they rented an apartment together.

Sonya sighed with a sudden question racking her brain. "What's your mother's name?"

Conan had gone from simple single notes to complicated combinations of keys. It turned into a pretty melody as an annexed expression came over his face.

"I don't have a mother." He finally answered and stopped playing. Sonya looked confused. Why had he worded it like that? Maybe he never knew his mother.

"I'm sorry," she replied. He picked up his melody again, playing it slow at first then fast. She had never heard anything so beautiful since her mother's playing. She sat quietly and listened to the calming tunes Conan played for her. For a moment her mind had gone blank soaking up every note he played until her eyes fell upon a bouquet of black roses. Their stems and leaves were blood red, but their thorns were black like the petals. They sat in a vase on a small table in the corner of the room. They looked so real, but that couldn't be possible. She stood, curiosity getting the best of her once more, and walked to the vase.

Conan's music had come to an abrupt stop. "Please don't…" Before he could finish his sentence her fingers gingerly grazed the black rose petals. They were real.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. Conan sighed.

"It's ok. They're just unstable and touching them shortens their life span." Sonya turned to Conan. "Once you get it right all the bushes need is sugar water. You cut them a certain way and handle them with gloves."

"You made these?" she asked.

"My uncle did, but my father doesn't appreciate his work. He doesn't really like the whole idea of genetic engineering." Sonya looked back to the living roses she hadn't touched. The more she thought about it the more she detested the idea of manipulated roses too. Though they were pretty, she knew their true natural looks had been defaced and distorted. The words, genetic engineering, kept ringing in her mind. "We should probably move on." Conan finally broke the silence after reading the look on her distraught face.

They went to the next set of doors in the room. Within the dining room was a large table. It was a typical dining room. The black table was already set with amazingly fine china. The crystal clear cups glistened along with the elegant silverware. Conan laughed, pulling out a red cushioned chair at the table.

"Would you like some tea and crumpets?" He asked overly formal. Sonya laughed at him and sat down at the opposite end of the long table. She had picked up on his sarcasm.

"Yes, my kind sir."

"Honestly we never eat in here. It's just for looks except for when we have important guests over, or on holidays." He added. "I don't even know what a crumpet is," he snickered, getting up. He gestured toward another door further down from the one they had entered. Sonya stood, but he only shook his head. "This is the door to the kitchen. You'll never need to lift a finger in here. You can check it out though, if you want." He opened the door to allow her to gaze in.

Her eyes sparkled. It was the biggest kitchen she had ever seen, but the only down side about it was that it was extremely modern, too modern for her liking with all the silver and chrome appearing appliances. A few cooks were at work preparing dinner. "You will rarely ever need to go in here. Just sit down at the table when you're hungry and they'll come," he said pointing to the camera in the corner. He briskly walked into the entrance of the dining room. Sonya followed him back into the main living room and looked at the entrance. "CAIN" was etched into the glass of the silver framed double doors, though it read backwards at the moment being inside. "Would you like to go outside for a bit? It's nice out." Sonya nodded, overjoyed. She could finally get to see the mural on the wall come to life.

Outside, as the sun, which peaked behind trees, hit her shoulders she realized just how cold being in the mansion had really been. She took a deep breath of fresh air. The scent from a nearby lilac bush filled her nose along with the smell of grass. Birds chirped gleefully among themselves, probably discussing the weather.

Sonya opened her closed eyes tracing every scent and sound to its source. Lilac bushes were left and right. She then turned to look at the grey mansion, but all that her eyes could see was the transparent glass door. She fell on her knees in awe and cupped her mouth with her hand with her heart thudding in her chest.

"Are you going to be alright?" he asked looking at the wildlife and nature as it completely surrounded them.

"How…" she asked reaching her hand out beside the door. She felt that there was in fact a structure there, but she couldn't see it. She could feel its shingled exterior as well as the doorframe.

"Is a cloaking mechanism," he explained to her, "to hide us from tracking satellites."

She continued to stare at the single door that stood out against the surrounding nature. She then turned her attention towards him. His eyes had gone completely black. At once, she let a blood curdling scream.

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