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Hard-hitting detective Damien Ortega is relentless when it comes to catching criminals to justice. Willing to get the job done no matter how hard the case is, Damien has made a name for himself as a man who gets the job done. But when his childhood love Rose Houston becomes the latest victim of the serial killer his world changes completely. Being able to mysteriously move through parallel universes, Damien now lives in both worlds as a man who must pay the sins of his father and as a man forced to live an uncertain life due to the sins of others. He soon learns that his deceased love may be gone in one world but is very much alive in the other. Vowing to track her killer in one world, while trying to protect her in the other, Damien soon realizes that he can’t do this alone. Seeking the help of his colleagues in both universes, they’ll do whatever it takes to track down the killer in one world and protect his love in the other. But will their efforts to track down the killer in either universe will be enough?

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The rain never seemed to bother Rose as she walked the streets seeing people with their umbrellas fleeing as fast as they could to their homes. She in fact liked the rain for some reason, it was very soothing and relaxing for her. She unclasped the gate of her home and closed it as soon as she walked in.

Her house rumbled with thunder as she removed her shoes and dropped her backpack onto the floor. She stood there for several seconds realizing that it was eerily quiet with only the sounds of rain hitting against the windows.

“Dad”. There was no answer as she slowly walked up the stairs to find the living room partially dark with the streetlight as the only source of light. “Dad” she called out again but no answer

Rain poured as Damien frantically ran to search for his father but he was nowhere to be seen. He soon stumbles upon a group of people surrounded by something or someone.

Rose slowly goes into the living room only to be startled by the music playing on the alarm clock, she goes over to the alarm clock and turns it off. She turns her attention back to looking for her father until something wet comes into her sock.

She slowly looked down to see her socks covered in blood and followed the trail of the blood only to find her father’s dead body. Her eyes began to fill with tears as she slightly gasped and stood there frozen insight.

“What happened here,” said Damien as he asked a couple standing a few feet away from where the group was standing by. “We don’t know for sure for happened, all we know is that a poor old man got hit by a car, the car didn’t even bother to stop” The woman was tightly embraced with her husband underneath the umbrella as the rain still continued to pour.

Damien walked over and pushed the people aside only for him to get on his knees. “Father” He shouted as he saw his father’s dead body onto the floor. “No, no, come on, what are you guys still standing here for, call 911”. Damien continued to call for his father but no response.

She couldn’t stop her hands from shaking, her hands that were filled with her father’s blood. Rose looked up as a cup was placed onto her hands and found the comfort of Chief Rachel who sat down beside her. “I promised your father that I would look after you, even Damien”. Rachel pointed out to Damien following suite of his father’s body being brought into the emergency room.

Rose said nothing as she turned to Rachel who hugged her and placed her head gently on her shoulder.

Damien paced back and forth as he anxiously waited for the doctor to come out and tell him whether his father is going to survive or not. His hands were slightly stained with blood but he didn’t even bother to go wash them off. The doctor finally came out and Damien quickly walked over to him. “I’m sorry kid, but he didn’t make it”

“No no no, please, please” Damien tightly grasped the doctors coat as he started to break down into tears. “I’m sorry son please have a seat” The doctor guided Damien onto the chair and Damien placed his hands onto his forehead.

He silently stared at the photo of his father that was placed on the wood table alongside his coffin. Nothing was ever going to be the same again without his father, no matter what people said about him, he’ll always be his father.

Damien put his hand in his pocket only to take out a gold necklace that his father had in his hands when he died and stared at it until he finally put it away. He looked up onto the next room only to catch Rose eyes, they both didn’t say a word as they kept staring at each other.

And from that moment they knew what they would become.

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