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"Von, we need to hide!" Hinatak ni Professor Bonavich si Von papatago sa iskinita kung saan naghihintay sina Cassie at Cain, ngunit nagpapasag siya.

Si Mira! She needs me!

"No! I need to save Mira! she needed me!" Hindi na namalayan ni Von na tumutulo na pala ang mga luha niya.

"Please! let me go!" Sigaw niya, dahilan para magsisulputan ang mga infected people at sinugod sila.


"Prof! get in!" Nagmamadaling pumasok sila sa sasakyan at mabilis na pinaandar ito. Umalog ang sasakyan, mukhang naabutan sila.

'hmmf!' nagpapalag siya ngunit nabilis na tinakpan ng duck tape ang bibig niya at tinalian siya ni Cassie. Wala na siyang nagawa kun'di ang umiyak na lang sa gilid. Kinuha nito ang silencer at pinagbabaril ang mga infected humans.

'Those fuckers! They take mira away from him!'

'They gonna pay for what they did! Monster! Those fucking monsters! Don't dare to lay a hand to mira'

His tears feels like river it never stop.

"You're pain in the ass, you know that?" Prof. Bonavich said. Hindi nya ito pinansin. Hinayaan nitong makuha si Mira.

"You want to save, Mira in that condition? You against Lacos? You've got to be kidding me." Pagak na tumawa ito, ngunit hindi niya ito pinakinggan. " You know, your father wouldn't do that, even that your mother is in Mira's place."

Saka lang siya napatingin rito. "You need a strength to fight back, not that stubborn ass of yours. Mira is a stronger that you think."

"Yeah, kaya kahit na alam nilang ikaw ang anak ng rival nila Hindi ikaw ang kailangan nila. You need to be as stronger as her mentally and physically." Sagot pa ni Cain.

Matapos nilang magsalita ay nahulog siya sa malalim na pagkakatulala.

They're right.

I'm gonna come to you, Mira. Just wait a little longer.

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