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"and if you are reading this, it means i made it. i've escaped. and now, well, now i'm in your world." in the fairytale world you think is so perfect has one person who's figured everything out. it's no longer just the "fairytale world", it's the "fairytale worlds". the way her society works. the way she and others have been controlled.

Scifi / Fantasy
ainsley lor
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deja vu

you know that feeling? the one where you wish you were that princess being rescued from the tower by the one that will soon be the love of your life? or where you fight for what's right in your mind and soon meet the love of your life by doing exactly that? and you say you'd do anything to live in a fairytale world where there's singing and rainbows and happily ever afters. a world without flaw, right?

i wish i could say that fairytales were made up, but they are occurrences that happen in my world, in my time, in my life, along with many others. they just don't realize it yet.

every year, we reset. now i know you may be thinking, "reset? what do you mean?". you see, in every universe, each fairy tale is different. "how?". every year, we're either sent to different universes or different places in the world where we create new versions of fairytales. they give us pills to forget what our past life is, who we really are. when we awake, we're in a new body. we forget everything. the only thing you remember is the basic function of "humanity". it's rare to stay in the same body you've had before. and when you stay in the same body, you can unlock memories, or feel like you've done something before. deja vu is the term for it i believe.

and if you are reading this, it means i made it. i've escaped. and now, well, now i'm in your world.

i know what you must be thinking. "if you forget everything, how do you know all of this?". that's the dangerous part. the sneaking. i never thought i'd figure it out, but i did. i stopped taking the pills. they say we'd get very sick and die if we did. but they're wrong. i'd know.

so much for a perfect world, huh?

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