The Man Who Would Be Savior

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Thank you for reading my short story. If you enjoy my writing style, and if you like the Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, and Jack Ryan characters, sprinkled with an underlying sci-fi theme, you will enjoy my Lucas Forge Novel series.


Dr. Lucas Forge is torn between two choices: catching the cartels with his intellect, or stopping them with a bullet. The fate of the world is at stake.


The world of the drug cartels is shifting drastically. A ruthless South American drug lord is killing off the competition with designer drugs, bullets, and shamanistic powers. His chemists are creating the ultimate addicting drug; one exposure and you are addicted forever.

One man, Dr. Lucas Forge, a Covert Ops forensic psychologist, and his team of multi-talented spec ops forces, are the only ones who stand in his way.

The Genesis Connection is the second book and the Prequel to the Lucas Forge series.

Buy this book to continue the epic series today.

Here is a sample of Book One in the Lucas Forge Novel series, The Mendoza Connection. Please buy this book to start the adventure.

The Mendoza Connection in Paperback or Kindle.

The Mendoza Connection

A Lucas Forge Novel

By Scott Sindelar


Clean House Press

ISBN 978-1-888774-06-1

Copyright © 2014 by Scott Sindelar, PhD

All rights reserved.

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