The Man Who Would Be Savior

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First, and foremost, I thank my wife, the fascinating. fetching and exuberant Susan. You put up with too much loneliness during my affair with writing. Still, you continued to support me with your passion and insight. Thank you for making me take long walks in the mornings and reminding me of our love.

I thank my long-time friend and fellow adventurer, Brad Lindsay, trike pilot, inventor, creative thinker, and lover of fun and excitement. Your passion and inventions that can help save the world, inspire me in so many ways. Click here to check out his energy saving products. Or, go to

Not least of all, I thank my loving daughter, Hallory, whose transformation into an intelligent, creative, and beautiful young woman, has opened my eyes to the world of a new generation. She reminds me that there is still hope for this world.

To my many mentors and friends throughout the years who have blessed me with your knowledge, insight, and support. Some of you know who you are, and some will remain anonymous for varied reasons. Thank you all.

Finally, I wish to thank you, my readers. I hope you enjoyed reading this short story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. If you liked this story, please tell your friends.

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Here are links to my books:

The Pinacate Connection - a Lucas Forge Novel: Book 2

The Mendoza Connection - a Lucas Forge Novel: Book 1

The Genesis Connection - A Lucas Forge Novel -A Prequel (Book 0):

COMING 7/31/2020- The Brujo Connection -a Lucas Forge Novel: Book 3.

Children’s book:

The Adventures of Ralph, The Superhero Flying Squirrel

Self- Help book:
Conquering the Fear of Rejection:

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