King Eden

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Part Three: Syndicate

“There is love in me the likes of which you’ve never seen. There is rage in me the likes of which should never escape. If I am not satisfied in the one, I will indulge the other.”

--Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

A PSA for the People of Earth, brought to you by The Elite, your humble observers from afar.

In the years after the Fallout, a strange virus appeared that we assume was created by the toxic radiation left from the war. In all of human history we have seen nothing like it. Our elders recognized it as the imminent end of our kind and raced to build a new community here on Mars, where we live without infection and have since then, discovered a cure.

The virus acts as a constantly expanding parasite. It searches for a body that is large enough to accommodate it, if it cannot find one, it will try to create such means within its current host. In the early stages of infection, the victim will experience intense euphoria, an increase in physical strength, and an increase in resilience and healing. However over time the parasite outgrows the host, violently mutating the flesh and blood prison as it grows uncontrollably, like a tumor that never stops adding onto itself. It will continue to feed off of the original host in order to sustain this form. This late stage, nicknamed ‘The Beast’ form, is what created the monsters that you people so enjoy hunting for personal glory. By disconnecting the host from the Beast form, the monsters dissipate and send their spores out into the world to be picked up once again.

In this way the first few generations were desolated, either devoured by beasts or killed by the disease in the early stages. We have been waiting here on Mars for the rest of the humans to die out in the hopes that the virus will die out with you, so that once day we can return home.

But evolution surprises us all. From afar we have watched the ancient humans become resilient to the disease, able to handle low doses of it without entering the Beast form and living in peace and health, despite suffering some mild symptoms. Seeing this has given us great hope, for we can cure those who are in the early stages and live among you as one, instead of waiting for you to die out. If we don’t cure the disease at this point in time, it will continue its evolution and become too difficult to control, and far outweigh the abilities of our medical technology.

Unfortunately, we observed the customs of the Tribes and their practice of self-infection to increase the strength and resilience of the human body during the early stages. Although the virus provides strange and elusive powers, this procedure is a heavy concern of ours. The more injections a person receives, the closer they come to the Beast stage, and the risk of spreading the spores skyrockets. These Tribes are the reason why the virus continues to thrive and spiral out of control, creating new strains that we don’t have the means to cure.

For this reason we urge the Tribes to stop the practice of Self-Infection. It is ruining the fate of our worlds as a whole and will guarantee the end of our race at the hands of a disease that we could have handled. Mars is a lovely planet, but it is small, and we would love to one day come home. But because of your customs it is not safe to do so. It is not safe to live among the Beasts. It is not safe to live among those who actively encourage the mutation of a rapidly changing virus. Although we are increasingly able to handle it’s effects, it’s evolution is still ahead of ours.

As the Minister of the Elite I consider myself a kind and just leader, but like you I am willing to do what it takes to protect my people. Either give up the practice of self-infection, or suffer the consequences. I have ordered the Legion to cleanse the Earth of those who disobey. It is a barbaric order, one that pains me to give, but we have deemed it necessary for the sake of preserving our kind and uniting our worlds once more.

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