Lost In A Game ( By Leon)

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I was at home playing a new game called The War that was like Minecraft but it had more stuff and was more realistic. I was having a lot of fun until some

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List In A Game

I was at home playing a new game called The War that was like Minecraft but it had more stuff and was more realistic. I was having a lot of fun until some lightning struck my home . I woke up in this strange world in my underground base that I had made in the game.

“This can’t be real” I whispered to myself.

“Who’s there! Answer me or I’ll chop off your head with an axe ” A familiar voice yelled, It was my brother Inferno so he had also got zapped into the game.

“It’s just me!”

“Who?” Inferno asked

“Me! Leon!”

“Oh, you got zapped in the game too?”

“Yep” I answered.

“Well, we do make a good team in this game” he laughed.

“Well what are you doing in my base?” I asked.

“Oh I was just mining and then I fell here, I got up and hid, then I got zapped in the game. How are we gonna get out of your base and out of this game?

“Well I don’t know how to get out of this game, but I know how to get out of this base.”

I led him to my secret exit then showed him the secret entrances.

“Wow this must have taken a lot of effort to make because of all the security.”

“Yep, my hard work is put to good use.”

“Does this have a name?”Inferno asked.

I answered, “Yep, the Aybus.”

“Oh no that reminded me about…” he was cut off by Leon.

“You mean in the greknigh... oh you mean to say that the Aybus in greknight2324 connects to the front of the start of the game?” I began to shake when he said after he was going to complete the word greknight2324. At the start of the game the front said the main thing is to win a war. I said “Oh, dang it I set this world on hardcore”.


“Hey what’s wrong with that? It’s because I wanted to give myself a challenge.”

“It’s just we are in the game now Leon.” Inferno said “how are we going to get out?

Then I thought of something, the Realiter! “The Realiter!”

“Oh, that makes sense, but where is it? It’s supposed to come with us?”

“Maybe someone took it.”

“Oh, we need to get back to my base, it’s getting dark.”

We ran back to my base, but a huge group of 60 zombies were following me. We tried to fight the zombies off, but there were too many.

“How are we going to win?” Inferno cried

Then I remembered my four glowing blue double sided swords “can you hold off the zombies for a few seconds?”

“I’ll try!”

I dashed to my room with the swords, then I quickly dashed back and threw 2 swords at him. He caught them, then said “Where did you get these?”

“No time to explain! We need to fight!”

When we were done, we had no trouble falling asleep, Inferno and I dashed to our beds and fell asleep.

I woke up, Inferno was already up, when he saw me he started saying

“I woke up at 6:03AM today and saw a cave that has a lot of diamonds! I mined all of them, but then more diamonds were made randomly.

Then I found a village with someone in it that wanted to trade for sixty diamonds, I traded 60 of my for a map that has something that gives anybody touching it some magic that can strengthen our powers.”

“Let’s go!”

We ran to the place it was a library with books that had blue magic enchanted words, I couldn’t read it, it was a different language. But when I opened a book an alert sounded “Get out of here!” Someone said. It was a green thing, “Wait, you guys the mark?” The green thing said “Come!”

We followed after him

“My name is technology, and on your arm is the magic mark. It means you need to have all the magic. Inferno you have the fire mark that’s why i know your name, you need all fire and lava magic. And Leon you need all legendary magic,you have the legendary mark. I’ll give you the magic you need, after you will need to go south. That’s a base of a person that stole some of the magic, and kill him in an ambush.”

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