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The Battle Of Ivy, Stella, and Graymore (By Zelie)

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Once there was a planet called p-Sore where there was a family that had super powers. There was Ivy...

Scifi / Fantasy
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Once there was a planet called p-Sore where there was a family that had super powers. There was Ivy, she was 35 years old. She could code people’s DNA to be good, she could fly, she had red laser eyes, and she could make objects with her hands. Ivy’s weakness is tomato sauce, because on p-Sore, there is tomato sauce, and when the aliens are in contact with tomato sauce, the tomato sauce removes all the alien’s super powers. She had an adopted sister named Stella. She could move objects with her mind, and she could fly. Her weakness is water because robots can be destroyed with water.

One day, Graymore, a bad guy from p-Sgruge, was so sad that his planet had been destroyed by Ivy and Stella because he wanted to be Emperor of the universe. He could jump as high as he wanted. His weakness is good people because on Graymore’s home planet it’s a force of badness to be good, and a long time ago God had made a spell on on the people of p-Sgruge to be weak when good people are being good. Ivy and Stella destroyed his home planet so that the potions and bombs that would help for his plan in his home planet would be destroyed.

So he wanted revenge on them and he made a plan to destroy Ivy and Stella’s planet. But planet p-Sore and Roboto could only be destroyed by destroying Sara 64028 that was a machine. Sara had super powers. Its magic can make the superheroes or people that want to protect her stronger and more powerful. So Graymore planned to destroy Sara 64028 so that his plan to be emperor of the universe wouldn't be interrupted .

He saw an army of guardians, and he was surprised that he saw Ivy and Stella, and remembered that they knew what he was doing. So he said: “I will destroy Sara 64028 because you destroyed my planet. You will pay for your crimes.” Then Ivy said: “I destroyed your planet so that you wouldn’t rule the Universe. Because, you had everything you needed to rule the Universe, Graymore, you know that.” But Graymore didn’t listen, and started a battle. He had a secret that nobody knew, even his family that passed away. He had the power to fire electricity to aliens or people.

So he took some energy, and blasted some electricity to Stella and Ivy. But it did nothing to Stella, it actually made her stronger because she’s a robot, and robots need electricity to be stronger. Ivy made a mirror to bounce the electricity to Graymore that did not affect him because his name isn’t actually Graymore, it’s Electricity Man! So electricity makes him stronger, like Stella. When Sara saw how much they protected her, she realized that they were really super heroes and gave them all the power she had to make them so powerful that Ivy and Stella destroyed Graymore. That day, Sara 64028 gave Stella and Ivy a first place guardian , that ment that Ivy and Stella would have the most powerful magic in the universe to thank them. They lived happily ever after.

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