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Secret Powers

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The Mikeals have always been normal. Anyone who sees them sees a completely normal family with two parents and a twin brother and sister. That is what they want them to see, though. The have a secret that nobody can know or they would be put in a lab. They don't want people to know their secret. What happens when they are put in a position that has them tell people their secret? SEQUEL IS UP!!

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1

I am sorry if this gets weird or boring. Just tell me in the comments what I should change or start doing. I won’t be offended at all, promise! Plus, this is my first story. Also, as far as I can tell, this entire story will be in Blair’s point of view. This story has some mild swearing in it.

Also, I’m looking for a beta reader, if you know one, or are one, please contact me.

Finally, and I promise this is the last thing, I had already written this on Tumblr, Wattpad, Ao3, and FF before I published it on Inkitt, so some of the A/Ns might be weird reading now. But, I do not intend to update them

– your author


If you saw my family you wouldn’t see anything abnormal, and that’s what we want you to see. My name is Blair Mikeals, and my family has superpowers. I’ve never used them in public, but my parents have. They used to be Titan and Electris. But, most people only know of them as myths told by parents to make children feel safe. Little do they know, the myths aren’t really myths. My dad was the invincible Titan with his super strength and invulnerability. My mom was Electris with her electricity manipulation. But, now they are Anna and Max Mikeals, parents of teenage twins! I know, quite the demotion. I have a twin brother named Jax and we both have powers, too. We are 16 years old. We came up with out own superhero names when we were kids. I’m Frostbite and he is Phoenix. If you can’t figure out our powers from the names, I have cold and ice manipulation and he has fire and heat manipulation. He can make fire appear and I can make ice appear, both through our hands or on something. I know, we are complete opposites when it comes to our powers. We are juniors at Apple Valley High. We act like completely normal teenagers with completely normal teenage problems.

-End Prologue-

“Blair! Stop!” I heard in the distance, “Get control of yourself!”

I shot up. I looked around my room. It was covered in ice and my hair was white.

“I’m sorry, mom” I said.

“It’s ok,” she told me, “Just, have your brother melt it before you go to school. And try to practice getting control over this. I don’t think you want this happening at school, do you?”

“Got it,” I said.

I rolled out of bed. My room was connected to Jax’s by a bathroom, so I just went through and told him to melt the ice. He did. (I know, vague!) I got dressed for school. Today I decided to wear a mint colored loose cropped shirt, jeans, and leather lace-up boots. I put some mascara on, but that’s it on makeup. I’m not really into that kind of thing. I went to the mirror to put my hair into a french-braid, but when I got there, I realized my hair was still white and my eyes were still white/blue. (Picture a younger Killer Frost, basically)

“Crap!” I exclaimed.

I quickly turned it back to the light brown of my normal hair color. Then, I braided it. When I picked up my phone, I saw the time. It was 7:45! I was going to be late!

“Jax, lets go!” I yelled on my way down the stairs.

Once I got to the bottom step, I felt a hot burn on my shoulder.

“Ow! Jax, I am going to kill you!” I yelled when I saw him to my right with his hand on fire. I could feel my eyes and hair changing already. Great!

“Easy there snowflake, just having some fun. Chill out!” He said with his hands up in defense.

“Really? CHILL OUT!” I yelled with cold mist coming out of my mouth.

I blasted him with ice. As soon as I did it, I changed back into myself. I couldn’t believe I did that! I mean, Jax can be annoying, but he is still my brother! The other side of me is getting stronger.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry! Are you alright?” I asked him as he fell the the floor holding his chest where I hit him.

Cold mist was coming from the wound. I tried to go check on him, but he scooted away from me. He was afraid of me! I genially scared him! I couldn’t believe this was all happening before school had even started!

But, because his body temperature is so hot, the ice melted pretty fast. It just left a big hole in his t-shirt.

“What the hell is going on here?!” My dad yelled as he entered the room.

“I...I...I didn’t mean to! I swear! I just got so mad so quick and then I lost control and my other side took over and it was like I was-” I started.

“Calm down, B. I’m fine, just breathe,” Jax told me.

It was then I realized he was standing up and was trying to hug me. I looked at my dad and saw that my mom was next to him. I took a deep breath.

“It was like I was just watching from above, not in control of myself,” I told them, “I’m so, so sorry,“.

“It’s fine, I totally provoked it!” Jax reassured me.

“You good?” Dad asked.

“I’m fine, dad. Can I go to school? The bus is here,” I asked.

“Sure, just take it easy, ok?” Mom said, “And, Jax? Change your shirt.”

“Thanks!” I said, “Bye!”

“Got it!” Jax said as he was putting on a fresh shirt.

I ran out the door with Jax right next to me. I shoved him, he shoved back. You know, normal sibling stuff.

When we got onto the bus, he and I went to our friends. There are three girls and two boys in total besides Jax and I. The girls are Lucy, Caitlin, and Lux. The boys are Lucas and Cole. Lucy has light brown hair in a bob with green eyes. Caitlin has long, wavy black hair and dark brown eyes. Lux has mid-length blond hair with bright blue eyes. Lucas has short, curly light brown hair with hazel eyes. Cole has straight, short blond hair with green/blue eyes. Those are our friends!

“Hey, Wonder Twins!” Cole said when we sat down, “What’s been happening in the mystery house?”

I rolled my eyes, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Unlike my rude sister, I will say hello,” Jax said to our friends.

You see, our friends have never been to our house before because then they would find out our family’s secret. They have always wanted to know what is so important that they can’t see. We told them it was a project our parents have been working on. Our parents’ cover story is that they are scientists, so it was believable enough.

When we got to school, our group split in half. One half went to their homeroom, and the other one went to their’s. My group had Lucy, Jax, Lux, and Cole in it. Our homeroom teacher is Mr. Barber. He always falls asleep right after he takes roll, so we can do whatever we want for the rest of homeroom. Today was the same as any. Mr. Barber fell asleep right after taking role. Our group decided to play a game. The vote ended up having us play Truth or Dare. Let this be noted, I did not vote for this game. Of course, Jax did because he has no sense of what could out our secret.

“I’ll go first!” Lux announced, “Lucy, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Lucy answered.

“I dare you to kiss Cole,” Lux said.

Lucy has never been one to back down to a challenge, so she put on a brave face and started walking over to where Cole was sitting. They got ready, and then they pecked each other on the lips. It was over in one second. Both of them wiping their lips off as if the other had cooties.

“My turn to ask the question,” Lucy said with a mischievous smile.

I knew what was coming. She was going to ask the question that could end Jax and I’s normal life. She has always been the one who didn’t believe that our parents were working on a project that nobody could see. She just got more suspicious as the years went on.

“Blair, truth or dare?” Lucy asked me.

I did not want to end up like her and Cole, so I went with the only other option. I know it could end badly, but I did not feel like kissing anyone this early in the morning.

“Truth,” I answered.

“Tell us the real reason why we aren’t allowed in your house,” Lucy told me.

I knew this would happen. I knew this game would end badly! I should have never agreed to play!

“Ummm... because it isn’t safe?” I answered, sorta.

Jax face-palmed. I panicked, ok?! I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, Jax and I were given mercy by the bell. I don’t see Lucy again until fourth period.

“Bye!” we yelled over our shoulders as we practically ran out of the classroom.

That was so close! I am pretty sure that we just gave them more reason to suspect something about our family.

Jax and I were the only ones from our group in our first period class: History. Our second period class is Pre-Calculas. I am pretty good at math if I can say so myself. I keep a generally constant ‘A’ in this class. So does Jax, but sometimes he drops to a ‘B’. We keep these good grades because we tend to pay attention in class. Today, though, we just couldn’t focus on what our teacher was trying to teach us. We were jittery and kept looking over at each other. The rest of my classes until fourth period were like this, too. I had built-up energy from stress that needed to be let out. Luckily, we had PE for our next class. PE is with our entire friend group. Yay! Note the sarcasm.

As soon as I walked into the girls locker room, I knew Lucy and Lux had told Caitlin about homeroom. They were huddled together by our gym locker, whispering. This is never a good sign for them. When they noticed I was there, they instantly stopped talking and turned to face me. I prepared myself for what was gong to happen.

“Are you ready to tell us the truth, Blair?” Lux asked me.

“What are you talking about?” I said, “I already told you my TRUE answer.”

“We mean the real one,” Caitlin said, “You know, the one that isn’t a lie?”

“Why are you lying to us, B?” Lucy asked me with sad eyes. Those eyes tore into my soul.

It hurt me to not tell them. They were my best friends, and I was breaking their trust. I couldn’t tell them another lie, so I just turned to my locker and quickly got changed. As soon as I was done, I left the locker room. I could practically feel their eyes burning into my back.

Jax was already out there when I got out. He had the same expression on I imagined I had on my face. Cole and Lucas had grilled him in the locker room, too.

“I can’t keep doing this,” He told me, “Why can’t we just tell them?”

“Because then they would be in danger along with us,” I answered.

“I know, but we trust them,” Jax said, “I think they can handle it.”

“Maybe, but it isn’t just our secret we would be letting out. It’s our parent’s, too,” I reminded him.

“What if we have to stop being friends with them?” Jax asked.

“Gather ’round!” Mr. Jackson, our PE teacher, instructed us before I could tell him an answer.

I hadn’t noticed that the rest of the class was out of the locker rooms already. Our friends hadn’t even bothered to come chat with us. I was hurt to say the least.

“Listen up!” Mr. Jackson told us, “We are going to be playing some dodgeball today!”

Then, we were split up into teams. I had Jax, Cole, and Caitlin from our group on mine. The rest was on the other team. We got ready on either side of the basketball court with the dodgeballs in the middle. The teacher blew the his whistle and the game began.

I could tell that Lucas, Lucy, and Lux were all aiming for Jax and I. They were hurt. They felt betrayed, and I didn’t blame them.

But, I could feel my other half getting angry. They had no right to keep coming after me in this game! I was hit by Lucy and that pushed her over the top. I looked over at Jax. I could feel my eyes and hair trying to change color. She was trying to break free. Jax could see it happening. He ran over to me and dragged me out into the hall.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to keep her in,” I told him.

“That’s ok, just try to hold her in until we get to a safe place,” He said to me.

“I’ll try,” I said.

We started running towards somewhere. He seemed like he was looking for something, but I didn’t care. I was just trusting him to find somewhere safe to let her out. Eventually, we entered a door. We were in a janitor’s closet. How original.

“Ok, you can let her out,” He said.

“No, you should get our of here,” I told him, “It’s not safe.”

“I’ll be fine. Just do it,” Jax told me.

“Fine,” I said.

I let her out. It felt so good. My hair and eyes changed. A cold blast of ice and snow shot out all around me. The entire place was covered in ice. Jax’s presence was already starting to melt it, though.

I started to feel a little dizzy. I had used a lot of energy trying to hold my other side back. I was going to pass out.

“Jax?” I asked.

“Yes?” He answered.

“Catch us,” I said. Well, I guess, it wasn’t just me that said it. Both me and my other side knew what was going to happen. It sounded like our voices were combined. Also, the cold mist was coming out of my mouth and hands.

“Oh!” He exclaimed as I fell into his arms.

I was struggling to keep my eyes open. The last thing I saw was the faces of my friends looking down at me. Then, everything went black.

Oh. My. God. That took so long. It was 2331 words! I’m so proud of myself!

Again, let me know if you have any suggestions. I am completely open to it. If I made any errors, tell me. I did most of this chapter without my glasses on, so I can’t always catch my mistakes. Also, if you want me to add you into the story, just ask. I might do it!

I’m talking like I have so many readers, but I this is my first chapter ever! Sorry! I don’t think I will have a publishing schedule because I have school, but I will make each chapter count for any long breaks. I promise!

What do you think will happen next? Does Blair and Jax have to tell their friends the secret now? Read the next chapter to find out! (I know that was cheesy)

– your author

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