Frozen Secrets

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Chapter 2

Welcome back! I know it’s been awhile, but I did say that I was gonna be taking a break from this story in order to focus more on The Codependency Competition. Now that that’s farther along, I thought that I would give you guys an update. Well, there really isn’t that many readers for this story, but if you wanted it, it’s here now. Just be warned, this updating schedule is going to be VERY unpredictable. I’m just gonna update when I can and when I have an idea for a chapter. Let’s hope this chapter turns out ok, ok? Right. BTW, there was a kinda-sorta time skip between that last chapter and this one. Don’t kill me, please! Thanks. I’m gonna have all speech in Blair’s head be italicized, so if I don’t specify if it’s her talking, just know that it is. Also, remember italicized and underlined means it’s both of them talking as one. Although, that probably won’t happen for awhile.

Anyway, stay safe and happy reading! Comment, review, and add to your library!

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You know how people say that when you move away, you get to have a clean slate? A fresh start. You can completely recreate yourself. Be whoever you wanna be and nobody can tell you different.

Well, that’s total bullshit.

It’s been a month since Jax and I started our new school, and it’s been pretty much the same every day: I try to avoid everyone (especially Kai), Kai decides to ignore all my hints, I run away to the woods to let off steam, repeat. It’s an endless cycle of misery. At least for me. Kai seems to be enjoying himself a lot.

Just seeing that smug look on his face when he KNOWS he’s getting under my skin makes me freak out! I mean, I try my hardest to act like nothing gets to me, because then people will think I’m weak, but it Kai knows the perfect buttons to push to get me mad.

In short, he infuriates me to no end.

Anyway, right now, I’m doing my homework in the library after school. I’m sitting on a red beanbag in the very back-right corner. It’s so far back that not many people know about it, so I can be alone here.

Or so I thought.

“Hey, Brooklyn! I’ve been looking for you,” Kai plopped down next to me.

“Great. Pretty-boy’s here.”

I mentally agreed with Khione before turning to Kai, “Go away. Can’t you take a hint?”

He scoffed. Like, he ACTUALLY scoffed.

“Of course I can! I just like to ignore them,” Kai answered, “And it’s so much more fun to try to figure you out.”

“Yeah! Good luck with that.”

“What makes you think there’s anything to figure out?” I asked him, scowling.

I wasn’t worried about him finding out my secret, but it’s still good to be cautious at all times. Especially when you’re hiding from the cops. For doing nothing but saving people, might I add!

“Well, maybe the fact that you avoid answering any questions I ask,” he said.

I do not avoid answering his questions! I just simply ignore them. There’s a difference.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes, “Maybe I would stop telling you to go away if you stopped asking unnecessary questions.”

I was lying, but he doesn’t know that. It’s dangerous to be my friend. Everything works out better if I isolate myself. That way it will be easier when we evidently have to leave again. Being different is a curse.

“Who are you calling a curse?”

“Not now!” I whisper-yelled, turning away from Kai and trying to be discreet about my random choice to ‘talk to myself.’

“See, there you go doing something interring again!” Kai exclaimed, a big, stupid grin on his face.

“You mean weird,” I sighed and stood up, “If you aren’t going to leave, then I will. Bye.”

I turned and started walking back to the front of the library and to the exit. Now I have to find a new secret spot at the school! Great. Kai seems to be able to find me wherever I am.

“Yeah! What’s up with that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s attracted to me!” I thought back to Khione with heavy sarcasm.

There’s no way Kai likes me. I chose this style and personality to make people avoid me. That was the whole purpose. And now it looks like it has the opposite effect. Why can’t my life just go how I plan for once?

“Where’re we goin’ now?” Kai asked, popping up next to me.

“WE aren’t going anywhere. I am going home,” I answered, speeding up.

He just sped up, too.

I mean, come on people! I think I’ve been pretty hostile already. Is it time to just give up and let him follow me around? Maybe if he sees how ‘unordinary’ my life is, he’ll finally leave me alone. By unordinary, I mean I’ll make my life the most boring one possible. Yes, I think I’ll try this.

“This is a stupid idea. This isn’t gonna work. It’s just gonna make him think you like him back.”

“Nobody asked you,” I muttered, scowling.

“I didn’t say anything,” Kai furrowing his brows.

“Alright, fine. You can walk home with me,” I relented, then turned to glare at him, “Just don’t slow me down!”

“Yes, ma’am!” he mock-saluted me.

I’m already regretting this, but there’s no turning back now. I just have to bite my tongue for a little while longer.

So, I just sighed and starting leaving again without a warning. I can do this.

“No you can’t. This is gonna fail. And since when did I become the reasonable one?!”

I chose to ignore Khione.

Kai was able to keep more or less silent until about halfway through the walk home. We were crossing through my spot in the woods when he finally burst. I usually take this path because of the scenery, even if it is out of the way a little bit. As I’ve mentioned before, I think I take my best pictures in the forest.

“Isn’t this the place we met? Why are we going this way? Do you live in the woods?! If not, where DO you live? Is Jack home? Are your parents? Why do you always carry a camera around? Are you a photographer, cuz’ that’s kinda cool. It doesn’t seem very like you though,” he burst.

“Yes, unfortunately. I like to take photos here. No, of course not! I live about 10 minute from here. Yes and yes. I like taking pictures, and I guess. And why isn’t it LIKE me?!” I answered all in one breath, started to yell near the end.

Kai looked impressed. How is that impressive? I was just answering his questions. Why does everything I do interest him?!

“You just don’t seem like the artistic type, that’s all,” he said.

That was not the right answer, buddy. Now my anger is rising, and that is not good. Fortunately, I’ve learned to control my powers so they never get past the eye color flashing stage. It helps when you’re in high school.

“Whatever,” I said through clenched teeth.

I tried to take deep breaths, but it wasn’t working. Something about Kai makes me so...uncontrollable!

It made me have to turn away from him in order to get my powers back in check. The fact that Khione wanted us to use our powers wasn’t helping.

“Come on! Let me out! I’m itching for an ice blast. Even a simple ‘nitrogen fog around the hands!’ Anything!”

“No!” I screamed, forgetting momentarily about Kai standing right behind me.

“Brooklyn? Are you ok? Who are you talking to?” he asked, putting a hand on my shoulder.

I just pulled away again. I hadn’t realized it, but I had put my hands into fists and started to curl my body over them. They were starting to freeze over and fog was coming down. No doubt my eyes were already icy-blue.

But I wasn’t going to let Khione out. She didn’t care if Kai found out our secret. All she cared about was letting off some steam, the bad way.

“That is not true! I just don’t think it’s healthy to not use our powers for as long as we have. It’s better for us to use them voluntarily, rather than straight-up losing control! Plus, I think we can trust Kai!”

“No. Nobody can know our secret. Especially not Kai,” I fought back, “And there’s no way I’m letting you front in while we’re in his company.”

And with that, I finally regained control. There is definitely no way I’m gonna keep handing around Kai if this happens every time. That would be bad. Really bad.

“I’m fine. Let’s go. I don’t want my parents to worry,” I said, walking off.

Looks like today isn’t the day to take any photos.

“Are you sure? Cuz’ you looked like you were gonna be sick back there,” Kai caught up with me.

Why can’t he just leave it alone? If I say I’m fine, then I’m fine. It’s as simple as that.

So why doesn’t Kai get that?!

“I’m sure. Now hurry up. I’ll race you there,” I said, sprinting off.

If I can’t let out my stress by using my powers, then I might as well do it by working out. And it will give me immense joy to see the look on Kai’s face when I beat him.

“Hey, wait! You started before me!” Kai yelled, starting a few seconds behind me.

Surprisingly, it was actually a little close. Of course, that’s only if you call six seconds close.

I was about to make it look like I was out of breath, but Kai wasn’t either. He seemed like it didn’t even phase him! Well, maybe not that. He seemed pretty put off that I had beat him. Just wait for the sexist remark, folks. Kai is without a doubt that type.

“Or maybe you just want him to be.”

“Shut up!” I screamed in my head and then waited for Kai to speak.

It didn’t take long.

“What’s that thing on your face? It almost looks like–a SMILE!? What?!” he exclaimed with mock-surprise.

I could literally FEEL Khione’s smug smirk in my head. It isn’t a nice feeling.

“No!” I tried to glare and scowl, but it didn’t work.

And then a horrifying thought came to me: I had actually just ENJOYED myself while being in Kai’s presence! It’s not possible. There’s no way. I can’t make connections! I have to stay away from him!

“Too late now. You. Like. Him.”

Khione’s wrong. I do not like Kai. I don’t GET crushes anymore. Maybe I had one small, nice experience with him, but that doesn’t mean anything. I was just in desperate need of something good to happen. That’s it.


“I think it was a smile,” Kai insisted, stepping closer to me in a challenging manner.

“Whatever. I gotta go inside,” I said, turning to open the door.

Before I could, Kai stepped in front of me, blocking my way to the handle. Now what?

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. I’m coming with you. That’s part of the deal,” he said.

“What deal?” I asked.

I don’t remember making any deals with him. Especially one with the person I was trying to get rid of. Look how that’s turning out.

“Ok, so we didn’t make a deal, but I thought that you letting me tag along with you meant that you were giving me a chance. I mean, I think I deserve more time to convince you that I’m an ok guy,” Kai answered.

I really don’t want to give me a chance to warm up to him, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to take no for an answer. And even though I could MAKE him move, that would just cause more suspicion. Therefore, I have to let him try. Plus, I mean, how much damage could a couple hours really do?

Ok, I totally just asked for something to happen. Because that’s just how things go in my life apparently.

“Whatever. Just don’t break anything,” I said, shoving past him.

His eyes brightened considerably, “Great! And have you realized that you say ‘whatever’ a lot?”

I rolled my eyes while stepping through my front door, “I’m already regretting this.”

I was really hoping that we could just sneak past everyone, and go straight up to my room, where nobody can see that I have a boy over. Usually, a teenager might be worried about this because of their parents suspecting something’s going on, but not me. I have a different reason: hypocrisy. As soon as we had gotten to Mt. Mas, I had sat my family down and told them about my plan to stay as far away from friends as possible. They had tried to argue, but I shut them down quickly. It was my choice.

Also, Jax would just embarrass me beyond imagination. It may not be meant to be embarrassing, but having your twin brother ‘intimidate’ a guy is not the most pleasant experience.

Our parents haven’t ever really cared about us bringing boys or girls into our rooms because we’ve always had bigger problems. So what if Jax was caught kissing his girlfriend? We have to make sure we aren’t experimented on by evil scientists (*cough* Mr. Moore *cough*). Plus, we can handle ourselves just fine, thank you.

“You house is nice,” Kai said, very loudly to someone who was trying to be as quiet as possible.

“Would you shut up!” I whisper-yelled at him, turning around on the stairs to glare at him.

“Jeesh, ok. I just don’t know why we have to,” he spoke again without a change to his noise-level.

I was about to yell at him again, but it was already too late. Jax was standing at the top of the staircase, and my parents were standing at the bottom. We’re trapped. There’s no way out.

“I think I’ll just sit back and watch. Because apparently, I’m not needed anymore. I’m just a curse.”

Perfect. Just perfect. It comes in handy to have another person to come up with ideas in your head. She CAN be annoying, but Khione is helpful when trying to get out of sticky situations.

Even if her only idea is to let out a giant ice blast and escape.

Anyway, back to my horribly unlucky life.

“Look what we have here. Brooke, a loner, bringing a friend home,” Jax, or should I say Jack, said, a smirk on his face.

“Whoa, there. He is NOT my friend,” I insisted, “He’s yours.”

That seemed to make Jax realize who it really was I was trying to sneak inside. That smirk slid off of his face faster than I could’ve said ‘hi.’

“Hey...Jack,” Kai said, finally catching on.

I guess he hasn’t forgotten what Jax told him a month ago. That brought my spirits up considerably.

Before Jax could kill one of his best friends at Mt. Mas, Mom spoke up, “Welcome to our home. Can I get you anything?”

Kai looked at her gratefully, and seemed to be about to say something, but I cut in first, “No, Mom. He’s fine. We’re just gonna go to my room to do homework. So...bye!”

I grabbed Kai’s hand and started tugging him upstairs. When, Jax let us go through, it seemed like he was going to let this whole interaction who, but he just started following us into my room.

My room is pretty much the same as my old one, just much darker. I have to look the part in all areas, right? Also, I have a lot of photos hanging from strings around my room. Even though we’ve only been a little over a three months, I’ve taken a lot of pictures in that time. The ones in my room aren’t even all of them. I turned a walk-in closet in the hallway into my own personal photo lab.

I was about to slam the door in Jax’s face, but he was too quick. He pushed his way inside and locked the door behind him. Great. This should be just great.

“Hey, guys! What’re we doing?” Jax asked, making himself comfortable on my bed.

“YOU AND I are going to talk out in the hallway for a sec. KAI is going to stay here and not touch anything while we talk,” I said, grabbing Jax’s arm and forcing him out the door.

Once we were outside, I started my whisper-rant, “What are you doing! I’m trying to make him stop being interested in me! You thinking that he’s my boyfriend or something is not helping!”

“I didn’t say he was your boyfriend,” Jax simply answered, a smile growing on his face.

“He’s right. He didn’t say that.”

Of course she chooses to speak now. Cuz’ why make anything easier?!

“Whatever. Just go away,” I told him.

“Fine, but you need to be careful. Out of all of us, you’re the most likely to slip-up. Your powers are more complex than the rest of ours. You have to have more strength to control yours,” Jax relented.

Why do they all treat me like a baby? I’m not a baby! Ok, maybe that was a little baby-like just there, but other than that, I’m not. Jax is the same age as me, so why doesn’t he get freaked out over, too?

And my powers are fine! Really! Just ignore what happened earlier in the forest. It was a temporary loss of control. That’s it.

“Whatever. Goodbye,” I shoved him in the direction of his room.

I stepped back into my room, making sure that the door was locked again. The last thing I needed was one of my parents to barge into my room. I already have a hard enough problem trying to convince Kai that there’s nothing special about me.

“Let’s get this over with,” I said, going over to my desk and resuming my homework.

“What are you doing?” Kai asked, looking over my shoulder.

“Homework. Didn’t you hear what I said a minute ago?” I answered without looking up.

“Yes, but I though that was just an excuse. I thought we were going to talk. You know, so that I could get to know you,” he said.

I have no words. It’s like his brain just filters out all of the hints I give him, and it just keeps what he considers interesting.

“Well, that’s not gonna happen. You interrupted me doing my homework earlier, so now you have to sit through me doing it now,” I told him, leaving no room for argument.

He sighed, but sat down on the floor next to my desk anyway. Good, he’s not just assuming he can sit anywhere else. There’s at least one good thing about him, I guess.

“Or a ton of good things you’re just choosing to ignore.”

I chose to ignore Khione’s comment.

Kai lasted all of five minutes before he had to talk again. It was quite sad, really.

“Why is your hair white?” he asked me while sprawled out on the floor.

“Because it is,” I answered, refusing to let him distract me from my work.

It didn’t work, because a minute later, he spoke again, “Why’s your brother so protective of you? I mean, I get the whole ‘big brother needs to protect his sister’ thing, but why so heavily. And it seems like your entire family is interested in what you do.”

Nothing gets past him. I hadn’t even thought about that fact that my entire family just popped up out of nowhere as soon as I got home. More of their worry about my powers, no doubt.

“First of all, I’m his TWIN SISTER. Why can’t people get that? And secondly, he’s just like that. We’re pretty close. And my family just worries about me,” I answered, trying to make it sound like no big deal.

If I show any sign of discomfort over a topic, Kai will probably never stop asking about it. I can already see it happening now.

“Why do they worry about you? And you don’t seem like you’re that close with him, but I guess it’s just a twin thing,” he said.

Does it really seem that way? Am I pushing away Jax, too? I hadn’t even realized. I guess that in my attempt to not make any more connections, I had started to break the ones I already have. Including my own brother. Well, now I feel bad! AND I no choice but to spend more time with Jax.

Stupid conscience.

“Yeah...” I muttered, and I finally gave up on my homework. There’s no way I can keep working now that I have all these thoughts blowing around my head.

“Have Jack and you always been close? What happened that made you start to drift apart? Was it your fault, his, or somebody else’s?” Kai kept asking more questions.

He was starting to get real annoying. Ok, not starting, but it was getting worse.

“Careful with those nasty emotions, Blair. Who knows what might happen if you actually decide to confront them instead of shoving them down. Just like me.”

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a twin. It must be hard to be fighting with Jack. I’ve heard all about how twins are, like, connected, and when they’re separated, it almost causes them physical pain. Is that why you’re always so mean?” Kai pushed on.

I had already started to clench my fists by now. Kai was looking at me, so he didn’t see the major internal struggle that I was going through.

One one hand, I want to let it all out, including Khione. Maybe even try to fuze with her again, but on the other hand, I can’t let Kai know my secret. It would cause way too many problems, way too fast. And we just got here three months ago! There is no way I can screw everything up this fast. Maybe my parents and Jax have a real reason to worry so much about me...

“Oh, look who decided to be smart today! Of course they worry about you! You have a part of you that they think isn’t in control. Well, news flash! We don’t need to be controlled! We just need trust!”

“Shut up!” I yelled out, finally loosing control (and for real this time).

A blast of power shot out from me, covering everything in my room in a layer of ice. Fortunately for Kai, my subconscious seemed to acknowledge that it wasn’t a good idea to freeze him. He was just stuck in the surprise of all, I guess, because he wasn’t moving.

My eyes had already changed color, my skin seemed somehow whiter, and there was fog coming from my ice-covered hands.

All sure signs that I was majorly screwed.

Instead of fuzing with Khione, I had been pushing into the backseat. So now she was running the show. And she had a big smirk while doing it.

“Um–uh–Brooklyn?” Kai finally managed to speak (sorta).

“No, sweetie. I’m Khione.”

There’s a long chapter to keep you happy until I can write another. This whole ‘writing 2 stories at the same time’ thing is hard! And I know the story is kinda moving a little quickly, but it will make sense in the end, trust me. Don’t go thinking that this story is gonna be shorter than the first, either.

Anyway, reminder that this is also on Tumblr, FF, Ao3, and Wattpad. Comment, review, and add to your library!

Stay safe and happy reading!

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