Frozen Secrets

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Chapter 7

Welcome back! I am prewriting my chapters now, so there will always be an update on Sunday from here on out. We are nearing the end of this story :(. I’m so sad! But we still have one more story after this one in my trilogy, so stick with me! This one was a little short, but I feel like it ended in a good place and that the scenes in it were necessary.

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“You’ve got quite the ordinary file, Ms. Maxwell,” Kai’s dad said, plopping down in the chair across from me.

The agents had put a bag over my head in the car before they dragged me into wherever we were. They took it off once I was in the interrogation room. The walls looked concrete and there was a one-way mirror on one wall. I was shoved into a metal chair in front of an equally metal table with another chair across from it. That’s what Kai’s dad sat down on.

I had not spoken a word since I had given Kai instructions. Everything that they were allowed to do was far kinder than what I experienced with Mr. Moore.

“Don’t want to talk? That’s fine. We have other ways of getting information out of you,” he said, placing a file on the table.

It was labeled with my new name: Brooklyn Maxwell.

“I guess we should get proper introductions down first, right?” Kai’s dad said, “I’m Agent Knight, but I believe you already knew that.”

I did, but I didn’t show it, nor did I show any other real emotions. I just chose a spot on the wall behind Agent Knight and stared at it like it was the most interesting thing in the world, not bothering to even glance at the man in front of me.

“How is it that we always find ourselves in these situations?”

I wanted to snort, but all I let slip was a minuscule lift at the corner of my lips. If Agent Knight noticed, he didn’t bring it up.

Instead, he let out a long sigh and said, “Listen, kid. We only brought you in on assault charges because we needed somewhere secure to talk about this. It seems that a man was attacked last night. He was barely able to give us a description before he dropped into a coma. The description fit you perfectly. Well, most of you anyway.”

An actual smirk found my lips then, against my will. The guy’s profile had probably been completely true, but I wasn’t in my full ice mode anymore. The only thing there was my makeup and hair. And, of course, my ever present cold complexion.

“This would be much easier if you talked to me, Brooklyn,” his voice seemed to have softened, like he was trying to turn into just another dad, rather than an FBI agent.

I finally let my body face him fully, and what I saw fit his voice perfectly. His eyebrows were creased together in what I think was concern, and his eyes were staring into mine with an intensity that made me want to run into his arms and pour out my soul. It was a total dad look.

I wasn’t going to let something as simple as a change in demeanor break me, though, so I steeled myself over again and stared back at him with what I hoped was an emotionless graze. By his reaction, I think it was.

“Ok, I didn’t want to do this, but you gave me no choice,” he stood up and went up to the one way glass, “Bring in the brother.”

My eyes widened in panic. They had Jax?!

I was struggling to hold in my powers, and it wasn’t even Khione that was doing it. It was me.

“Easy, Blair. Rein it in. Doofus can protect himself. They’re probably bluffing.”

I really wanted to believe her, I did. But the way that Agent Knight gave the order...he wasn’t lying. They really had my brother in this building. There was going to be hell to pay if they hurt him.

Kai’s dad turned back to look at me, “Nice to finally gain your attention, Ms. Maxwell. Hopefully you’ll cooperate with us now.”

Cooperate my ass.

“You just made a big mistake,” I clenched my fists in hopes of hiding the fact that ice was starting to crawl its way up to my handcuffs and my arms.

“I don’t think so,” he gave me a blood-boiling smile before exiting the room.

I slumped into my chair, exhaustion from the night’s events finally catching up to me. I just needed a moment to recharge before I had to deal with any more. But anyone with enough knowledge of my life would know that it never gives me time to recharge.

Before I knew it, Jax was rushing towards me, Agent Knight following and locking the door. Jax frantically checked me over for injuries before turning towards the agent again to glare. My gaze was at the exact same place. I had held myself back because I had no proof that it wasn’t a bluff, but now that I knew it true, somebody was going to hurt.

I didn’t even feel it happen, but I had frozen the handcuffs to the point that they just fell off me in pieces as I stood up. I strode over to Agent Knight and pushed him up against the wall, holding one hand on his arm and the other against his neck. The one on the neck was barely an inch from touching the skin, primed to freeze him in an instant. My eyes were literally glowing white with power.

“You shouldn’t have brought my family into this,” I growled out.

The idiot actually had the nerve to smirk, “And we have confirmation. Thank you, Brooklyn.”

The shock from his reaction was enough for him to be able to grab my arm and twist it behind me, switching our positions and effectively incapacitating me. So he thought, anyway. I had a way out, but it would require seriously injuring the dad of the boy I almost kissed. That would not be good.

“Let go of her!” Jax ran and tried to pry off Agent Knight, but he had a strong hold on me. Jax wasn’t willing to expose his powers as well, so all he could do was play the part of an angry and confused brother.

Three more agents stormed into the room, shoving Jax back and all grabbing onto me. In a blur, I was shoved through the door and brought through an equally concrete-walled hallway until we reached another room. This one had an eerie similarity to the one that Mr. Moore used to contain us. Before I could truly resist, I was locked inside, banging my hands onto the reinforced doors in a desperate attempt at freedom.

It was fruitless, and I knew it. Eventually, I just ended up moving to the opposite side of the cell, where a small metal cot was. I sat there with my head between my knees, unable to come up with a solution for my situation. Everything I came up with just led to someone getting hurt that didn’t deserve it.

I didn’t care who he was related to, Agent Knight was not going to get away with this. Even if I wasn’t the one to deliver the blow (though I hoped I was), my family was not just going to let me go that easily.

They would find a way. They always did.

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