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BIO TECH : A Story Of a Cyborg

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Have you ever thought of fictional characters such as CYBORGS and ALIENS which would rule the A.I. This story is very interesting and includes these type of characters along with many technical terminology. This story is written in the form of a screen play so that even the audience with little knowledge about the language could understand it well

Scifi / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Have you ever heard of cyborgs, where humans get the power of robots by being transformed into robots.

This is a SCI - FI story of how the cyborgs would be made in future........

The plot takes place in the future (2033).

The Story starts with a couple James and Jessie.

JESSIE : Darling!!! Have you heard the news?

JAMES : What news?

JESSIE : Your friend Dr.Jack had died in an accident yesterday.

JAMES : What! He confesed me a week ago that he had found a way to contact Aliens and he said that he received a signal from outer space and he had cracked the code and found a universal language to communicate with alien.

JESSIE : What!!? I had a friend who works for a detective agency let me find out what happened.

JAMES : Hmm..

( Jessie calls her friend Clarie and finds out he was murdered by government as he could contact the aliens and would emerge as a super power and she asks Jessie to keep it confidential as if this comes out she even she and James would be in danger. )

JESSIE : James! he was murdered as government thought he would misuse the power by contacting aliens.

JAMES : No! Jessie he was a good human I know about him well... he will never think of it he had spent more than 15 years in searching the method of contacting aliens and he wanted to know their technology and develop ours and he was very advanced than others.. Now I'll continue his project and no one would stop me now!

JESSIE : But you don't even knew a penny about it.

JAMES : Jessie we are in 2033 and you know right brain transplant is possible now, I'll contact Dr.Michael and ask him to do it on me.

( The next morning they visit the Hospital of Dr.Michael. )

DR.MICHAEL : Hey James! How are you?

JAMES : Fine and you?

DR.MICHAEL : Fine and I'm so saddened for the loss of Dr.Jack!

JAMES : Yes even we came here to talk about him.

DR.MICHAEL : About him??

JAMES : Hmm.. You are a Neurosurgeon, and I want you to replace my Brain with that of Dr.Jack.

DR.MICHAEL : Are you gone mad ? It had been a theory since years and the process is just written in books and no one even dared to try it even on animals as it is a complicated one and you are asking me to try it on a human.

JESSIE : No need to take a risk James, Please leave those thoughts.

JAMES : If a Doctor can't do it then who would do it ?

DR.MICHAEL : Only a Robot can do this!

JAMES : You know Dr.Rick right?

JESSIE : Yes that blind one right!! He makes Robots.

JAMES : Can you ask him to make me a Robot which does these complex surgeries.

JESSIE : He won't accept my request you go and give a try.

JAMES : Okay you take me to him tomorrow.

( The next day they three go to Dr.Rick and asks for making a Robot which performs surgeries and he denies it but they keep asking. )

DR.RICK : I couldn’t make a Robot to perform surgeries but instead I could make a CYBORG if someone accepts for being experimented and it could only be done to surgeons as you want the cyborg to perform surgeries.

JAMES : Okay, I know a surgeon.

DR.RICK : Will he accept to be experimented.

JAMES : I'll ask him and let you know about it.

( James goes to Dr.Michael and asks whether he is ready for being experimented or not and Dr.Michael rejects his proposal of being a cyborg. )

JAMES : Please sir, You will not be harmed but instead would be the only super human on this planet, You will have many super powers and you would be able to perform all other surgeries easily without much effort.

DR.MICHAEL : Okay I trust you but how can I trust that blind one?

JESSIE : Come with me I'll take you both to his "ROBEXPO" Where Rob means robot and expo stands for exhibition.

( They all goes to his Rob Expo and Dr.Michael and James were amazed to see his collection and work, A robot comes and offers them a coffee and another one comes and feeds them lunch and one more comes and cleans the mouth. )

DR.MICHAEL : Now I trust you Dr.Rick, I apologize for calling you blind, mistreating you and under estimating your skills.

DR.RICK : Please never do that with others, Once a wise said "Never judge a book by its cover".

JAMES : So when would we start our mission?

JESSIE : Mission?

DR.MICHAEL : Mission?

DR.RICK : Mission?

JAMES : Yes, Our mission "BIO TECH".

JESSIE : Bio tech? but why this illogical name.

JAMES : Illogical? but how? It's the better one right Bio refers science and life, Tech refers technology there's nothing wrong in it.

JESSIE : Ohh!! alright.

DR.RICK : I have a personal project to be completed and it will be completed in a week and let's start the mission in a week.

JAMES : Okay sir.

( A Week later , James and Dr.Michael Arrives to Dr.Rick's lab. )

DR.RICK : How are you Michael? Are you ready for becoming the powerful man on the planet?

DR.MICHAEL : Fine sir.

JAMES : I had a doubt since a week.

DR.RICK : Sure Michael, speak it out.

JAMES : As you create Robots and Artificial Intelligence then why don't you create your eyes?

DR.RICK : I was asked about many a times by many people but I never let a word of it but just laughed and ignored , but now I need to answer because you are my client and you need to know it clear as I can't work leaving an unanswered question, I was born blind and when doctors were asked to transplant an eye they told an unimaginable truth.

JAMES : What's the truth?

DR.RICK : I was born without Optic nerves.

JAMES : Means you don't have the nerves of vision?

DR.RICK : Yes, A bitter truth!!

DR.MICHAEL : Then why don't you make the nerves with these wires.

DR.RICK : I don't want to cheat the God by Applying artificial things to what he gave me and I wanted to achieve things by what god had given me and now here I am the only Blind Robotic Engineer in the world , enough of my story and let's start the mission it would take 3 to 4 days to make you into a cyborg and near to 2 weeks to use it completely.

JAMES : Do you need any help sir.

DR.RICK : Expecting nothing much from you , just need some water now and you can help me in getting the essentials from hardware store.

JAMES : Sure Dr.Rick.

( Dr.Rick takes more than 4 days to perform the work and later Dr.Michael turns into a cyborg. )

DR.MICHAEL : Hurray!!! I am the most power ful man ever on earth now, I can do anything now.

DR.RICK : Mr.Michael, never misuse the powers provided to you these can be hidden when you don't need them and can be covered with human skin.

DR.MICHAEL : Can you describe more what you have replaced in me.

DR.RICK : As you can see from outside you have a Robot hand a Robot leg and half head made of machine, but from inside your brain is wired and has a complex mechanism and your intestines are replaced by tubes for efficient working and your heart is replaced by a chambered box and it works on it's own and need not to be charged as it has a quantum battery which works for eternity.

DR.MICHAEL : Are you ready for the surgery James?

JAMES : Yes Dr.Michael.

( Dr.Michael , James and Jessie goes to Hospital. )

DR.MICHAEL : Let me see the post mortem report of Dr.Jack.

NURSE : Here it is sir.

DR.MICHAEL : Yes, everything is clear I'll examine his brain structure and you brain structure whether it's compactible or not.

( After examining Dr.Michael invites James after 2 months .)

DR.MICHAEL : Everything is fine and it's compactible with your skull and a small problem is that after the brain transplant you would live like Dr.Jack but not as James you'll forget everything about yourself and only Dr.Jack lives in this world and to over come this our team has found a way of hybridizing the brains.

JAMES : Hybridizing?

DR.MICHAEL : Yes hybridizing, In the past 2 months our team had made a lot of efforts in making this its like making a cross breed between lion and tiger to produce liger , your brain and Dr.Jack's brain will be cultured for 3 days in your skull itself as to provide his data in yours and preserve your data as it was.

JAMES : Is it a complex process?

DR.MICHAEL : Not as much as you think, it's just a process of preserving your data and adding his data brain is like a computer you can preserve and add as much as you want until it gets fully used.

JAMES : Okay sir.

DR.MICHAEL : So, are you ready for this mission of yours.

JAMES : Yes sir, let's start.

( After 4 days , After the completion of surgery. )

JAMES : So, now I have my own data as well as Dr.Jack's.

DR.MICHAEL : Yes, you have the capability of Dr.Jack and emotions of you,

JAMES : Thank you so much Dr.Michael for struggling and spending your precious time for me and for the vision of Dr.Jack,

DR.MICHAEL : Pleasure, You are one of my closest one so I am here to do anything for you.

JAMES : Thank you sir.

( After that James goes to Dr.Jack's place searching for the clues and information about contacting and communicating to Aliens and resides there for a 3 to 4 months researching and advancing the methodology of Dr.Jack and finally he makes an advanced Quantum Radio receiver which can match the wavelength of the radio signals sent by extra terrestrial life and then he receives the signals and sends back a message to visit the earth in their code language and he was asked for the galactic coordinates for reaching but he we knew it and also thought that couldn't understand ours, as our standard zero coordinate is SAGITTARIUS and sent that he doesn't knew any coordinates and they asks for an image of our star and he sends it ...... later after a week he receives a code that they might arrive after. )

( 10,000,000 * 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the general configuration of atom with 78 neutrons and 55 protons with a nuclear spin of 7/2. )

JAMES : Jessie, I am not able to understand this can you please help me.

JESSIE : You have an intelligent brain and you couldn't get it? Try again you'll get it.

( After that he researches more and finds out that the element with 55 protons and 78 neutrons having 7/2 spin is cesium later he gets to know about it completely that it is the definition of a second that it takes around 10,000,000 seconds which is nearly equal to 4 months and James waits eagerly for them. )

JAMES : I have found it Jessie. They would be here within 4 to 5 months we'll take the help of them to improve our technology they would help us.

JESSIE : How would you know that they would help us? They could even harm us they could even kill us and they could be even bring the end to our human race.

JAMES : No, They won't.

JESSIE : How could you be that sure?

JAMES : Because, Dr.Jack had written in his Diary about the type of aliens and their specifications , I had sent the signals only to the Good type of aliens which are just a bit advanced than ours they aren't super advanced.

JESSIE : Okay then let me tell this to Dr.Michael and my friend Clarie.

JAMES : No Jessie, I don't want this to be known to others unless I know they entered our Solar System.

JESSIE : Okay but let's celebrate first!

( Meanwhile a news comes out that the famous nuclear scientist and professor Dr.Mike was murdered and the news was heard by James on NEWS channel. )

JAMES : Hey Jessie, You have a friend Clarie right who works for as a Detective.

JESSIE : Yes, Why?

JAMES : Dr.Mike was Murdered and just ask her whether she knows about anything related to the cause of it.

JESSIE : Okay!!

( After some days many Great people were disappearing as one in a week and were found after few weeks , The Great people include the persons who know nuclear secrets and the new initiative techno secrets and who were very intelligent who could change the world with their initiatives ............... It even include the people who were trying to extract the Quantum data and understand the universe and James goes to Dr.Michael seeking help to find this out along with Jessie and Clarie. )

JAMES : Hello, Mr.Cyborg!!

CLARIE : Who is he and why's he wearing a movie costume?

( James, Jessie and Dr.Michael explains the reason for his cyborg powers. )

CLARIE : So you all are on a mission to cheat the government?

JAMES : We aren't cheating anyone not you not she and nor the government we are just taking Dr.Jack's vision to another level , we are doing this to make the world which Dr.Jack imagined and wanted to be.

CLARIE : So , won't the Aliens harm us?

JAMES : No , Because Dr.Jack had mentioned in his Diary about the Good and Bad types of aliens.

CLARIE : So How far You have reached in your mission.

JAMES : Still waiting for the message from them I have sent one I don't even know whether it reached them or not but I could say that I am still in trials not yet succeeded.

CLARIE : All the Best.

JAMES : Thank you and Michael can you please cover your Robotic part its frightening us.

DR.MICHAEL : Oh!! Okay I'll.

JESSIE : So let's discuss the topic for which we gathered.

JAMES : Okay, Why only these great ones are being disappeing and were found dead after few weeks Clarie? Something weird is happening if this continues it would be a threat to us.

DR.MICHAEL : Threat to us?

CLARIE : Yes, a Major threat to us because the Great Influencers who have a highly monitored security all the time were murdered then the normal people are just nothing to the killer and I would tell you a highly confidential thing about these murders even they didn't reveal it me but I secretly got to know that the killer was same for all and even there was a text written on each of their body and we connected the which was written in HINDI it meant

I'll conquer the world .

and it is also said that the killer had removed the brain from their body and left their bodies without brains and I don't know whether it is true or not but this news was spread within my senior officers.

JESSIE : What!!!!, Brains were removed?

CLARIE : May be, but not sure.

JAMES : Thought this was a normal psycho killer case but its turning to be big issue, So let's all together stay a week together in one of ours house and just make the case as the only intention unless we solve it are you okay Clarie if we stay in your house.

CLARIE : Sorry, My mother doesn't know that I work for a Detective agency as she is against the violence, death and mystery.

JAMES : Ohh!! Alright, Dr.Michael ??

DR.MICHAEL : No, sorry as my house is small it couldn't accommodate four and even if it could , it would be so crowded as more than half of my room is filled with wires and such stuff.

JESSIE : So, let's all live in our house.


( All four goes to James house and lives there and James thinks that "Previously there were one murder a week and this week none did the killer knew that we were investigating or the killer is within us ? or may be one of us were helping the killer and informed tomorrow I'll keep the trackers to all including Jessie and let me find out the truth. )

( James keeps tracker to all to know where they were going and what all they are doing and everyone went to their house. )

JAMES : Jessie, come here remove the tracker from your hair.

JESSIE : What tracker?

JAMES : I kept a tracker in all of our team and the result was shocking just come with me.

( They go to the car along with his gun sand goes to a house. )

JESSIE : Whose resident is this?

JAMES : Just be silent and come with me.

( And they go to the hidden underground compartment of the house and finds that the killer was there and was about to cut one's body and Jessie found it like a surgical room. )

JAMES : Don't move Doctor, I had never thought you would do such things.

DR.MICHAEL : Relax James, I knew you kept a tracker in me and I knew that you would solve this and get into a scene like this you pointing a gun to me.

JAMES : You knew? Then why didn't you make a plan to escape but instead you wanted to be caught?

DR.MICHAEL : I doesn't wanted to be caught I just wanted you to know.

JAMES : To me? Why?? and What??

DR.MICHAEL : Yes to you because Dr.Jack was a genius.

JAMES : How did he involve now, Michael?

DR.MICHAEL : MARTIN (Loudly), I am Dr.Martin.

JAMES : Martin??, But why did you kill all?

DR.MARTIN : I was a neurosurgeon and I was working on Brain transplant and in that process I found a method of Brain Data Sharing where a dead person's brain is taken and cultured in the subject's brain and the data we required can be transferred and shared and can also be deleted. Later I found that Dr.Rick was making Robots and I visited him to make me a cyborg instead of giving me a Robot because if Robots evolve in future they would rule us and even might kill us. I wanted to be a cyborg so that I could perform these surgeries faster and also I could gain strength. I wanted to rule this world so, I kidnapped the great influencers and took their brain and transferred the data into my brain so that I could get that knowledge and rule this world.

JAMES : Then why do you want it be known to me?

DR.MARTIN : Wait James I was just going to discuss the same, as you me and Dr.Jack were friends since last 5 years. I wanted to discuss it with you and involve even you into this mission, Even now nothing is late come and join my mission CONQUER, If you wont accept then I'll kill you right here along with your wife Jessie and I'll transfer yours and Dr.Jack's data into mine. Hey, Jessie convince your husband or else even you're going to die here with him.

JESSIE : I will die but never let him do this.

JAMES : Even I'll never do this.

DR.MARTIN : So you both have decided to die together then die together and live peacefully in hell.

( Dr.Martin throws two surgical knifes on them but they escapes from that place and makes a secret tunnel under their house as Dr.Martin would even enter their house and tries to kill them.)

JESSIE : I never thought that Dr.Michael would do such things.

JAMES : Neither do I.

( James receives a message from Aliens that they have entered our Solar System and he also receives that only one would visit first and if that one likes the treatment of humans with them they would invite all other until then rest of the aliens would be on Miranda (a moon of Uranus) and James informs about Dr.Martin and police, government and even army tries to control it but he destroys all them and killed them brutally. )

JAMES : I need to do something about it!!

JESSIE : James, There's someone in our back yard come over here!

JAMES : Jessie they are here!!

CALAREON : Hello Mr. James I am Calereon from TERATUS Galaxy which you call as Triangulum Galaxy.

JAMES : Come fast and along with us into this tunnel.

CALAREON : Let me hide my space craft so that no one finds it!!

( They enter the tunnel.)

JAMES : How could you speak English?

CALAREON : We have learnt all the languages of your planet and I saw you were speaking English with your wife and I have coded that language in my Brain as default until I reside on earth.

JAMES : How did you manage to come from such a long distance of 2.73 Million light years.

CALEREON : Light years? So, you measure the distance in light years.

JAMES : Yes, Then how do you measure the distance.

CALEREON : We have a special unit for this purpose called MECASIR Which is the distance travelled by Darkness in 100 Billion seconds or 3107.9 years so on this measurement your planet is 8610.2 Mecasir from ours, and we made a WORMHOLE which connects our planet to your OORT CLOUD which is the ending of your solar system and we have a spaceship which travels at 5% of speed of light and we have a quantum energy provider to provide energy to it.

JESSIE : What does a worm hole do?

JAMES : It wraps the space-time and makes a hollow four dimensional structure in the middle and connects two distant galaxies making the interstellar travelling possible

CALEREON : Exactly!! And it was nice meeting you.

JAMES : Yes, Same here.

( They talk for that whole night and the next day morning they discuss the topic of Dr.Martin.)

CALEREON : I could actually help you in killing the evil cyborg.

JAMES : No, no, Its actually like asking the guests to clean the house and wash the dishes!! It might be a huge problem to you we'll try to solve it.

CALEREON : You don't have any other option even before it's too late we must solve this before he finds you in this tunnel. I'll call all my team so that they could help us.

JESSIE : Yes, what he said is absolutely correct now we have no option than asking.

JAMES : Okay but can you alone face him?

CALEREON : Yes, I will do what I could but for a safe side I'll even call my Team from Miranda to come on to the earth.

JAMES : Okay, Now let's stop him, he had started to destroy everything in the city.

( James, Jessie and Calereon goes to the place where Dr.Martin had started destroying the city. )

JAMES : Stop all these nonsense and just surrender to the cops.

DR.MARTIN : Cops? See they are lying their with the half torn body with running blood.

JAMES : How could you be so cruel to kill humans, even you are a human.

DR.MARTIN : I am not a human, understand? I am a cyborg, A step above you all.

JAMES : We humans have support even the people above you, who are far better than Artificial Intelligence.

DR.MARTIN : Better than me? who's it?

JAMES : Yes, Calereon an Alien.

DR.MARTIN : An Alien? It wouldn't even take a penny from me and do you think is it a better for an alien to defend me?

JAMES : Yes, A single alien can't make us get rid of you but a community can.

DR.MARTIN : Community? What community?

CALEREON : You won't understand it unless you see.

( Calereon attacks Dr.Martin and tries to remove his cyborg part of the body but he couldn't Calereon lost his part of leg and he gained it back as the Calereon body is made of such material that if any part of his body is lost he could regain it back except his head as his head is the main control system of the body to regenerate the lost part. )

DR.MARTIN : You weren't as weak as I thought.

CALEREON : Neither you are as strong as I thought!!

( They again started to face each other but this time Dr.Martin began to use his supernatural powers which led to the death of many and even to the destruction of many buildings and then )

JAMES : How could he get such super powers now who could destroy him?

JESSIE : The creator is the best finisher to end something and for sure one who creates would know the end for it, Come let's once visit Dr.Rick and ask him to help us to provide an end to this devil.

JAMES : You're right Jessie even I was thinking of the same.

( Both Jessie and James visit Dr.Rick's Laboratory as well as his house but they couldn't find him and also finds that the lab and house were destroyed. When they were about to leave they receive the message to James mobile to come to a place and shares his location. )

JAMES : What happened sir?, Where were you for such a long time?, And what's this small underground compartment?

DR.RICK : I'll tell you everything wait!! After you announced to the Media that Dr.Michael was responsible for this and his real name is Dr.Martin I was frightened because we were friends since last 5 years and he even would even have a thought of killing me to take my brain. So, I have chosen to hide somewhere because I couldn't face him. As I thought after 3 days he came to my laboratory and also to my house in search of me but I could see everything from my house and Lab as I had arranged CCTV cameras.

JESSIE : Dr.Rick as you are the creator of him you would know how to destroy it right please let me know of it sir.

DR.RICK : Even I called you to tell about that, Nothing can stop his crime but....

JAMES : But?

DR.RICK : But could actually deactivate the mental stability and the powers of the cyborg part and you could compete with him next.

JAMES : It's enough to destroy him without powers he wouldn't be able to do anything.

DR.RICK : No, It's not enough James, Don't you remember he was trained under a professional kung fu master in his childhood, He had even shown us his album, medals and his achievements, By the way we could only destroy the 75% of the cyborg energy but the rest would be within the cyborg that means until he has those machine made hands, legs and his half machined body the rest 25% energy, strength and power would be with him.

JAMES : Okay, at least we would be able to decrease his strength by 75% , What to do now?

DR.RICK : I hope you have seen a diamond shape object on his head.

JAMES : Yes.

DR.RICK : You must remove it as it is the quantum battery which provides him the energy and power and I placed it out of the body so that it would be easy to change or repair it when it's found showing errors.

JAMES : Just that's it!!

DR.RICK : It isn't that easy, It requires a strong force and energy of more than 1000 trucks at 100 Kmph, I have a machine to remove it but it isn't here or not even in my lab it is in the leg of the cyborg itself....

JAMES : So it's near to impossible to remove it from his leg.

DR.RICK : No, it is possible to remove it from his leg and even it is easy to operate it, Just put it near to his head and press the button and it would enter into the machine.

JAMES : Why can't you make a robot to defeat him?

DR.RICK : No, I couldn't because it is the most powerful machine I have ever made and even no one could make more powerful one than this as only I have the exact machinery to make this. He had also destroyed my lab so I doesn't have that much time to make another robot or cyborg.

( They return to the place and were amazed to find that the Aliens from Miranda have come to earth and were launching some normal electric shock giving bullets onto him but they couldn't do anything on him. )

JAMES : Calereon!!

CALAREON : James, Thank god you are back!

JAMES : Yes, And I have found a way to get rid of this worst human made creature, We must remove the battery which is placed on his head which can decrease his energy by about more than 75% and to remove it we need a machine wich is fixed to his leg.

CALAREON : But who dares to go near him he is actually using his psychic powers and firing the fire balls and spraying ice cold water, I'll once ask our commander and whether he could o anything about it.

COMMANDER : Hello, Calereon what's the matter.

CALAREON : Hello sir, we have a method to actually destroy this creature by around 75% so all we need is now could you do something to prevent us from being harmed by his psychic powers.

COMMANDER : Hmm, I need to talk to the Major about this and I hope he has a way for this, I'll contact you in 5 minutes.

CALAREON : Okay sir.

JAMES : What happened?

CALAREON : He said he'll contact again in 5 minutes after talking to the major.

( Commander talks to his Major who is in their planet and asks whether to use the Bulwark suit and contacts Calereon. )

COMMANDER : Hello Calereon, Major approved it only if its very important and I think it is very important now to save Mankind as they are the only living creatures we found generous, friendly and with emotions.

CALEREON : Thanks alot sir,

JAMES : Did he accept?

CALAREON : Yes, I'll go to the space ship and brings it and I'll destroy him.

JAMES : No, I don't accept you to be a victim of our mistakes so I'll go to destroy him.

CALAREON : But....

JAMES : No more discussions Calereon, I can't let you in, we don't even have a lot of time hurry up now!!

( Calereon goes to the space ship and brings the Bulwark suit. )

CALAREON : Here it is James take care of yourself.

JAMES : Thank you Calereon.

( James goes to Dr.Martin. )

JAMES : Dr.Martin!!! Now you don't have any way to escape.

DR.MARTIN : So now you too became a cyborg!

JAMES : It isn't a cyborg suit, It's your death.

DR.MARTIN : Ohh!! Is it, Then let me show your death to this world.

( The fight between them led to destruction of many buildings and a massive explosion. With a kick Dr.Martin had faced upside down and at the right time James took the machine from his leg and kept it on his head from that moment Dr.Martin was feeling extremely weak. )

DR.MARTIN : What the hell you did I have lost all my powers and I also feel like I have lost all my strength.

JAMES : Not all but just 75%, I have removed your battery and now you are going to die because it would be a good lesson to such people who think they can rule this world with A.I. and also if you are alive you'll find other ways to build your empire of evil.

( James kills Dr.Martin and its time for Calereon to leave )

JAMES : Do you need to leave for sure?

CALAREON : Yes, We just came to see whether there is another living beings apart from us who are less intelligent than us but you are nearly 80% equal to us you just need to know about some machinery and I am leaving my small space ship here along with some codes and you give it to your government to dismantle it to improve your technology.

JAMES : Did you ever meet any advanced species than you?

CALAREON : Yes, around 3 but none has emotions and feelings and we missed 2 times from their attack and started searching other small civilizations and started to develop them and increase emotions.

COMMANDER : We doesn't have much time, make it fast Calereon!!

CALAREON : Good bye James!

JAMES : Bye!!

( They hug and Calereon leaves )


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Gurleen Benipal: Seriously a great story!!! There are no grammar mistakes and it's easy to read! The characters are definitely well thought out but I just wish you made Sofia even more proud and as freaky as he is. A female who challenged the way he thinks and changes him (either making him go mad and makes him e...

Ron Schaefer: Well written series following all the characters in this book will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what could possibly be next

Genevieve: I like the book and I would tell people to read,there’s some words spelled wrong but who cares

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