The Forbidden Island

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Four friends decided to embark on a journey to the Mysterious Island located in the Bermuda Triangle, hoping to discover something different. Little do they know that they will find more things than they could handle!

Scifi / Mystery
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Chapter 1: The Trip

There were four best friends who loved going to adventures together. They were Angelo, Rhex, Jess, and Emmanuel.

Every weekend they would go to adventures together, exploring mysterious places.

One afternoon as they were playing basketball they got tired, so they decided to rest and talk for a bit.

"Hey Angelo, can I have some of your water?" Asked Rhex. "Sure", Angelo replied as he handed his water bottle.

"Hey, have you heard about the mysterious island located in the bermuda triangle?" Emmanuel asked.

"Yeah, I've heard about that, they said that mysterious and weird things happens there", Jess said with a deep and scary voice.

"I've also searched that on the internet. It says there that strong and dangerous storms happens there all the time. But except for one part of the year", Angelo said.

"And when would that be?", Rhex asked. "That would be on March 14-21, satellite photos shows evidence that on that specific time, the storm would suddenly weeken and stop for a bit every year", Angelo said.

"So we have a 1 week window?", Rhex asked. "Precisely", Angelo replied enthusiastically.

All of them became really excited on the idea of going to the mysterious island. Despite the risk and dangers. All they were thinking at that time was to explore that island, and have a discovery of a lifetime.

"Though we still have one problem", Jess sadly said. "What would that be bro?" Emmanuel asked.

"Well, how will we go there? It's not like any of our other adventures that we can just pack our stuff, ride your car and hit the road" Jess said.

"Oh yeah, I didn't think of that", Angelo said and laughed.

So they tried to think of a solution. A few minutes later, they each gave their ideas.

"Hey, how about a boat", Jess said. "No chance bro, the waves will crush as before reaching the island. Plus it's not like there's a port or dock on that island", Rhex replied.

"Yeah, we'd be dead before reaching that island", Angelo said.

"Right, there's a reason why its called mysterious", Emmanuel said.

"So we can't use our car obviously, nethier could we use a boat. So, what will we do now?", Jess said as if his loosing hope of continuing there journey.

Suddenly Emmanuel thought of something and said,"Hey guy's, remember when I told you we have our own chopper...." Without finishing his sentence his friends suddenly laughed.

"Hahaha, I thought we were over about that joke", Angelo said.

"Yeah, you were always joking about that since highschool, but we didn't even get to see it. Hahaha." Rhex said and laugh.

Emmanuel got confused and said, "Why are you laughing? I'm not joking, seriously".

"Bro, we know that your rich man. You have a Lamborghini, a Ferrari. But seriously a Chopper." Jess said and laughed.

"Ok how about this, next week come over to my house. Ask your parents that were going on a camping trip. Bring some clothes, or any of your important stuff with you. I'll show you the chopper and will go to the mysterious island", Emmanuel confidently said.

"Hey Angelo", Jess whispered."What?", Angelo replied. "I bet his bluffing", Jess said. "I don't know man. I mean his our friend, why would he lie?", Angelo said.

"How about a bet,if his lying I'll give you 2k. If not, you'll give me 2k", Jess said." What, I can't believe this. 5k and your on", Angelo said. "Deal", Jess said.

"Hey, what are you two whispering about?", Rhex asked. "Umm, nothing!", Both of them said.

The boys looked at each other and smiled. They all agreed to meet up at Emmanuel's place the next week.

The Next Week

"Hey Emmanuel, we're here", Angelo said. "Ok, come by the helipad", Emmanuel said. "Helipad, hahaha",Jess laughed. "Hey, shut up!", Rhex said. "Ok, ok, jeez", Jess replied.

So the three of them went to the garage and saw a helipad. To their surprise there were a chopper right on top of it. Beside it there was a private pilot, about 5'7 tall and around 50 years old.

All of them was so amused. "Holy shit, what a fancy bird" Jess said. "Ehem", Angelo said and looked at Jess. "I know, I know", Jess said as he was handing Angelo the 5k.

"So guys, this is our ride", Emmanuel said. "Holy crap, why didn't you tell us about this before?" Rhex asked.

"I did you idiot, you guys just didn't believe me", Emmanuel said.

"Oh yeah", Rhex said. "Sorry about us not believing you", Jess said. "Yeah, will you forgive them?" Angelo asked.

"Wait what?" Rhex asked. "Them!", Jess added. "You were sceptical about the chopper thing as well",Rhex said.

"No way, would I have put 5k on the line if I didn't believe in my friend", Angelo confidently said.

"What 5k?" Emmanuel asked. Jess and Angelo got nervous. "Oh, about the island", Angelo said as he was trying to change the topic.

"Oh yes, right. We will go there with our family chopper. But of course we don't know how to pilot this bird so, Mr.Simon is here to help us", Emmanuel explained.

"Yes, kids. The piloting part would be my duty", Mr.Simon said.

"Hey Kids", Emmanuel's dad said.

"Hey Mr.Chen", Emmanuel's friends said.

"Off to another one of your little adventures I presume. Emmanuel told me yesterday that you guys would need the chopper, so I got it all ready for you. There's some snacks for a whole week. Some food, and some water as well",Mr.Chen said.

"Nice!", Jess said with a big smile on his face."Thanks Mr.Chen", Emmanuel's friends said.

"Don't mention it. Just remember to be careful, and always follow Mr.Simon so that you'll always be safe", Mr.Chen said.

"Don't worry about us dad. We'll be careful. Plus were not kids anymore", Emmanuel said.

"Ok, just make sure to be careful and you are only allowed to stay on that island for one week", Emmanuel's dad said.

"Ok, we'll be back before you know it", Emmanuel said.

After putting their stuff in the chopper they checked everything, and they were ready to go.

"Ok dad we'll be going now", Emmanuel said. "Ok, take care", His dad replied. "Bye Mr.Chen Thanks for lending us the chopper", Angelo said. "No problem, take care kids", Emmanuel's dad replied.

They all waved as they were lifting off and getting further.

As they we're flying towards the island, everyone was so excited. Emmanuel helped Mr.Simon with the GPS, as well as the sattilite map images that they downloaded through the internet.

A few hours later, Rhex suddenly got dizzy. "Uhh, I don't feel so well", Rhex said as he was trying to prevent himself from vomiting.

"Don't worry, according to our map, and the chopper's GPS, we're getting close to the island", Emmanuel said.

But suddenly, the chopper started to shake. "Wha- what's going on?", Angelo asked.

"Oh, this is making me feel worst", Rhex said as he was getting dissier.

The Electronics suddenly started to malfunction, and Mr. Simon got nervous.

"What's happening Mr.Simon? Emmanuel asked with his voice shaking and squeaking.

"But Im sure that I've already checked this earlier", Mr.Simon said as if he was really confused.

"Why sir? What's happening?", Angelo asked.

"I think the chopper is having a mal-fuction. But I'm not sure why!", Mr.Simon replied.

The gang got scared and started to panic. "Shit, I'm still young, I still wanna live!", Jess Cried.

"Keep it together man, keep it together!", Angelo said as he tried to keep Jess calm.

"Kids! Under your chairs there are parachutes. One for each of you, take it and jump!" Mr.Simon said.

"But what about you Mr.Simon? I don't wanna leave you!", Emmanuel cried. Mr. Simon stared at Emmanuel and said, "Its ok little master, my duty is to protect you and keep you safe. I'm sorry but, it looks like I can't protect you in the island".

"No! We won't leave you! There must be another way!", Emmanuel cried.

"There are only four parachutes. One for each of you. Plus, I sweared to your father that I will protect you", Mr. Simon explained.

"But we can't leave you here!", Emmanuel cried.

"No, its ok little master. Now go, go! Jump!", Mr.Simon said.

The boys then jumped together from the chopper. A few moments after jumping the chopper exploded!

"NO!", Emmanuel cries.

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