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The Forbidden Island

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The Cabin

After jumping from the chopper they were able to activate their parachutes, but lost thier consciousness as they landed on the shore.

A few minutes later, they regained their consciousness.

"Uhh, what happened? Rhex asked. They then stood up and looked around.

"Where are we?", Jess asked. "Wait, I think were in the mysterious island", Angelo said with a big smile on his face.

"But how did we arrive here? We were in the chopper earlier until... Oh no!" said Rhex.

Finally they remembered what happened.

"Mr.Simon, he's gone!", Emmanuel cried.

"Oh no! He sacrificed himself for us!" Angelo said. "This wouldn't have happened if we didn't come here", Emmanuel cried.

They stood in silence to honor Mr.Simon. "May his soul rest in peace", Jess said.

"So what should we do now?", Rhex asked. "We could make a boat and sale back home", Emmanuel suggested while wiping his tears off his eyes.

"That's impossible! The waves are too strong. Plus we don't know which way to go. We might get lost, or even worse die!", Angelo said.

"Angelo is right even if we build a makeshift boat, those strong waves will crush it in no time", Rhex said.

They stayed at the shore for a few hours trying to think of a way home. But as they stayed even longer they were loosing hope. They realized that there was just no way to escape that place.

There only hope is if Mr.Chen realizes that they were in the island for too long. That would be more than a week, since there plan was to stay in the island for a whole week.

"So, what now?", Jess asked. "We've been wanting to explore this place right? Then this is our chance", Angelo said.

Emmanuel agreed to Angelo's idea and said, "That's probably a good idea. We might find some fruits or any kind of food around. 'Cause I'm getting hungry.

"Yeah, too bad we lost all our food with that chopper", Jess said. "Well for me I lost more than just some food or a chopper. I lost a friend this is all my fault", Emmanuel cried.

"No, don't blame yourself. No one wanted this to happen. Don't worry, Im sure that Mr.Simon is happy that were all safe", Angelo said and tapped Emmanuel's back trying to lighten him up.

"Now, let's go look for food and shelter", Rhex said.

"OKAY!", they all shouted.

As they ventured towards the forest to look for food and shelter they found some berries riped and ready to be eaten.

"Look guys there are some berries over there", Angelo said. "There are some in here as well", Said Rhex.

So they picked and ate some berries to gain some energy.

But suddenly...

They heard a loud roar.


"What was that?", Rhex asked with his voice and entire body shaking.

"It sounded like a bear!", Angelo said.

"Oh shit! Were gonna die, were gonna die!", Jess said as he was starting to hyperventilate. "Keep yourself together bro!", Emmanuel said to him trying to make him feel calm.

Suddenly the ground started to shake.

"Ahh, what's happening?", Jess asked.

Then, they heard something breathing deeply and very loud. As if.....

It was right behind them!

They were all really scared.

They slowly turned there heads to take a look at what's behind them. To their surprise it was a Ten Foot Ogre standing right behind them.

"Ahhh!", they all shouted.

A ten foot beast with large arms, ginormous body, sharp teeth that could cut through flesh and steel, and scary eyes that could pierce right through your soul, was standing right behind them.

"RUN!", Angelo shouted.

They ran as fast as they could but no matter how fast they ran the beast was right behind them.

They ran, and they ran. Until they got tired.

"LOOK!", Jess shouted.

They saw a large grotto and tried to hide under it.

"Oh no! What are we going to do now?", Rhex asked. "Were going to die guys!", Jess said.

"Well atleast were going to die together", Angelo said and smiled at his friends.

"What?! I can't die! Im still a virgin," Emmanuel said.

"Seriously! That's what your thinking right now? We're about to die yet your thinking about your virginity? Then let me hit your ass, uf that makes you feel better", Jess said.

After saying that everyone stared at Jess.

"Gross dude! You have some issues man", Emmanuel said.

"Seriously?! Im the one with issues?" Jess replied.

"Shut up guys, the beast might hear us", Angelo said.

Suddenly, the grotto started to shake. Until it started to crack. To their surprise the ogre was right on top of them. Right on top of the grotto.

"Oh no, were dead!", Rhex whispered.

On that very moment all of them were shaking to death.

"Guys, if we die now. I just want you guys to know that your the best friends that I ever had", Jess whispered.

"Shut up. In a count of three we're all gonna run!", Angelo whispered. "I don't know if my body can take it man!", Emmanuel whispered.

"You can do it man! We can all do it!", Rhex whispered to them to make Emmanuel feel better.

"Ok, I'll try my best!", Emmanuel replied.

They all looked at each other. Angelo then said, "In a count of three, were gonna run..."





They all ran as fast as they could. Everything became blurred to all of them. All they were thinking right now is to RUN, RUN, and RUN.

As they were running they suddenly heard a sound.


They looked behind them and the ogre was gone. They saw a deep hole and went closer to take a look. When they looked they were really surprised to see the ogre inside the whole.

"What the!", Rhex said.

"Oh, thank God!", Angelo said.

They all laughed and had a deep breath.

"But who dug this whole and made this trap?", Angelo asked.

"Who cares the important thing is that were safe", Jess replied.

"Finally no more running", Emmanuel said.


"Wait, its still alive", Jess said.

"Don't worry, its not like it has wings and it can fly outside the...." Before even finishing his sentence the ogre jumped outside the whole.

"It can't fly, but it can jump. RUN!", Rhex shouted.

They ran again. Now faster and faster. As if there fear was giving them more fuel to run. But however fast they ran, the beast is just faster and still manages to catch up. It chased them and was able to scratch Rhex's butt and rip off a part of his pants. "Ahhh! My buns. My buns",he shouted.

While they were running, Angelo's foot got hit by a rock. Then he stumbled down.

"Ouch", Angelo shouted. "Oh no, come on man", Jess said and helped him.

After a few minutes of running through the forest, they were starting to get tired. But the ogre weren't. As if something was fueling the ogre. Something more powerful than the fear fueling the gang and keeping them running. The Ogre was fueled by hunger.

Finally after a few minutes of running they saw a cabin.

"Look!", Angelo said while pointing to the cabin.

"Maybe we could hide there!", Jess said.

"But what if there something more dangerous inside", Rhex said. "What could be more dangerous than that beast that is chasing us right now?", Emmanuel asked.

"Right, plus were as good as dead any if we don't go inside", Jess said.

So they ran towards the cabin. Not knowing what to expect. Not sure if they would be safer inside it, or if they would find something more terrible than the ogre.

So they opened the door and went inside. Closed it and had a deep breath. They looked at the window and saw the ogre. But they were really surprised in what they saw. The ogre was having trouble going closer to the cabin. It looked like a mysterious force was preventing it from passing through.

"What's happening?", Jess asked and was very confused of what was happening.

"It looks like it the monster can't come closer to this cabin", Rhex said.

Emmanuel smiled and said,"Well how convinient."

"But how could that be possible? We were able to go inside this cabin. But that strong ogre can't even approach it", Jess asked and looked really confused of what's happening.

"Well, it looks like some kind of force field. A field that only repels supernatural beings I suppose", Angelo said.

They were all relieved that they could finally rest and be safe.

"Finally, no more running", Emmanuel said.

All of them laughed and took a deep breath.

As they looked around the cabin they were very surprised to see high-tech devices inside. Not a single one looked familiar to them. As if it all came from a sci-fi movie.

"Hey who's there?"

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