The Forbidden Island

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The Mysterious Persona

"Hey, who's there?", The Mysterious Man said. "Ahh, don't hurt us please!", Rhex begged.

"We were just running away from that monster, until we found this cabin and decided to hide inside", Angelo said.

"We have no where to go. Please just let us hide here for a while", Jess said.

The gang knew that if they were kicked outside the cabin they're as good as dead.

But Emmanuel doubted the idea of staying inside. He felt something different from that mysterious man, and was unsure if they were safer inside the cabin than outside.

The Mysterious Man stared at them for a while and asked,"Your not shape shifters are you?"

The gang looked at each other and was clueless about what the old man was talking.

"What? But we don't even know what those are!", Emmanuel said.

"Shape shifters are beings that could change their... Nahh, forget about it. You all look clueless on what a shapeshifter is, and probably about what this Island is!", The Mysterious Man said.


"....How are we so sure that you are not a shapeshifter?", Angelo asked and stared at the Mysterious man with his fist balled and ready to defend himself even though he doesn't know what to expect.

Their hearts beated fast and loud, and they stared at the Mysterious Man.

"Hah, I like this kid. You remind me of myself when I was young. Thinks smart and always vigilant", The Mysterious Man said and was really impressed at Angelo.

"So your not gonna eat us?", Emmanuel asked with his voice sqeaking. He was very very scared, as if his soul was ready to leave his body.

The Mysterious Man looked at them and said,"Oh, I am. I haven't tasted human flesh for a while! Whahahaha!".

"AHHH!!!" They screamed in fear.

"Hahahaha, just kidding. Yuck, why would I eat human flesh?! I'd rather have hard boiled raptor eggs", The Mysterious Man said.

The gang looked at each other and was very confused.

"What are your names kids?", He asked.

At that time Emmanuel was still doubting the Mysterious Man. He whispered to Jess, "I don't think we should tell them our names".

"Is there something wrong?", The Mysterious Man asked.

"Nothing, nothing, please don't eat us!", Emmanuel said as he shivers in fear.

"For the last time I don't eat human flesh. I'm a human as well. I admit you can't find medium rare steak here. But still, I would resort to cannibalism", He said.

"Fair point, fair point", Angelo Agreed.

"So shall you kids introduce your selves?" The Mysterious man asked.

So they introduced their selves.

"But why are you here in this Island? Or the real question should be, how did you arrive here?" The Mysterious Man asked.

"We flew here with Emmanuel's chopper", Jess said.

After hearing that the man looked confused. "What is a chopper?", He asked.

"Umm, its a helicopter. Like a plane, it flies", Jess said and was very confused at him.

"My word, I didn't think that the outside world would be this close to reaching the levels of the Ancient Valorians!", He whispered to himself.

"What?", Rhex asked.

"Nothing", He replied.

"What is this place? What is happening? And what is there an ogre outside, that were chasing us earlier?", Angelo asked.

"An ogre?", He said.

He went to the window and glanced outside. The Ogre was right outside. 10 meters from the cabin. Surprisingly, something is stopping it from passing through. Some kind of force is keeping them safe in their cabin.

"What's happening mister? Why can't it pass through?", Emmanuel asked.

"Why? Do you want it to pass and rip our flesh off and eat us?", The Man replied.

"Nahh, I think were good. Right guys?", Angelo asked. They all nodded.

"But just out of curiosity. Why can't it pass through sir?", Emmanuel asked again.

"Well, I've rigged a forcefield around this cabin. Repelling any kind of supernatural entity. So since you passed through. Your probably humans, or the forcefield is not working", He replied.

"Well I hope its working, or we'd be Ogre food", Angelo said. "Don't worry, my inventions never fail", The man replied confidently.

"So we've already introduced ourselves. Could you introduce yourself as well sir?", Jess asked. Angelo agreed and said,"Yeah, and is it ok if we'd ask more about this place? We're just having a hard time processing everything right now".

"Very well", He said. They all went near a table and sat down. He then explained everything. "I'm Dr.Frederick Coltson but you can call me Dr.Fred", The Mysterious Man said.

"Since when did you arrive to this place Dr.Fred?", Angelo asked.

"Yeah, and what did you use to get here?",Rhex asked.

"Well, how about you? Why did you kids come to this place?", He asked.

Emmanuel answered him, "Umm, first of all were not kids. Were teen agers. Specifically 19. We love going to adventures together so we tried to explore this place. Based on our research the storms and wierd weather stops for 1 whole week every year, and that week is right now."

"Oh yeah the weird weather", Dr.Fred said as he seems to remember something.

But Emmanuel suddenly cries.

"What happened to him", Dr.Fred asked.

"Well, on our way here. While we were at our chopper something odd happened. It suddenly malfunctioned. The blades spinned wierdly and after jumping off the chopper exploded. But it exploded with our pilot. He was really close to Emmanuel and his family. That's why his really sad right now", Jess explained.

"Oh, Im sorry for what happened", Dr.Fred said.

"It's ok, its not your fault", Emmanuel said while wiping his tears.

"I wonder what happend. The chopper suddenly malfunctioned?", Angelo asked and was very confused.

Suddenly heared a buzzing and static sound.

"What was that?", Rhex asked as his heart was pounding very fast.

"Oh, don't be scared. Its just my radio. It doesn't really work because of the Island's strong magnetic field. It seems that any low grade electronics becomes damage if it enters the Island's strong magnetic field", Dr. Fred said.

After hearing that everything became clear to the gang.

"So that's why the chopper acted crazy", Angelo said.

"It was because of the island's magnetic field." Emmanuel said.

"Oh, so your choppy-copter is not as high tech as I thought. So the out side world is still far from the level of the Ancient Valorians", Dr.Fred said.

After hearing that the gang lost their hope. They then knew that they would be staying at that island for a long time, or worse never go home at all and have the island's soil as their graves.

"So? What should we do now? We can't just stay in this island", Emmanuel said.

"Dr.Fred, is there any way to escape this island?", Rhex asked.

"Rhex if there was a way don't you think that Dr.Fred already would've done it?" Jess said.

"Well, I'm afraid that I don't know of any way to escape this island", Dr. Fred sadly said.

The gang was shocked of what they heared. "So? What now? Does it mean that we're stuck here? We're stuck here for the rest of our lives!" Angelo said.

"This can't be happening man. My parents will be worried", Jess said.

Rhex looked at Angelo and said to him,"This is all your fault!" "Why?" Angelo asked and was really furious.

"It was your idea to explore this freaking island",Rhex said.

"How the hell is this my fault. You all agreed to go to this place. It didn't drag you with me", Angelo said with his viens appearing from his neck and head. He was really angry at Rhex. It was like his ready to explode!

"Stop!" Emmanuel said. "If its anyone's fault, its mine. I'm the one who suggested to go there with my chopper. All of this won't be possible without me. So it's all my fault, not Angelo's nor Rhex'. So if you wanna be mad, be mad at me".

Both Angelo and Rhex became speechless. They were both humiliated of what they did. "We're sorry", they both asked for an apology.

"Its ok, please stop fighting", Emmanuel said.

"Yeah, to be fair its the internet's fault. 'Cause we got all our ideas and data there" Jess said.

"Hahahah", they all laughed.

"So? What now?" Angelo asked.

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