den Schreibtisch (The Writing Desk)

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Chapter 3 - Walter and Fritz

Walter and Fritz (c. 1900)

Walter is the artist and always writes in cursive. He is creative and imaginary; a figment of Otto’s imagination. Otto is the real artist – he creates characters and makes up stories all day. Each time a new character produced, Otto is then able to look deep into their souls. He sees them for who they truly are, their lives, and how they die. He knows exactly what they were thinking right before their last breaths.

Otto’s tortured by them. Fritz, for example, is the exact opposite of Walter. Fritz is too organized. He’s the model OCD patient. His belongings are constantly touched, moved, and arranged. Sometimes, Fritz will move things up to one hundred times before being satisfied with the positioning. He can only move a single item at a time. Anything else is grounds for a panic attack followed by a rage-out.

Fritz and Walter live in the same apartment. Fritz recognizes that Walter has his own space, and spares himself the agony of learning the precise positions of all of his possessions.

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