den Schreibtisch (The Writing Desk)

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Chapter 5 - Katrine

Germany (c. 1850)

Katrine felt the time for change. She writes into existence the only imaginable and desirable thing: that she be a man. Instantly, as she closed her eyes, her body was masculine. No pain, no stretching, no discomfort or even a slight noticeable difference. As she opened her eyes, she felt as though she was always a man. Her breasts were now strong pectorals. Curious, she felt for her privates, remembering a vagina but finding a familiar penis. As if dreaming, she’d remembered that her name was Gustav.

Jealous and hating others, Gustav coveted the desk. Many great things were written into existence; some of them are now just notes on paper, hiding the memories of the past into the folds and curves of ink. He’d wished for better literature, theatre, music, economy, technology, food, health, wealth, happiness, and love.

One pitfall Gustav succumbed to was an aggressive lust for money and power. Everything was not enough. He wrote into existence a second, shitty desk. It was simple, cheap, and devious.

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