den Schreibtisch (The Writing Desk)

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Chapter 6 - Kenneth

Northern United States (c. 1940)

Kenneth’s daughter Elizabeth’s cries could be heard from the roof of his building. Per the usual, Kenneth was enjoying a fresh hand-rolled cigarette. As he inhaled, his whole life suddenly made sense. He’d acquired the desk his great grandfather spoke of for $1.2million. All of his life’s savings were spent on this new furniture. If the legends were true, the stories about this desk, he could write his fortunes back into existence. He thought about Elizabeth’s life. Should he tell her anything?

His wife, Claire, wouldn’t be any wiser. If the legends were true, he could write her memories clear, every time, with the stroke of a pen. He could write to God and make her never remember, never be present; make her never know for sure.

First, though, he must cleanse his own conscious. He must purify the desk.

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