den Schreibtisch (The Writing Desk)

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Chapter 7 - Bastien

A Farm by the Hills, 6333 BCE

David brought Bastien into the guest room, showed him the bed, and handed him two candles. Bastien motioned thank you, and made a second motion for something to write with. David nodded and went away, returning a moment later with a dark rock and some dried animal hide.

Nodding goodnight, David exited the room and sat on a chair in the main room. Confused, but thankful for their help, Bastien began to record his experiences. As he relived the day, he wrote a statement wishing to remember the rest of his life.

A memory trip began, more real than his writing, dizzying and throwing Bastien into history. Visions of a past life clouded his imagination, including that of a desk, and an insatiable desire for immortality.

Coming to, realizing he’s been nodding off to sleep at David’s desk, Bastien extinguished the candle. Walking to his guest bed, confused, Bastien’s desire for clarity caused him a great emotional distress. Had he gone mad?

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