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' All my life I've been a beast that much I can tell an error an experiment never meant to exist Im a beast ' I told him. ' It depends on how you view yourself Avarra ' ' But I killed them , and I almost killed you ' I said. ' You were in beast mode . Besides you won't be such a monster if we help free the rest ' ' Do you really think it's that easy ' I say. ' Of course not , but it was Killers dying wish' ' Don't call him that ' ' He was a bloody ****ing killer. Hey there Author here 😁 I'm planning to make the story as funny, action packed , and as well romantic as I can make it. Keep in mind this is beast MODE so any of gave characters can just You know . End up with ketchup all over their cold bodies 😈😈

Scifi / Romance
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I didn't remember much although I remember every flashing red , blood dripping down my face .

ERROR ERROR , the computer says loudly blaring as I just lay there far too weak to move.

' Aurra , there you are ' Anakin says then slings me over his shoulder ' Come on let's get out of here's .


' Anakin what happened ' I said still being slung onto his back.

' Let's just say your BEAST MODE activated again '

' Did I hurt anyone ' I said my eyes wide with horror I saw the scratches on his face.

' I'm sorry ...'

' It's not your fault it's the BEAST MODES fault , and relax you didn't really hurt many people, you killed let's say a couple of 100 guards or so' He said.

" What , I DID WHAT' I said

'Stop screaming jeez it's too late ' i looked over to see to Rank B guards coming our way.

Rank E : Super weak easily taken out (Gun User ).

Rank D : Still easily taken out although really skilled(Level 2 Gun user).

Rank C: Blade user , Level 3 gun user .

Rank B: Level 2 blade user , Level 4 gun user.

Rank A: Overall guards rarely seen , LEVEL 10 gun user , LEVEL 10

' I'm just going to drop you for 2 minutes okay ' Anakin said as I watched from behind.

Anakin has always been a gun Lord is made perfect sense how he fought .

He moved at Error speed ( Speed which isn't meant to exist) and started firing into the Guard blood splashed all over the room and I once again had blood all over me .

'Common let's go ' He said slinging me over his shoulder once again and escaping into Escape Jet and flying away .

' Where's Hailey ' I say

' Already out of Territory ' I suddenly notice the beeping sound at the Tail of the jet .

' Shit'

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