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Ness Nethair lives a comfy life in Los Angeles. As the face of the modeling industry, she is easily the most beautiful; the Matriarch of modern beauty and fashion. She makes it her top priority to maintain her impenetrable public image and thrives at doing so. But what happens when the traumatic events of her past break that very carefully-preserved image? With the betrayal of jealous rivals in the business, Ness must now learn that the world isn't as nice as she thought. Her trauma becomes a literal part of her, twisting her fate into a gnarly mess. She becomes the most unlikely superhero with even more unlikely super powers, and she must find out what good she can do for the race that only seems to love her for her fame. © 2020 -

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Ness is completely fictional. Any names used are not reflections of actual persons.

Do not consume any chemicals mentioned in this book; they are very deadly, very real toxins. The chemicals mentioned are for entertainment purposes only and do not have the effects as described in this book.

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