Woke Up After Million Years

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To Save The Future Kind From Its Impending Doom. A Secret Galactic Organisation Sends a Boy to Billion Light Years Away From Its Home Planet. On Planet Earth, He Wakes Up After Million Years. But The Doom is still Coming and It's Heading their Way. Can The Boy From Alien Planet Save the Earth? Can He Fight The Typical Current Society of The Earth? Can He Stand on The Top of The Food Chain Unite the Earth? Read The Journey of a Boy and Who Will Change The Course of History and Led The Earth Science and Technological Development in the New Era. Support This Book: https://ko-fi.com/avi22nash https://www.paypal.me/avi22nash

Scifi / Fantasy
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You Are Our Only Hope

32 billion light-years away from earth. In Redshift Galaxy

Planet Xafar, a most advanced galactic civilization was part of the ‘Universal Star Federation’ a universal organization comprising only advanced galaxies and civilizations capable of interstellar travel. There were two more universal organizations known as the ‘Galaxy Corp Council’ comprising top galaxy level corporations and The ‘Dark Star Krypt’ which is a secret organization and myth has it that it is older and more powerful than two other organizations.

On the planet xafar, the history most important assembly is taking place in the secret where two universal organization is present for the meeting. All the important members of both of their organizations are here in a heated discussion. The meeting was going on for over a few hours with no solution to the matter.

Everyone seems agitated and even you can see traces of fear on some faces. This all because of their impending doom, which is heading their way, which can end all the life present in surrounding galaxy and star systems.

“Where should we go? How will we save ourselves? I can’t think of any solutions.” someone shouted at the people sitting in the upper row of the seat where only upper echelons which have the highest power in the organization can sit.

“Yes, tell us what we should do. You guys always have a solution, there has to be something you can do even if it’s a slight hope we can work together to come out of this.” Another desperate voice.

“We can’t just sit here all day to discuss and wait for the death to come to our door.” Everyone is shouting, pleading for hope.

Every kind of distressed question and shouting kept coming in with no answers. The upper echelon was silent. They didn’t answer anyone but kept staring at the center of the room where a live projection of dark red gas which is every spreading towards every nearest galaxy, but the most dreadful thing was not the gas but the source where this malicious red gas was leaking from.

It was a crack in the fabric of space and it kept pouring out this gas which is reaching towards them and any planet or life-form that comes in contact reduced to dust like its absorbing all life and left nothing but dust in their way.

This scene of pure destruction and mayhem makes them tremble, they can’t even dare to imagine what will happen if this gas like tentacles reaches their star system and all their thousands of years of history and heritage will be lost forever and ruined with no return. A heated discussion was still on, which can’t be called a discussion anymore, and looks more like a quarrel in the market.

At the highest seat of honor, a man stands up and looks at his monitor which blinks with a message from an unknown sender with insignia of a Dark Star Krypt and this is what he was waiting for all along. He knew only this secret organization can help them at this time of doom. So with no hesitation, he opens the message and after reading the content in the message his eyes open wide for a moment, No-one notices his abrupt reaction. He quickly calmed himself down. After taking a long breath, he looks down at the people below, which any moment can convert into an all-out fight.

“OK, Silence Now!” He shouts loudly, which makes everyone shut up in a breath. “I just received a message from the secret organization ‘Dark Star Krypt’ and as you know last time they contacted us hundred years ago and because of their timely help led to our current peace and stability between our galaxies and they might have a solution to save ourselves. I believe they will help us again to overcome this apocalypse and I’m willing to try anything even if it gives us slightest of hope for the future of our kind”

Hearing their leader, every person in the room looks and waits to see what solution the Dark Krypt has come up with. “Dark Star Krypt has reasons to believe that it’s one of the legendary beast ‘Chaos Eater’ inside the crack. To confirm and find out the truth they have sent their high-tech probes in the crack, and according to them, The ‘Chaos Eater’ is waiting for the crack to get big enough to pass through and the red gas is absorbing energy to power the crack and enlarge it.”

“Listen, people, we have to slow down gas absorbing movement and its energy supply anyhow. I suggest moving or destroying all the organic and biological things in their path before they get a chance to absorb it and power the crack”

“Dark Star Krypt also provided us with a set of coordinates to move where they have a sub-space wormhole which I believe it’s one of the Dark Krypt hidden locations. We have to move now”

“That is all for the meeting. We have little time, so move it fast. May the ancestor blessing with you”

At this moment, history’s last meeting ended. Every person in the meeting room quickly contacted their organization and family members because who knows maybe this will be their last call. With this entire galaxy got busy with whatever little time they have and during all this chaos many lives got lost and crime and smuggling of weapons arose.

Everyone was restless and some discarded their humanity and discipline after finding out their life can end at any moment and not everyone has a chance to escape.

Right at this moment, A secret Dark Krypt location on the Xafar four people was discussing with each other. There is also a human-size pod in the center of the room and a boy is laying inside the cockpit.

“Listen Aph, Its all on you know our last hope. I have entered the coordinates to last habitat planet where ‘Chaos Eater’ can’t reach for now. If we lost this fight the AI will let you know” One person said.

“We also have installed all the available knowledge. If we can’t fight it. You have to save all organization knowledge and pass it on to your future descendants.” The second person said.

“The Planet you are going is still in the early development stage. So, you will be in hibernation till the pane is ready for living human habitat.” The third person said.

“Our most advanced AI is already installed in the system and Blink drive ready and functional. Blink drive is more advanced then warp drive. So don’t touch if you don’t want to lose in space and time. We are still testing it. we have also put the few space orbs with enough tech inside you will be needing.” The last person said and he did the last checkup to the cockpit system.

After their brief discussion, they closed the cockpit and making pod ready for departure with all their hope.

“All systems ready and operation”

“Coordinates check”

“Operation System Check”

“Hibernation Function Check”

“Open the Roof Hatch Launching Pad”

“Start the Blink Drive on my count of three”




“Zoooooooom” with a swift sound pos disappears in the galaxy to a planet called Earth.

A New Journey stats from here, how a boy named “Aph Nosh Ne’Xaf” changes the history of planet earth and led the earth’s development to the Interstellar stage to fight a coming disaster and save the human race.

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