Basic Dimensional Theory

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Dimensional Theory - Time Travel and Parallel Universes

The2nd dimensional law. To place any base-point at the location of any other defined dimensional base-point will collapse the observable dimensions by one.

Dimensions can ONLY be PHYSICALLY observed negative one dimension or positive one dimension. In a dimension that only contains length of one axis (D1), the dimension may intersect the +1 dimension, but interact with any other. While the intersection can be observed from D1, only the point of intersection would be visible and only in the frame of reference given by DZero. Example: From D1, only an infinitely small slice of D2 would be visible as it intersected the axis of existence. As the D2 object moved through the D1 axis, it’s length could be measured from a D1 perspective ONLY. The concept of D3 would be foreign and unknowable to a D1 perspective. This same applies for D2 attempting to perceive D4 or D3 (us) attempting to perceive D5. D3 cannot SEE D1 as there is no D2 to define it, but we can CONCEIVE of D1 being a basic block upon which D2/D3/D4 is built.

+1 Dimension cannot be seen as a whole from the observing dimension. It can be conceived but not physically seen. +1D would ONLY be visible as an infinitely small slice of +1D.

We are D3 and exist in the axis conjunction of D1, D2, D3, and D4. As D1 could only see an infinitely small slice of D2 (See point 3 above), D2 can only exist in an infinitely small slice of D2, as we in D3 can only exist in an infinitely small slice of D4.

Using the above OBSERVABLE data and applying it to the fourth dimension we can extrapolate:

Moving through D4 is possible, though not by our will. As a D1 and D2 creature would not have the ability to voluntarily move through it’s +1D, we can assume that we cannot voluntarily move through ours.

If a D1 object was moved through D2, it would vanish from the D1 realm and reappear somewhere in it’s D1 axis if the object was set EXACTLY between the D1 and DZero base-points and nowhere else. The ability to accurately position this object in DZero’s infinitive space is almost zero. A flat D2 object moved through D3 would disappear from it’s plane of existence.

Though it would be nearly impossible to move that object back into it’s own exact plane, passing it THROUGH it’s home-plane would make it visible and measurable TO the home plane as it passed through, though the nature of a dimension’s existence in DZero would mean the amount of time the object would be visible while passing through it’s home plane would be infinitely small.

Moving the object OUT of it’s home dimension would cause a vacuum and moving the object back THROUGH the home-plane might potentially violate the Pauli Exclusion Principal. (Two objects of mass cannot occupy the same place at the same time, basically. This is theoretical, so let’s not get fermions involved, eh?)

Violating the 2nd Law would collapse the observable dimension. Moving the FIFTH base-point of D4 would collapse D4 into observable 3D which is the plane of D4 our dimension exists in.

D4 is an infinitive axis of time. The fifth base-point, unlike the previous 4 base points of DZero, D1, D2, and D3, cannot be moved by -1D.

A D4 object would be a D3 object defined by D4 parameters. An object such as a ball would be the D3 version as it existed in every infinite slice of time between two points. A D3 perception could only view the D4 version of the ball at a given definition of D4 base-point. A specific moment in time. The D4 version would be every state the ball existed in as it moved with the rotation and revolution of the earth, solar system, galaxy, and universe, and all cellular growth and decay between two set D4 points of time.

All D4 objects would appear luminescent.

We cannot see D5, but extrapolating the jump from D1 to D3, we can apply the same differences specific to all (+-)2D variations. We’ll apply D1-D3 variations to D3-D5.

D4, D5, and D6 are time-based as D1, D2, and D3 are distance based. Where D1 is a single axis of D3, so D4 is a single axis of D6.

Where D1 is an infinitive axis of distance, an section of it can be measured by defining two points on the axis. D4 is an infinitive axis of time that can be measured by defining two points on that axis. A human life can be defined as two points. The moment sperm and ovum meet (life OF THAT ORGANISM is begun) to the moment of death (when life ceases. Brain function. Technically when sperm and ovum meet, the opposite should be when the last two cells created by that initial junction break apart, there we have death. If the loss of consciousness or self-awareness is the marker of death, then the beginning shouldn’t be until the first dream or analytic thought. A discussion for another time?). The definition of LIFE belongs to those that live it.

D5, if D4 is a linear axis like D1, then a perpendicular D4 TO the D4 we are observing would be the exact same moment in time as an infinitive axis with all other moments of time populating the infinitive parallel axis. Fuck. Let’s break this down.

Right now, there is a checksum in the universe. Everything adds up to a specific solution. This is physics. Matter can’t be created or destroyed, only converted, transformed. That means there is a sum total energy in the universe. Equal and opposite reactions play into this. Let’s say the sum total of the universe is “1”.

No matter what happens in the universe, no matter the stars expanding, collapsing, or your ink pen running out of ink, the total energy in the universe =1.

D5 = 1. D4 is a slice of D5 and it =1. Now, everything running PARALLEL to D4 is =1 at the point in time we are currently at. Everything to the past or future of that D5 parallel is every possible permutation of the UNIVERSAL EQUATION that still equals 1. There’s an infinitive number of permutations and D4… the slice of D4 we exist in is yet and other infinite slice of the inline variables of D5. This makes parallel universes an absolute. Only all parallel D5 infinitives of this moment are identical. D6 is where the D4’s are all infinitely different but the D5’s vary to cause the aberration with more distortion as it nears the D4 axis.

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