Cristal Land

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Far away surrounded by an ocean was an island called Cristal Land. In Cristal Land there was a girl

named Sally. Sally was a talented girl. She was a college going girl. Her college was at the out-skirts of

the city and many dangers roamed around the city. Many demons were destroying the city and this all

started after their king died.

Once, Sally and her classmates went on a picnic. When Sally was taking a stroll, she tumbled

down. She saw that it was a secret door. She quietly went there and opened the door. She went down

by the stairs.

The place was full of equipments. She saw a beautiful box, she opened it. Inside there were two

bracelets. She wore them and a strange thing happened. She felt a bit uneasy. So she saw herself in a

mirror and what a shock she got! She looked like a super girl.

Just then the lipstick over there started flying. It wrote something on the mirror.

“Sally, my girl! You are chosen as the super girl of Cristal Land. I am impressed by your Loyalty

and hard work. So save Cristal Land. From now on, you will be known as Cristalia By the king of Cristal

Land.”It wrote and the lipstick disappeared

She saw herself. Her hair was like yellow Cristal, She wore a long dress a short jacket and her hands were

full of ribbons. She looked very beautiful.

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