Cristal Land

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The first match

Just then a red alarm started ringing. She pushed the red button a picture came on the screen: -

“A vampire was troubling the people”.

She went in the cellar and flew in the sky. Had a smooth loading she said, “Stop trebling the vampire”.

The vampire said, “Don't come in my way or else you will be crushed. Go away you little girl.”

Sally replied to this, “I am Cristalia and I have come to save crystal land. So let us see who crushes

whom. Agree for a battle.”,” said the vampire.

Sally flew in the air and kicked the vampire. The angry vampire threw a lightening at her. Sally threw a

water ball at her Cristalia threw a crystal and change its direction .The lightening hit vampire.

The vampire was burst into pieces. Sally flew in the cellar. She removed the bracelets and be-

came normal. She kept them properly back in the box. She climbed up the stair and came out. She was

proud that she had saved crystal land from the vampire

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