Cristal Land

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Hordwin the Hypnotizer

A Hypnotizer named 'Hordwin' had hypnotized Sally to do bad works.

Once when she was running away from the police a torch's light fell on her eyes. Sally became


She then threw a Cristal and crystallized Hordwin, only his eyes could be seen. The sunrays went

into Hordwin's Sally thought 'Once more evil defeat ', and became normal.

But now she knew his weakness, it was light. If it somehow fell on his eyes he could be


Sally wrote a letter to Horde win challenging him for a face to-face battle with him. Hordwin

arrived at the battle field. Sally came as Cristalia.

She looked at him confident that she will win. The fight began between them. Hordwin tried to

hypnotize her but she swiftly dodged all the 15 Hypnos balls, If was midday.

The angry Hordwin threw a big Hypnos ball But sally used her mind power and up breaking the

roof. If lead the midday blaze in the battle ground. Sally then threw a Cristal under the Sun's blaze and

moved it like a mirror.

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