Cristal Land

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Saving Climon

Sally was a kind girl. She was kind not only to humans but also to animals. A rescue occurred in the same

way. Sally had gone to a circus. A ring master named 'Blackhead' was whipping a lion named 'Climon'.

Sally told him to stop whipping Climon. But he did not pay heed to what she said. Sally became

'Cristalia' and then she once again told him to stop whipping Climon. Sally warned him. But he did not


Now Cristalia was very angry. Blackhead threw a fireball at her. Cristalia with a Cristal changed it's

direction. Blacked dodged it. Cristalia threw a big Cristal at Blackhead. In its way it got separated and

formed a jail of Cristal.

She became sally again. Now Climon was her friend Climon had a friend mouse. His name was

Cliram. Cliram was a helpful little mouse. Climon had a big family. His friend the tigers also had big


Cliram had so strong jaws that he could nibble away metal rods. Climon could cut away the

safety coots with his nails. They were very strong. Hence, sally won oven misery.

Eyeball is defeated

Sally was working nicely so, she was given a 'Cristal Necklace' by which she could become Cristalia. Now

she knew her powers. They were: air, water, crystal, fire and lightening. She also had a special power of

disguise. She had two secret agents with her, Namely 'Climon and Cliram'. Climon was the lion freed

from Blackhead. Cliram was Climon's old friend (a

She had a special team which had together defeated a great demon, Eye-Ball. He was a great fan of

technology. He had a big army, infantry, guards & control centers. It was a really difficult task for Sally.

Eye-ball was laying the country waste. His army was finishing up everything that came in their

way. She made a plan. She put a tiny recorder on a small belt and made Cliram wear it. Cliram went

through a small hole to the control

“I have a nice plan to destroy Cristal Land, hahaha hihihi hohoho hehehe…….”

So she turned into a beautiful youth. She went to Eye-ball saying she too wanted to devast

Cristal Land. She hypnotized Eye-ball and made him tell all his plans and secrets.

On the day of the disaster she went and killed Eye-ball. Climon, his tiger friend, their families

came together and fought with the whole army. And together they

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