Cristal Land

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Dark flame and Sand snout are killed

Sally and her friend had won but destiny had something else in mind. 'Dark Flame' was a new demon. He

also came to know about Cristal Land. He had a snake named snout. Sally had the same plan in mind but

destiny was different. Cliram was eaten up by snout. That night Climon and Cristalia entered Dark

Flame's house to kill him. But snout was awake by which Cristalia was unaware. Climon knew it. Snout

tried to bite Cristalia but Climon in between and

With his remaining strength Climon hit snout. Both were dead. Cristalia said, “I will take the revenge”.

She was sitting in a pizza hut thinking over an idea.

A group of Zorak-Robot came there. She went in the washroom and became Cristalia. She

captured one Zorak and defeated the other Zoraks. After the tests she came to know that the oil was

actually Dark Flame's blood. After testing the DNA she came to know that smoke was his weakness or

the cause of his death.

So Cristalia called him a galactic battle field where both were given 10 chances to

On dark flames chances, he would make Cristalia something and he would be something that eats

Cristalia's transformation. On Cristalia's 8th chance she made a fire. On her 9th chance she blew a wind

and Dark Flame burst into pieces. So on her last chance she crystallized the pieces or Dark Flame would

have become alive again.

So Cristalia had once again won over cruelty.

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