The Shadows (The Shadows Trilogy: Book1)

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The Hunters


February 2055

A group of astronauts from the United States and the European Union arrived on a planet. A year before, the International Space Agency discovered a planet that was supposedly perfect for human life, and it was the closest to Earth. So they sent a group of astronauts to this planet label “GH569.”

The team arrives on the planet as safely as possible. They ended up crashing their space shuttle anyway, but with minor destruction. They put on their suits, grab “human-suitable detectors,” and walk out.

The detectors detected the planet was actually perfect for human life. The team took off their helmets, and breathed the fresh air. The air was okay back on Earth, but this air? It was pure. Never been tainted with pollution.

The team began walking around the area near their shuttle. Soon, they hear noises. One of the members asked, “Do you hear that?”

The captain scoffed, “You’re probably imagining things.”

Suddenly they heard voices, and they sounded like humans. Another team member whispers with fear, “Uh, Captain Jameson, I think we’re not alone.”

Jameson replied, “We are alone. There’s no one around.”

A third team member comments, “We’re in a forest. You can’t tell me that we are alone. This planet is teaming with life! It’s like we’re in the new Eden!”

Jameson rolls her eyes, and said, “If this planet is teaming with life, then why aren’t there any animals around?”

Suddenly, the human-like voices grow louder, and even some growls are being emitted.

The first team member said, “Look, we need to go back inside. We’re clearly not alone. There are people and animals here!”

Jameson tells her team angrily and loudly, “Look, we’re not going back inside the shuttle! We ARE alone! There’s no one around! There’s…”

The growls, which sounded animalistic and similar to the Genetically-Modified Humans’ growls when they’re angry, become loud and clear. The team, and Jameson, turn to see what was making the growls…

Flashforward: July 2100

It’s roughly fifty years later. Another team of astronauts arrive on GH569. The previous team had a group of humans known as the Normals. This new team has a group known as the Gen-Mods, the Genetically-Modified Humans, and they’re stronger than most Gen-Mods. They are actually the Super Soldier Gen-Mods.

This team came from the nations of both Normerica (comprised of the former nations of Canada, United States, and Mexico), and the EU. The International Space Agency, which now works with both international militaries and Interpol, wanted to revisit GH569 since the disappearance of the first team. So they sent this new, powerful team to the planet.

The team arrives on GH569. As soon as they landed, they walk out of the space shuttle. Their detectors detected that the planet was perfect for human life. The team take off their helmets, and take in the pure air. Their faces were filled with smiles and relief to breathe clean, fresh air, compared to the radiation-filled air back on Earth.

The commander of the team leads his group into the forests. They soon see what looked to be metal rubble with vegetation growing into it.

One of the astro-soldiers commented, “Looks like the remains from that fail mission years ago.”

The commander agreed, “Indeed, it does.”

The astro-soldier asked, “Anything you can deduce?”

Before he could speak, the team hears human voices at a distance. Another astro-soldier tells the commander, “Maybe we should go back into the shuttle…”

The commander replied, “No, we’re not. Astro-soldiers, take out your force-shields, your guns, and your force-swords. We’re going to fight whoever is there.”

Suddenly, the team hears loud growls, similar the team’s own growls. The team takes out their force-shields, force-swords, and guns. They see what was making the growls…

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