The Shadows (The Shadows Trilogy: Book1)

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ChapterFive: Hazan

ChapterFive: Hazen

September 2155

In Hazan, Hannah just got out of school. She walked up to her boyfriend, James Anderson. She grinned at him, and shows him her brownish-looking card that was on a piece of string around her neck. It was the GH569 City Assignment Card, and it said, “Parisian.”

James smiled, and showed her his card, which also said “Parisian.” Hannah squealed, and hugged him tightly. Hannah said, “My family and I got our assignment cards this morning!”

James replied, “Mine did too. Now we just have to hope we’ll live in the same neighborhood, and go to the same school.”

Hannah held his hands, looked up at him, and asked, “Are you busy at the moment?”

“Well, I do have to start packing up, but you can help me. Why?”

“Good, I’m willing to help because I have to show you something.”

James nodded, and walks her to his also very old house nearby. As soon as they entered his house, they walked into his room. Hannah closed his door, and took out her 2020 iPad from her old backpack. She turns it on, and turns it to face James.

James raised an eyebrow at what he saw. On the screen, it was a sketch of what looked like a human…but had fangs in their grin. He asked, “What is that? A vampire?”

Hannah replied, “It’s an alien from GH569…a Native…”

“So…the aliens are vampires?”

“Not much is known about them, but they aren’t vampires…at least I don’t think so.”

James sits on his bed, and Hannah sits next to him. Then she showed him more sketches, such as the Natives’ hands (their fingernails looked quite sharp), their clothes (which looked like anyone else’s clothes), and so forth. James asked, “How did you get this sketches? Did you draw them?”

Hannah replied, “I got them from my dad’s laptop. I made a copy of the sketches to put on my iPad and my laptop. My dad told me to not go into the forests surrounding the cities, and I know why now. These aliens live on this planet already, and they’ve been there before the Gen-Mods arrived there.”

The couple were silent for a moment, until James asked, “What ese do you know about these…aliens?”

Hannah explained, “Like I said, not much, but I read notes on my dad’s laptop. They said that the aliens look exactly like humans, and they’re as beautiful as the Gen-Mods. They have their own cities, and some of them live in the forests as tribes. They even have their own language.”

“But are they vampires?”

“Well…they’re supposedly as ‘vulnerable’ as us, the Normals. I guess they don’t live forever. There’s nothing in the notes saying they’re vampires.”

James bit his lip nervously, and asked, “But they won’t be living in Parisian…right?”

“I hope not. They’re should be away from all of us.”

“Good. I don’t want those human-looking things near us. For all we know, they’re probably reptiles in human bodies!”

Hannah chuckled, “It would explain their sharp nails and their fangs.”

The two shared a laugh, and soon began the packing up process.

An hour later, Hannah returns home in time for dinner. As soon she entered her house, she sees her parents staring at from the dinner table. Hannah looked at them weirdly, and asked, “What’s going on?”

Her father, Alan, asked her sternly, “Did you go into my laptop? At all?”

Hannah felt her face reddening. She was afraid to tell them the truth. She did her best to stay calm, and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“My laptop password was broken into. Did you do it?”

She replied calmly and with a straight face, “No, I didn’t. Maybe you were hacked.”

Alan sighed, “I guess so. At least all my files are still on the hard-drive. Come, eat with us.”

Hannah sighed also, and sat down with her family. She did her best to act as normal as possible, even though she told a lie.

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