The Shadows (The Shadows Trilogy: Book1)

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ChapterSix: London

ChapterSix: London

September 2155

It’s the next day. At a military base in London, Cassie’s oldest twin brothers, Breyden and Brent are on the base. They were both soldiers, and they specialized in technology and communications.

The twins were walking to the cafeteria when their commander walked up to them. The twins saluted her. She told them, “You’re needed in the tech room.”

The twins nodded, and followed her into the tech room. They entered the room, and they see on the large screen a live video feed. A guy is on the video greets them warmly, “Hey Reyes Twins! Hello, Commander Sandford.”

Breyden said happily, “Hey, Kaden! How’s GH569 treating you?”

Kaden grinned, “It’s going quite well. I got me a mate, the weather is a bit crazy, but at least it’s not a nuclear winter.”

“Brent and I, along with our young families, will be moving to Parisian soon!”

“That’s great! You’ll love it here! But enough about this. I called for this feed for a reason.”

“What is it?”

“It has to do with the Natives here.”

With that, both brothers gulped nervously. They’ve heard about the Natives of GH569, but they’ve never seen what they truly looked like. Only on the sketches.

Kaden continued, “One of them, who is a commander from one of the Native cities, is here with me. She wants to speak to you.”

Nope was exchanged numerous times between the brothers through their mindlink. Soon they see a beautiful young woman in front of the camera. She was dressed in a uniform much similar to their own uniforms. She looked exactly like a Gen-Mod: Unusual beauty, healthy skin, and vivid eyes. She even had a mate-mark on the corner of her neck and her shoulder.

Then she grinned politely…revealing her sharp canines, as if she was truly a vampire. Brent gulped, and asked nervously and stupidly, “Um…how old are you?”

The woman laughed, and replied in a strange accent, “I’m 20. No, I promise you I am not a vampire. Trust me, I’m aware of Earth legends and myths.”

That didn’t ease the twins’ nerves. She continued, “My name is Petra. I’m from one of the Native cites, and I am a commander at one of the military bases. I was sent here by the leader the Native cities to find out if it is true that your people will be sent here.”

Breyden replied with some confidence, “It’s true, but these people that we’re sending are currently living under the Earth. It’s not safe for them to live on the surface of our planet. We decided to send them to your planet, which has some of our kind living there already. These poor people belong on the surface world, not the underground world.”

Petra was silent for a while, then she spoke up, “At least I’m now aware of your plans. I’ll tell our leader about this plan. But here is what my leader wants from all of you: Peace and acceptance. That’s all we want. No one wants to go to war. Understood?”

The twins nod quickly. Petra smiled again, this time with satisfaction. Kaden then faces the camera, and said, “We have to go now. Good luck with your move to GH569.”

Breyden replied, “Of course. Bye.”

With that, the video feed turned off. Brent grabs Breyden by his collar, and said frantically, “We’ve just seen a fucking Native! And she looks like a fucking Gen-Mod!”

Breyden pushes him off, and said, “I know we did.”

“And she speaks English!”

“I know.”

“Can’t you see that’s a big deal?! No one except the Gen-Mods on GH569 have actually seen a Native! Now we Earth people have!”

“Brent, it was just you, me, Commander Sandford, and the rest of the team in the room. The entire world doesn’t know there are Natives living on GH569. And we have to keep it that way, especially for the Undergrounders. We have to get them to live on the surface world. Besides, they’ll be safe inside the fenced-in cities. They won’t have to deal with the Natives, and there would be peace. Okay?”

Brent sighed, and nodded his head. Breyden nodded, and walked out of the room. Suddenly, he felt a bad feeling coming down on him. He wasn’t sure what it was. He tried to deduce it, but his mind hit a mental brick wall, like something was preventing him to find out what’s going on.

Back on GH569, and in the military base where Kaden held the live video feed. As soon as he turned off the video feed, he hugged Petra in a loving and caring manner. Petra smiled, and embraced the hug.

He said, “Don’t worry. Whatever happens, I’ll always protect you and love you.”

Petra smiled lovingly, and said, “Thank you, Kaden.”

Soon, the two kissed each other’s permanent mate-marks on their necks. It was clear these two were mates…to each other.

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