The Shadows (The Shadows Trilogy: Book1)

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ChapterSeven: Hazan and Unterkatz

ChapterSeven: Hazan and Unterkatz

September 2155

Around the same time in Hazan, Hannah walked up to her best friend, Emily Bauer. Emily was about to greet her when Hannah took her into one of their school’s girls’ bathroom. Hannah looked under the stalls to make sure no one was in the bathroom.

Emily, feeling confused, asked, “What’s going on? Did you and James…”

Hannah looked up, and answered, “Huh? No, we haven’t done it yet. We’ll do the deed sometime after we settle in Parisian. You are going to Parisian, right?”

Emily smiled, and showed her assignment card saying “Parisian.” Then she asked in a serious tone, “So what’s going on?”

Hannah took out her tablet, and showed her the same sketches that she showed James. Emily looked at them with confusion, and asked, “Okay…did you become a Mutant so you can draw realistic vampires?”

Hannah sighed, and explained everything she told James about the sketches and everything. Emily was shocked when she heard everything. She ten clutched at her assignment card. Hannah noticed she looked scared, so she told her, “Look, no one can know about this. I already told James to not say anything.”

Emily said loudly with a crack in her voice, “Why can’t I say anything?! There are…alien vampires living on that planet we’re about to move to!”

Hannah covered Emily’s mouth, and told her sternly, “I’m serious. You can’t say anything about this! Especially if my parents find out what I’ve done. Now…don’t say anything about this. Okay?”

Emily nodded her head quickly. Hannah smiled, then turned off her tablet, and stuffed it in her very old, patched-up, pink backpack that said “PINK” in huge letters. Just as the two were about to leave the bathroom, one of the girls from their cheer squad, Zoe Omar, entered the room.

The two girls noticed Zoe’s jaw looked badly bruised that no amount of both 70-year-old used-up makeup, and makeshift coal-like makeup, could cover that damage. The two besties walked up to her, and hugged her tightly.

Hannah asked sympathetically, “Who would do this to you?”

Zoe sighed, and pushed the two girls off of her. She told them, “Look, I’m fine. Okay? No one beat me up.”

Emily said quickly, “Are you sure not some alien beat you up?”

With that, Zoe raised an eyebrow. Hannah laughed nervously, and said, “Uh, don’t worry about her. She was telling me about some nightmare she had last night. Let’s go, Em.”


“Let’s go!”

Hannah pushed Emily out of the bathroom. Zoe, on the other hand, looked on with confusion. Then she walked up to the mirror. Even the mirror looked old and filled with cracks. It was all taped up to keep the pieces together. Zoe then take out her very old makeup bag with the name “V-to-a Se-et.”

She began putting on her makeshift makeup. She did her best to contour, as that was the trend in the underground world. When she was done, the purple bruise on her jaw was visible. She sighed sadly as stared at her cracked reflection.

In an underground town of Unterkatz, underneath the city of Frankfurt in the German State of the EU, there was teen boy named Damon Jaeger. His underground city was also quite old and slowly decaying. Everyone was also stuck in the 2060s and earlier, evidence that the international underground society were all suffering from regression.

For Damon, the one old thing he loved the most were actual, physical books. He had many copies of them, dating back to the beginning of the 2000s. The books were a mixture of both German and English translations.

As he was packing up his books, he felt a dull pain in his jaw. He rubbed it to massage it, but it didn’t help. The pain grew stronger, powerful enough to give him a hard headache. He screamed in pain as he used one hand to hold his mouth, and the other to hold his head. He fell onto the crumbling floor.

Suddenly, his parents ran into his room. They saw him screaming and writhing in pain. His mother held his shoulders, and told him, “I know you don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll take you to the dentist and a manicurist, okay?”

Suddenly, his vision went black…

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