Rave Festival Cookies

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How and where to find actual Advanced ET Aliens at EDM Rave Music Festivals, what to offer them, and what charities they support!

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Trance Music Festival Cookies

Trance Music Rave Festival Cookies*

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Trance Music Rave Festival Cookies.


Is there a secret? Yes there is a secret.

And we are not going to tell you what it is right here; not overtly, right?

We are going to tell you about cookies, what ones are really good for taking to a live music festival, and why, and how to make them.

Everyone knows about hydration, or at least they should already know. Everyone who goes to a live music festival - where you will be out enjoying the music with a large number of other people around you, for some extended lengths of time - needs to have sufficient hydration to take care of their body’s needs as they dance and raise their heart-rate and increase their body’s temperature.

For each 1 degree Celsius increase per square centimetre of your surface area – that is, your skin – you will use up one calorie of energy.

Going to dance music festivals is a pretty good way to maintain your general fitness.

Most young adults today and mature people know that dehydration, among other negative effects, will lead to headaches as a minimum unwanted consequence.

Beyond ‘Just’ Hydrating – The Power Of Music.

Music is a wonderful thing and music festivals are loved by everyone because we all love experiencing our favourite kinds of music when being together with other people all around us who also share our particular kinds of musical tastes. The whole thing is meant to be fun, and exciting, and uplifting, maybe even emotional, intense on occasion, definitely memorable, and overall, a happy and positive experience.

Music festivals are whole-body-and-entire-being things. Music touches you in your heart and soul, but it certainly also can cause you to move your body in time with the music and the beats. And this effect is significantly activated and augmented when the sound levels, the frequency range too, are big. Additionally, there are known effects of augmentation of perceived sensation when you are in a large group of other people all sharing the same basic experience. Music festivals are pretty obvious examples of the truism that humans are social beings.

In music festivals we feel uplifted.

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