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Protagonist Kim Taehyung develops supernatural powers after a near-death experience that allow him to see when someone is about to die or commit murder. As a mere high-school student, such abilities naturally inject a large dose of chaos into his life.

Scifi / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Red Eyes

Taehyung's Pov:

"Oh my God,you're awake." i heard a familiar voice,and i saw her run outside.

Im lying on a bet,in a not so large room. I roam my eyes around,its all white. White walls,white curtains,bedshits and pillows. And i notice that that there is this niddle inserted at my right hand. That....i realised,im in a hospital. I close my eyes and remember my beautiful dream.

Surrounded with the most attractive kinds of flowers,in a large garden that i dont even know where it is. All i can remember is those unbelievable fragrance.

I suddenly open my eyes when i heard a footsteps coming. Then the door open showing a male doctor innhis 50's and a lady in her 40's.

Its my mom.

They walk closer to me and the doctor examine me,carefully opening my eyes using his two fingers and a small flashlight in the other hand. (Im sorry indont know whats that hospital equipment is)

"How are you feeling now?" He ask me looking at the dextrose,and slightly tapping it.

"Feel better,i think?" I said but like questioning.

The doctor just hum and ask my mother to follow him.

"I'll be back baby,ok?" She said giving me a kiss to my forehead. Slightly squeeze my hand,and follow the doctor.

While waiting for her,i help myself to sit at the bed. I step out from the bed,walk near the window and open it in a half. I feel the cold breeze. The weather's nice.

I can see some patients outside with their guardians.

"You get up?"

I turn and see that my mother is now in the room. I walk to my bed and sit again.


"Are you really ok baby? Nothing hurts? Pains?" My mother worriedly ask,checking every part of my body.

"Eomma,im ok. Nothings wrong." I said giving her my signature box smile.

She hug me and rubbing my back,then i heard her sniffing.


"Im really worried baby. I dont know what to do. Those days that you were sleeping made me worst. I cant stop thinking what will i do if i lost you,baby."

"Those days?" I ask confused. Then my mother release me from her hug,look at me and put her both hands at my face cupping it.

"You slept for 3 days,Tae."

What?! Three days? I was shock when i heard it.

"But now,lets forget it,hm. The doctor said you can go home today. Let me pack your thing,baby." She said then stand up,starting packing my things.

Im still sitting at the edge of the bed,trying to remember what really happens that i ended up in 3 days coma?

"Lets go,baby." My mother said when shes done.

I smile and follow her going outside the room. We walk side by side, holding my hands like im a kid that will be lost.

Upon reaching the lobby,a cchaos start. Doctor's and nurses are running here and there. Then a patient lying in a stretcher ,pushes by some medic pass us,i look at the face and i saw a lady,with a red eyes. I blink my eyes to confirm what i just saw.

The i felt a tugging in my hands.

"What happen?" She worriedly ask.

"No-nothing mom." I said. With one glance,i look at the lady. I shrug my confusion and walk outside with my mom.

My mom book a cab,and whiile waiting for it, i saw a couple fighting at the other side of the road. If you ask me why i know that their fighting,just because i saw the lady sway away the hand of the man and push him.

Then i look at my watch for a second,but then theres this feeling that i cant comprehend. Like something telling me to look again at the couple. I look up and look at their direction.

I blink my eyes, both of them having a pale face and red eyes. I dont know whats the meaning of this. I saw the lady run across the road to our direction. The guy follows but before reaching the other side,a car pass and BOOM!!! He was hit. The lady was shock and run across to him but before she turn around, i hold him and both of us fell on the ground. She was almost got hit another car. Then i look at her eyes and the color turned normal now. After a minute,she gets up and run to towards the man,there i saw that the eye of the man turns to pitch black. A total black indicating thqt his lifeless. I was still in shock that i didn't realized im still sitting at the road.

"Oh my god baby,what happen. You just came out from hospital,Tae. Be careful." My mother cried without knowing. She help me stand up. I was so confuse that i didn't realised i run away from my mother.

I went back to the hospital. I stop at the main lobby. I look at the myself at the mirror,then something came out from my mind.

I woke up 3 days after i fell from the rooftop. Then unexplainable th8ngs visited me like an unwelcomcomed guess.

I meet the doctor that who examined me.

"What do you mean?"

"People's eye appeared red, then they are normal." I said fidgeting my fingers looking everywhere.

'What is that stench? Is it from the doctor? Im about to puke.' I cover my mouth and look at him.

"But how about now?" He ask me giving me a smile that gives me a goosebumps.

"Im...ok...now..." i said without blinking,then suddenly i smell something,a smell that wants me to puke.

"can you tell me again?"

But then,i run outside,i cannot stay with him any longer. Theres something weird about him.

I dont know where to go,what happened and im afraid of whats happening to me.

I reach a park thatbis not so far at the hospital,i sit at the empty chair. Im breathing so hard because im tired. I exhaled and inhaled, to calm of self and my breathing.

I look at the sky,it was really nice view. Then i lool around,saw many kids playing, i smile at myself upon seeing kids having fun.

Im at the park for almost one hour that i didn't notice my phone rings. When i check it,its my mom.

"Where are you baby? What happen? Why you run? Im so worried,baby." My mother said worriedly. I know she qas crying because i can hear a faint sniffing from the other phone.

"Im ok mom,i just need fresh air. Im sorry. I will be Home after mom." I said.

"Ok,take care. I'll go first to make food. I love you baby."

Then she ended the call. My mom love so much,since my father died,im all she have. We live in a average life. Not so rich neither not that poor. Yet she is still working so hard for both of us.

Im a simple high school student in one of most prestigious school here Paris, France. Yes, we live here in France. Im not a person who loves to socialise. Im a little bit shy,the one who are really close to me who knows who i am.

Im still on my thoughts when a kid appeared infront of me.

"Mister,are you ok?" He ask with his lovely and sweet voice.

"Yes. And why are you talking to a stranger,hm? Its not good to talk to someone you dont know,little boy." I said giving him a advice.

"But i know you are not bad person. I can see it. And you are so pretty." He giggled and pinch my chicks. I smile with his adorable action then a lady came. She smiles at me and took the kid.

Talking to this cute kid,i forgot the unexplainable things that happens today.

After sitting and wondering around,i decided to go home. I book a cab and silently sit inside when it arrives. Another 30 minutes and i reach our apartment. I enter the elevator and touch the 5th floor where we stay. I type the code and the door open. I enter and i saw my mom at the kitchen,preparing the table.

She smiles at me and gesture me to come.



"Did you bring home the flowers from the hospital?" I ask looking around the kitchen.

"No." She answered without looking at me.

"I can smell them." I whispered but still heard.

She turn around and face me.

"Tae baby,thats impossible. Those were fake flowers." She said then sit infront of me.

"Fake?" I said confused.

We eat silently. After eating i help her clean the dishes,then i went to my room. I was about to take a nap when my phone vibrate.

A message from my bestfriend.

Time skip:

I arrive at the court and found my friend playing alone. Then the ball bounce at my direction.


I look at him and smile. I pick the ball and he ask me to pass. I dribble the ball towards the ring,and shoot!

We play a little then take a rest. We sit at the bench.

"You look alright for someone who almost died." He said in a whisper.

I look at him.

"Are you wearing a cologne?" I ask him.

He smell his body,then jokingly put his hands up and lean his underarm at my face.

"Does this smell cologne to you?"

I give him a smack and laugh.

"In ho," i whispered. "You know...hm..what do you think when smelling a fragnace when someone talk?" I ask seriously hanging my head. Elbows leaning at my lap.

"What do you smell when i talk?" Almost leaning his face at my face.

I oush him and gives him another smack. I told him that im serious.

"I saw that you're ok,so im leaving now." He said then gives a hand toss.

He left after i hum in him. I finish my beer before planning to go home.

I was walking alone at the middle of the night,my thoughts are filled with whats happening.

I smell fragrance and stench when someone talks.


What is this,what is wrong with me.


I was in my deep thoughts when i bump to someone.

"Hey! Walk straight!" A man said. I look at him and i notice that he was drunk. Then in a blink,i was scared. I dont know why.

Red eyes....

I said in the back of my head with so much fears. Then the man walk away from me. I cannot move for while from what i saw. Then i heard a woman shouting not so far from where i am. I shook my head and thinking of going home. But then,another shout. I run so fastbthatbi almost trip in my own,to where that is,i stop and back away a little when i saw the man i bump just a while ago. Surrounded by a small number of crowd.

And when i got a look at it. I was really shock.

He's dead

I said in fear to myself. I feel my feet are like jelly now that in a moment i'll faint,my palms are sweating looking at the lifeless man.


To be continue....

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